Steemit Rewards Breakdown (A Simplified Explanation with Illustrations)

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STEEMIT Reward Breakdown


Author 50/50 Reward Breakdown


Author 100%SP Reward Breakdown


Curator Reward Breakdown


Curation Simplified


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Thank you for creating those amazing charts to help explain the Steemit rewards breakdown. Excellent advice for everyone in our community from minnows to whales. Please resteem to pass along this valuable information.

I'm glad you liked it. I was confused for quite a wile on how it worked and took a huge amount of research to understand it. I had to put this together to provide a simplified explanation. I hope it lands on @jerrybanfield

Finally an up-to-date, short explanation of voting/curation strategy. Thank you.

So glad you liked it. I worked very hard on this one.

@socky It's a good post. Now, I understand what happened with Curation. Upvoters take too much revenue for curation. Feeling sad.

Don't feel sad. My blogs are good to vote for since there are very few voters and high dollar amount.

I also need a good amount of vote with good voting value. I sawed that you voted your own post and get more than $5. I also need some votes like this. :( Hope you will help me to get that.. BTW you are the best. Love your writing.

Finally. An easy explanation of how the rewards system works. Thanks for doing this.

Thank you for the praise!

Nice post!!! Seen a couple of calculations about this pass before but this is by far the easiest explanation I've seen thus far.

I’m glad you thought it was better. I plan to use this to explain to a cryptocurrency group. The hope is to get folks to sign up to Steemit. More work in this illustration means less effort to explain Steemit.

Indeed. Especially when you see that a lot of new member guides are still assuming the SBD price is pegged at 1$. I know it's designed to be so and the whitepaper is also mentioning it but the course is manipulated so it's confusing.

Nice idea

Nice post very short and informative about steemit rewards 😎.

I wanted it free of distracting info such as links, praise-me stuff, and heavy reading. Simple as possible and not hard to read. When I google stuff I want the answer fast. I don't want to dig for it. That was the concept. Thank you for resteem!

Good post, keep it up @socky

Thank you for the resteem. Your support is very appreciated @jdale33.

No problem @socky let’s build a better steemit comunity and build a better society as a whole! Social media believe it or not has huge impacts in real society! I see steemit as a way to show what social media can bring. Friendly, and in an informed society! We will see how the steemit comunity evolves as it continues to grow. Excited!

Great explanation! Perhaps the rewards need to be confusing so people focus more on carefully choosing quality posts to vote for instead of trying to game the system.

I think quality is where votes should be. Reality is that until there is a huge following, there will not be much visibility to make a difference. Key is to make post short and simple until there is a huge following. I put a lot of work into understanding the reward system and creating illustrations. It really didn't pay off. I even paid for votes to get visibility, and that didn't work. I need to stick to my very simple blogs for now until I get a following.
It does help that folks commented and liked the work. At least I got that.

great post,, very useful,, good job @socky

Thanks for the comment

This is a fantastic and very easy to understand explanation. i'm looking for something like this. Thank you very much.

I’m grateful that so many people found it useful.

Amazing. You create a chart to explain how steem rewards. Information useful to me as well as many others people.

Thanks for sharing your information in a creative way. Good job @socky

Thanh you. I appreciate the comment.

Great job, very easy to understand most especially by using the pictures ilustartions...thumbs up

Understanding is everything. Thanks!

I'm new to steemit and was wondering how everything worked. This is actually really helpful, thank you!

I wish I had this when I started. It took me forever to my head wrapped around it. I'm glad it was helpful.

I think this post, unfaedah. Every member knowing this.

I hope it can benefit many. Thanks


Thank YOU!

Thaaaaaaaaank Youuuuuu. Hahahahahahaha. Glad you liked it!

Very much pleased to u for this well work.... @socky

I pleased the @angryboy! Must mean that I did very well!

Thanks for this breakdown. Question: Is there a different curator reward based on who votes before you or after you?

I seem to have read somewhere that you get a bigger share of the rewards from upvotes that come in after yours than for those that came in before yours. Is there any truth to that?

My understanding is that works in the first 30 minutes. The trade-off is that you share rewards with the author within the first 30 minutes. It would be a gamble to make that work. The gamble is that you think that there would be voting on the blog that brings big money later.

Thanks for the explanation. I was having a difficult time understanding curation rewards. This makes it very clear.

That is great you got some useful info from it. It was a struggle for me to get it at first.

This is a fantastic explanation, I was looking for something like this. Thanks a lot. Upvoted and followed.

Thank you so much. I'm glad it helped you out.

This is very helpful indeed! Thanks!

a very good post
I already vote yes
please vote my post ya friends
and its support

You don't understand how thankful i am for you posting this !

스팀잇 구조와 자세한 거에 대해서 설명해주셔서 감사합니다!

I like your charts, they are really helpful, thanks for the effort you put in. I'm new here, and still not quite sure how this stuff works. So are you saying if someone likes your article 2 weeks after you write it, you will get nothing for it, but the person who liked it (votes for it) will get something since it is more than 30 minutes after you wrote it? I'm a bit confused about this still. And also, does it cost you to vote?

this is great... Id love to use your model and remake this and ill post it and split half with you let me know

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I can't tell you how much I appreciate this article. I have been quite confused trying to learn how steemit works. Your post is a HUGE help.

Good post! Very good illustration, really helps me understand better.

Thanks @socky for this awesome guide! I am do it yourself guy as well when it comes to cars and motorcycles. Big upvote, follow and share.
Cheers dude!

Very good and informative post, I thought I knew everything about this topic and it still managed to clarify some gray areas. Too bad I've seen it 2 months after it's been published.

Out of curiosity, why is it important that it lands on Jerry Banfield steemit guide ?

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What about resteeming. Do we, as readers, get a reward when we resteem someone else's post?

I have written about steem, steem power, steem dollars and voting power

Awesome graphics. It makes it easy to understand. Thanks

Your analysis posts are very easy to understand so thanks for that. Do you happen to know why sometimes STEEM is paid in the reward and what influences the amount?

Here’s a simplified explanation sissy!!! @maquemali

Hahahaha oo nga nice one sissy!

This comment was made from

So dapat within 30mins dako nga amount tas low ha mga nag vp

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Yes yes yes hehehe..

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I’m just replying so I can read it later because the resteem button has expired

Hi @socky. First of all bundle of thanks to you. You always give valuable information. I listened many time that Steemit has changed the rewards policy (after Hard Fork 20). So kindly define about new policy of give away. How are they paying curation rewards as compare to time?

thank you for the information

Hi @socky, I think you need to redo this post based on the outcome of hardfork 20. Things are not as described in this tutorial again due to some little changes. We love to see your rework as your explanations are on point.

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Thankyou for creating such beautiful illustrations @socky it is very useful for me as I am new to steem it

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