A Massive Thank You for Helping Me Reach the "1000 Followers" Milestone / 我的Steemit历程

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I’m so excited and totally over the moon about reaching this significant milestone of over 1000 followers! It’s coming up to a year since my husband first told me about Steemit and curiosity got the better of me. Up until that point, I had barely heard of Bitcoin and the word “crypto” may as well have been something in another language. But Steemit was the catalyst to me discovering one of the best things I’ve ever come across in my life.

Within that short period of time (coming up to exactly one year now), I can honestly say that this incredible website has changed me as a person. Brought out aspects of my personality I didn’t know existed before. I would never have considered myself an extrovert. Quite the opposite, in fact. But the confidence and drive this great platform has produced in me is nothing short of a modern-day marvel.

The people I’ve connected with during my time on Steemit has been a wonderous experience. More so even via Steemfest was such a magnificent event. I’m sure the next one will somehow prove to be even better. Catching up with established friends as well as creating new ones. Can’t wait!

I find it almost impossible to believe it has only been one year since I joined this amazing platform. It feels like it’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, lol. So, anyways, I thought what better way to celebrate then share with you some of my most unforgettable times on Steemit and reminisce the mind-blowing journey I’ve had on the Steemit platform.

Here are some of my Steemit Hightlights:

"Introducing Steemit Into The World Of Hollywood"

It’s amazing how long ago it feels but the post was actually created round about this time last year. And a little fun fact for anyone new to the platform now is that the “big earning” posters at the time were all about promoting Steemit and getting the word out. One girl setting off loads of balloons with “Steemit” written on them, billboards displaying the Steemit logo, interviews on the street and, of course, that famous “Make-Up” tutorial.

So, I thought I’d have a go since I was a big television and comic book steemian fan who happened to have tickets for the LFCC that month! To prepare, I got myself a pair of “Steemit” t-shirts (a big deal at the time) down at a shop called Snappy Snaps and attended the event the following day. Now, while hardly anyone there was actually willing to listen about what Steemit was (a lot has changed since then, lol!), my goal was to photobomb as many celebs as I could, bearing my “Steemit” logo. I think I did alright considering how crowded the venue was and the amount of queuing involved.

I met a few “Game of Thrones” stars as well as Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite and Blades of Glory (God, I love that movie!). But the cream of the crop was going to be Jeremy Renner from Marvel’s The Avengers! But unfortunately, they didn’t allow any publisizing of any kind (including logos on shirts), so they just snapped us with together from just above our necks and cropped the rest out! I was so disappointed, I can’t tell you how much! But all’s well that end’s well and after numerous posts of mine that didn’t really get much attention, this was the first to garner proper recognition. It was an amazing feeling and one I hope everyone on Steemit gets to experience!

"How Steemit Has Introduced Me Into the World of Crypto"

I’m sure many of you on Steemit can completely relate to this particular one! Because this was exactly just the fact of the matter. I knew next to NOTHING about anything crypto, period! My husband mentioned Bitcoin a few times before but I’d just switch off and go do something else which I thought actually “mattered.”

Boy, how Steemit changed all that.

In the article I posted, it summed up my transformation from being a total cynic to now talking about pretty much nothing else, lol! How I’ve changed over the last year! One of the key aspects at the time was Steemit’s bridging of the two mega powerhouses. Crypto and social media. All done by adding that well-established “$” sign to every post, thereby giving the platform value that anybody could instantly relate to. A stroke of genius if you ask me, lol!

I chronicled my journey up until where I was at the time and highlighted that “Matrix “ moment I had experienced. Because of Steemit, I actually started using Bitcoin. I mean, shouldn’t that have been the other way around? But yes, I was having such an awesome time and on such a high that I had to let the world know how “great” I was feeling. So I wrote a post about it. And the best thing is because it’s transformed so many other steemian’s lives from that point on until now, many more people can understand and embrace that same “high” that I was on too!

"The First Steemit USB Giveaway at the EGX 2016"

This one was more of a personal project than anything else and I worked quite hard on it! In regards to promoting Steemit, I figured instead of simply getting people’s pictures taken or handing out leaflets, I’d attempt to spread the word using something that has an actual “real world use” and would likely be kept with that individual because of it. After all, familiarity creates brand awareness, right? So, I came up with an idea. Imprint the “Steemit” logo onto a set of portable USB sticks and hand them out in exchange for the individuals e-mail and personal details. Didn’t seem a bad idea at all!

But, I did have something of a wake-up call. I actually didn’t mention this in the post itself, but my initial strategy was to carry out my plan in London’s China Town! Not only that, but also try to get people to sign up there and then via their Facebook account! Needless to say, that ended up a disaster, lol. The people just weren’t interested with only one couple at least listening to my sales pitch before saying goodbye!

Well, as luck would have it, my husband was going to the EGX 2016 (A games and tech show featuring all the latest gadgets and software launches.) This seemed the perfect opportunity! So, yes, I went there albeit with a slightly different strategy this time around. Handing out the USB’s in exchange for their name and e-mail address. And I did just that, with the blog I created afterwards chronicling the whole thing.

Well, sadly only a handful of them got back to me. But now looking back, that was only to be expected. The whole “crypto” and “blockchain” thing wasn’t nearly as exposed as it is now. Had it been this year’s event, the end result may have been very different indeed. However, the core idea of a tangible, useful item baring the “Steemit” logo being dispersed to a number of potential steemians was completed. I just hope they remember where they got it from when Steemit goes to the moon!

"Steemfest I"

Ah! The very first Steemfest!

If ever there was a time I can look back with the fondest of memories, it’s that incredible event. I know for a fact it still astounds those that attended at how awesome and well-organised the whole experience was. From the speakers to the structured city-based activities to the delicious food provided. It was unbelievable from start to finish. @roelandp achieved legendary status on Steemit after that and rightly so!

As for the fest itself, it’s something you had to have been there to fully comprehend. All these steemians wearing small tags around their neck displaying what their “username” is. All those articles I read and enjoyed, now knowing who the faces were behind the blog (This was before user profiles were introduced). It was as surreal as you could get. A completely unforgettable time that I still spend thinking about many times over.

Which leads us to Steemfest II. I remember clearly how everybody at the end of the first Steemfest told @roelandp. “Take a good rest”, “Put your feet up”! I mean, nobody expected him to organise another one! But lo and behold, that is exactly what he has done. What an amazing guy! And if the last fest was anything to go by, everyone who attends will be in for the time of their lives.

I absolutely cannot wait. Roll on, November 1st!


And A Big Thank You To…

Everyone who I’ve come into contact with on Steemit has been such a jpy and pleasure. When people say there’s a community within the Steemit eco-verse, they’re not wrong at all. The friendly comments, the great posts and the overall experience of being a steemian is something I cherish and hold very dear to my heart.

I signed up and started blogging back in June 2016. Way less users back then but through the “tagging” system, you could easily find the content you wanted to view. That’s when I came across the “CN” tag. A small group of Chinese steemians had managed to set up a tiny group within the small community itself. Headed up by the great @abit, he was the first one who gave me a warm welcome on my “Introduction” post I created under the tag. He’s been supporting me ever since and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Other fantastic members within the “CN” tag at that time included @oflyhigh, @ace108, @deanliu, @myfirst, @chinadaily and @lemooljiang. We were minute but powerful force to be reckoned with and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything we’ve shared together. I consider you all my friends and may there be many more memories to be made in the future!

So, a big “thank you” to every one of my awesome steemians who’ve helped in bringing me to 1000+ followers. I’ve had an amazing journey so far and can’t wait to see what lies in store for us all next.

A Big Thank You To Everyone!

2017-07-05 09.57.56.jpg

哇塞,我终于在Steemit平台上拥有超过1000名追随者,兴奋的心情真是难以言喻!自从先生第一次告诉我这个平台到现在已有一年时间,那时的我甚至连比特币或“数字货币” 都没有听说过。Steemit是我所碰到的最美好的事情之一!非常感谢大家!


在Steemit上结交新朋友是最让我高兴的事,而参加第一届在阿姆斯特丹举办的Steemfest更让人难以忘怀。我非常期待能与旧友重逢,并结交更多的新朋友。相信即将来临在里斯本举办的Steemfest II 聚会将办得更加成功,更加完美!

真不敢相信我加入这个平台已有一年的时间,感觉它就像是生活的一部分,呵呵。在这里,我希望能与你们一起分享一些我最难忘的Steemit 时刻,一起回顾我在这个美好平台上梦幻般的旅程。

以下是我在Steemit上的一些亮点 :

1 /把Steemit带进好莱坞的世界

说来有点儿凑巧,刚好是一年前的这个时间,感觉很遥远的样子,呵呵。当时大家都争先恐后地推广Steemit, 有在街上帖大广告牌的,有个女孩子在海边派发写有Steemit标志的100个氢气球,不少在街上采访路人的,当然还有我们最有名的化妆教程(“Make-Up” tutorial).

而我呢,是个动漫粉丝也刚好购买了当月伦敦电影动漫节(LFCC)的入场券,也蠢蠢欲试。我专门到店里印了一件有Steemit 标志的恤衫,并在第二天参加了动漫盛会。当时会场内没有多少人愿意听Steemit的推广,我的目标是在挤挤人群里,要让在场的众多明星们看到我恤衫上Steemit字样。

到场的有几位来自“权力游戏”(Game of Thrones)的明星以及在 “Napoleon Dynamite” 和“Blades of Glory” (好喜欢那部电影哦)里的男主角Jon Heder。 而最有名气的要数上演复仇者(The Avengers)系列的Jeremy Renner! 我与明星们互动,自拍。只可惜最后与Jeremy Renner拍照时,他们不允许照片里的任何商业广告性质的物品(包括衬衫上的徽标),所以Steemit字样没出现在我们的合照里,好失望哦!电影动漫节之行回来, 我发表了一篇文章,这是我在Steemit平台上第一次受到如此多成员的关注与认可。那种感觉非常美妙,我希望每个Steemit的成员都能体验!

2 / Steemit是如何带我进入数字货币的世界




3/在欧洲游戏博览会上派发Steemit的 USB赠品



幸运的是,先生要去伯明翰举办的欧洲游戏博览会(EGX 2016),一个展示所有最新的游戏和技术软件,这看起来是一个非常适合推广Steemit的机会。于是我去了。而这次,我使用了略为不同的策略。我向参观者简单介绍Steemit并赠与精美小巧的USB,以此交换他们的姓名与电子邮件地址。在我发表的帖子里,记载了这整个过程。

有点儿可悲的是,只有少数人回复我的邮件,不过这也是预料之中,因为当时数字货币和区块链很少人知道。但如果是今年的话,最终的结果可能会非常不同。所有的Steemit USB 派发完了,我只希望将来某一天当Steemit真正强大起来的时候,他们会记得当年是如何得到这个Steemit 的USB,呵呵!

4/参加第一届 Steemfest 聚会

去年在阿姆施特丹举办的Steemfest 确实搞得不错,让我印象深刻。我至今仍然感叹这是一个超级棒的盛会,从整个策划,会场布置,组织演讲者和景点游览,以及提供美食,从头到尾每个步骤都完美得令人难以置信。自此以后,聚会的组织者@roelandp在Steemit平台上稳坐传奇人物之位,呵呵。


我还清楚地记得,在Steemfest I 结束的时候,每个人都告诉@roelandp “保重”,“好好休息”,因为大家都期望他来组织下一届的Steemfest!他的确是尽心尽力,功不可没!大家都迫不及待地等着将于11月在里斯本举行的Steemfest II,千万不要错过哦!



我是在2016年6月开始写作发帖子,当时整个网站上的用户数量还是不多的, 所以要想查看分类作品还是相对容易的。我当时偶尔发现了CN区,也就是一部分中国人在平台上建立的一个小群体,由伟大的@abit带领着。他是第一个热情欢迎我加入中文区的,并自此一直支持我的帖子,为此我心存感激!

最初的中文区还有其他活跃的成员,包括 @oflyhigh@ace108@deanliu@myfirst@chinadaily@lemooljiang 等。虽然当时大家都是小鱼,但我们所有人都一起努力写文章,互相支持!在我心里,非常感谢并珍惜与大家在平台上共同分享的一切,希望将来也一起创造出更美好的回忆!

最后,衷心感谢我的1000名追随者,陪伴我在Steemit 这个平台上度过了整整一年的时间,希望我们一起看到Steemit 更辉煌的未来。



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This is a really exciting milestone. I'm so glad I could witness it. Im just getting started and post like yours are very encouraging .

Your life has been filled with so many exciting moments because of this platform. If can just get little a bit of this I would be over the moon.

Thanks again!

Someone who donates a couple k $ rig to a local school and stays humble is someone i can look up to as well. 👍

hey @steemboys Thank you for the awesome comment. A comment like yours make me want to check out what you been posting and follow you.

Thanks man, hope my content can keep up with that expectations :D read you around!

@Rea ! That's such good news! I don't blame you for being happy.... and actually it's very inspiring and encouraging for me.

Today is my one week anniversary for steemit.....

No I'm not a BALLER YET BUT I still enjoy talking everyone.... It's like we're a BIG FAMILY with the same goals.

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@taylortown congrats on finding Steemit and engaging with the community.

"it's like we're a BIG FAMILY with the same goals."

If feel the same.

Ya totally agree with your buddy :)

Congratulations and a big thank you for sharing the great news with us all! I love seeing the pictures and going through the highlights, what a treat that was.

Namaste :)

Thanks so much, @eric-boucher. We have been here for so long and share so many Steemit memories together. You're a gem. "So" appreciate you dropping by. :)

As always, a real pleasure! Your words are so heartwarming, thank you.

Namaste 😄

Are you going to Steemfest II?


I am so happy for you. You just like many others have again proven that being passonate, consistent and patience is very rewarding in the ending. Getting 1000followers is no easy thing but i know it was as a result of the good and insightful contents posted. I believe this is just a start and you can get more by doing more. Thanks for sharing your progress with the community.

Thank you, @kwakumax! Your kind words mean a lot to me. It's been such a whirlwind of "Steemit" activity, I can't believe all this happened in barely one year! But yes, your wise set of "ingredients" above will get you where you want to be. I'm loving my experience here and can't wait to see what the next full year brings.

Thank you so much for the great comments. :)

I have a friend who just introduced me to this world. Your post reminds me of him telling me how it's changed him as well and it's also been one year for him.
I'm excited to be a part of this and hope to achieve the same level of success and support you all have experienced here.

It is very happy and glad to see you have this you have successfully established and will continue to carve the next established people. I hope there will be many people like you who have high spirits. Promoting steemit is not an easy thing, but you've shown it with good accomplishments. I hope it will be like you later. Where everything you accomplished with the people you love and love What I do now is not as difficult as you are genuine. I can learn a lot from you. Hopefully this platform continues to grow and so does the growing and growing community. Greetings from me @andesign from indonesia, i will always support you. Hopefully we can be friends. Success always 😀

Thanks! :)

haha, how funny: I clicked on your post because I just reached 1000 Posts and felt connected to your 1000 followers title. And then I saw your picture with Jeremy Renner and I just released an article about Jeremy Runner TODAY: LOL


Lol, thank you, @flauwy! I'll check it out. :)

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Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.

It's been a long time coming but I finally got there. And I hope you do to with a strong will and determination.

Thank you so much for your kind and humbling words, @hamzaoui. :)

U are welcome, plzz visit my blog and help by Upvoting

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Thank you. :)

hi rea can you follow me back also?thank you for the support.

Congrats! I just reached 100 followers, to more Steemians joining the community.

solid hustle!


Thank you!

wow, congratulations @rea your hardwork ,dedication and good contents has propelled you to success and you will surely see more success. I am glad that I followed you and thus will always send in my support. More success to you.

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Thank you, @charles1. That's so kind of you to say so. Let's hope we all rise up together. :)

Your interection are so generous and I really love your Awesome Thinking dear... Let's rise up together...:)

I agree, thanks.
Feel free to check out my latest blog post : Why Steemit will disrup social media and gain market share

Congratulations rea. Well done. Hard work always pays. You really did the job. Upvoted and followed you for your great content.


Thank you for your kind words @kadarkhan!

Congratulations!! Really inspiring post ☺️ you've gained yourself a new follower 🙂

So appreciated! Thank you very much, mel1ss. :)

This is very inspiring to somone new like me. I enjoy reading and posting on steemit, even though I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. That does not matter to me right now, all I know is, I am having so much fun and I'm here to stay. Steemit is an unparalleled amazing experience. Thanks for sharing!

Yes, @vanderewolf. Have fun writing, interacting and sharing. Everything else will come over time. I knew no one when I started and had almost the same steempower as everybody else new to Steemit these days.

You can do it! Wish you all the best! :)

I appreciate your advice and you taking the time to comment back to me. I'm ready to take the journey and share all my adventures with steemit. Continue to stay happy and have fun. I will always follow! ALOHA

Many many Congratulations to you... Stay Awesome!

That's very kind of you, thank you @chandankumar!

You are most welcome dear... @rea

Great motivation to see you reach such a milestone.
I hope to be reaching my first 100 followers soon :P

Thank you for your nice comment @felibaudino.
I hope you reach 100 followers in no time!!

Congratulation..upvoted and resteemed:))

That's very sweet of you! Thank you so much, @susanl! :)

you welcome:)

It is well deserved!

Thank you so much, my friend! I feel that you supported me so much throughout my journey on Steemit and I would like you to know that I appreciate it more than words can express! :)

Yes,,, I like,
and I was one of your followers.

That's awesome. Thank you very much! :)

Congratulations !!!! @rea i am one of your followers ,,i have been following you for quit a long time and i kept upvoting for posts because i love the content you post.am your big fan and i am waiting for you to also follow me and upvote my content .. mutualism is i respect...

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Your words humble me and I'm extremely grateful for your support and encouragement. I definitely swing by your blog soon. :)

Congratz! Thanks for sharing your story. It's so cool to see this website introducing so many people to cryptocurrencies!

Yes, I'm loving this platform so much and can't wait to see where we go in another year from now.

Thank you! :)

Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. You are truly a shining example for all of us.

Too kind, @team101! Very humbled by your words. :)

Congratulations Rea. Well deserved! :)

Hello @yogi.artist! I hope you are well! Thank you for your kind words and hope to see you soon at some "Steemit" based event. :)

Cheers. Hard work pays off. Keep the good work :))

It certainly does! Anybody can do it with sheer determination and effort.

Thank you, @ivanpopov! :)

Thank you. :)


how nice you have 1000 followers

Congratulations! Well earned too! :)

Many thanks, @throughmyeyes. :)

It's great to be part of this amazing family, indeed I'm really blessed. I'm new here but I hope this amazing family will help me to explore more on this media

We are a family here on Steemit and given time, you will be too. Hard work and perseverance never goes unnoticed. :)

Congrats For reaching 1000 followers by the way great post keep sharing thumbs up for this post 😊✌👍👍👍

Thanks for all the thumbs up and stopping by, @farhanali!

Congratulations on the milestone. Glad to know we share common interests like travel and food.

A little about me. Please follow.


Thank you.

Thanks. :)

Super nice! I just joined but already really like it here, keep up the hard work. love your travel posts.

Thank for dropping by! You got it! Keep being consistent and relevant to your blog and you'll do just great. :)


Thank you. :)

Congratulations! It's really amazing how much this community seems able to change people's lives; to help them change their own lives! I also really like how truly global this place is.

Thanks for sharing the highlights of your first year and first 1000 followers!

Steemit has improved and changed so many people's lives already and many more to come I'm sure. I believe it is indeed a revolutionary platform in every sense of the word.

Thank you very much, @reddragonfly. :)

Thanks to this post, the future of Steemit is going to be brighter

Too kind, @jaggedmoments! Thanks for the awesome comment! :)

I'm new follower,Nice blog, hopefully more In future
greetings from belgium

Thank you for the great support! Very grateful indeed! Will be posting lots more in the future. :)

Congrats, I am new to steemit and my sister who lives in Italy just joined this week. We are looking forward to writing in this platform.

You'll have a great time if you concentrate first and foremost... On having fun!

Thank you, @norrko. Hope you and your sister do fantastically! :)

Congratulations, that's awesome! Awesome pics and highlights too! Keep it up!

Congrats and I'm glad you have had a great experience here

It's been an awesome trip so far. Thank you for stopping by. :)

PLEASE, help us we young baby steemit to grow.
Thanks for your support @rea


VOTE UP @gwin

Amazing post and amazing journey to 1000! I just created a tribute to my followers! Its a handmade Steemit sign, I used the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban (Wood Burning). Check it out! https://steemit.com/art/@bek/i-made-a-steemit-logo-using-the-ancient-shou-sugi-ban-japanese-wood-burning-flaming-hot-steemit-sign-handmade-wood-art

Great. May you reach 1000 followers soon too! :)

Welcome to the club. May it treat you well.

Thank you so much, @alexbeyman! Much appreciated! :)

congrats! keep up the good job

I fully intend too. Thank you, yahyaoa. :)

Congratulations on your 1000 followers, you can add me to the list

So grateful for your invaluable support. Thank you so much, @makrotheblack. :)

That's truly awesome! Congratulations to you. I hope to get there one day myself. Keep it up!

Of course you will! Just go for it from now!

Thank you for stopping by, @agcrypt. :)

Will do, thanks!!



This is great news. Coming up behind ya. Following you!

Thank you so much, @amarie! You're too sweet! :)

I just joined today and i am just now learning how to use steem.

You'll do fine, I'm sure. Thank you and I hope you have an incredible time on Steemit! :)

We are proud of you too. Congrats X 10,000 to @rea !!


We are all so lucky to be part of this human history!!

中文段落裡的abit mention格式錯了!:) <--- 強迫症跟某人一樣

Thank you very much @deanliu, that is very kind of you!!
I know, time flew by, I am sure you and many others, also have awesome stories to tell about your exciting journey on Steemit!
Thanks for the heads up about the error on the article, all sorted now :)

Congratulations on such a great accomplishment in a rather short period of time. Looks like you had great fun on the journey and who knows what stories you will have as you move towards 2000 followers. I'm new so I'm still exploring but if you haven't already I'd love to see a post from you on "What To Do and Not to Do to Get To 1000 Followers." I think it would be interesting.

That's a great idea for a post, @brooklin270! But the main aspects to focus on are originality, consistency and friendly interaction with the community at large. Utilizing these factors, I don't see you going too far wrong.

Thank you a fantastic set of comments and I hope you become a huge success story on Steemit! :)

Now you are a millennial in terms of followers, congrats!
I just saw your article with 199 votes and couldn't resist to upvote it too, to make 200 : )) Hope the count will continue!

That's very sweet of you, @steemulator! Thank you so much for the support! I hope you do great on Steemit and reach 1000 followers soon too. :)

Congratulations! I hope I can reach that milestone also, but it's early days and 'Rome wasn't built in a day'!





You write very well and i enjoyed reading about steemfest, i hope they have one in Australia one day soon . I am happy to be one of your thousand followers -David

Hey there, @daydream4rock! Thanks for you humbling comments. If Steemit keeps lifting off like this, it's only a matter of time for Australia to get involved!

All the very best and I hope you reach that goal too! :)

many thanks my new friend - i am having so much fun with diverse posts about my painting, music and travels -- drop in sometime and say hi on my blog --D

congrats! next step 2000!

Here's hoping to that! Thank you very much! :)

Very inspiring story, thank you for sharing. I hope that one day I can share this similar experience! I am still learning about this platform, but so far I am loving it! Congratulations on your 1000 followers

I hope you will too! Just stick to a plan and stay with it. You'll do just just after that!

Thank you for the nice comments. :)

HODOR! You met Kristian Nairn. Nice :)

Yes, he was really sweet in person. I absolutely live GoT and he was one of my favourite characters. :)

Tell a sad story in three words. Hold the door. Us Pirates all had wet eyes the first time we watched it, and again on later viewings. :(

Congrats on reaching the 1000 followers milestone and quite a journey you had.

It's been an epic ride so far! Thank you for stopping by. :)

You are welcome :)

Congrats on reaching the milestone.. Your hard work has today paid you

It seems it has. You can do it too. Good luck! :)

Très bon article et en plus les photos de souvenirs sont trop belles.

Question où peut on trouver les clefs usb de steemit ou steem?


How can I get to that target of 1000 followers

Simple: Dedication effort and originality. That combination is your winning formula. :)

Thank you! Much appreciated. :)

Good for you, I'm happy for you!

Thanks very much @randompic. I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. :)

excelente vivir tu experiencia a travez de ti buen trabajo

恭喜您!看到您获得的成功我为您高兴,ye很受鼓励。我是最近刚加入到Steemit群体里的,还希望得到大家的支持和鼓励!希望你有空阅读我最近写的几个帖子,@xqcai 谢谢!

谢谢支持 @xqcai.
我刚刚浏览了你的帖子,写得非常好, 大家都继续努力吧!


Congratulations and a big thank you for sharing the great news with us all!
PLEASE, help us we young baby steemit to grow.
Thanks for your support @rea


Follow, Resteem
VOTE UP @gwin

Congratulations and a big thank you for sharing the great news with us all!
PLEASE, help us we young baby steemit to grow.
Thanks for your support @rea


Follow, Resteem
VOTE UP @gwin

That's great @rea. Congratulations and wish you a great success ahead!

Thanks, @parthpatel. I hope I can keep going. Let's all climb together! :)

恭喜恭喜。1K, time to have one champagne. :-)
Thanks for the mention.
One day, steem fest will come to Asia or I will go to steem fest.
My steemit birthday is coming soon.

Hello, my friend! I hope you are doing great. I'll be honest. I was really hoping one of our group from the “CN” tag came along to the Steemfest this year. Meeting you in person would be so great. No problem, try to make it next time!

Thank you for all the support you've offered me so far. I'm really grateful for that and consider myself so lucky so be a part of something special with you all. Let's see what one more year will bring!

And I hope you have a great upcoming birthday. Please do a post about it! :)

You're welcome. Glad to have your support too.
Steemit birthday post in consideration.... what to write?
Our evolution or some revelation maybe.

Congrats on reaching such an epic milestone! I hope to be there myself soon!

No reason why you shouldn't be. I wish you every success on Steemit! :)

love that you had a "matrix moment" haha. For a new Steemit user, your love for Steemit is inspiring. Congratulations and thank you! :)

Lol, yeah! I like to think I took the red pill, haha! It's vert sweet of you to say, but my story can easily be your story too. Just persevere and as they saw, ”You will reap what you sow.“

Thank you and wishing you the very best experience here on Steemit. :)

Follow me and I'll follow you back

恭喜你哦rea,你一直是写的很棒的作者,继续加油噢 : )