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So if you guys didn't already know we @ninjawhale only launched this project around a week ago! Thanks to you guys it has been a great week for us and hopefully you too!

Now since there was so many of you guys using the bot at once we were caught by surprise and our VP (Voting Power) drained rapidly, this made our votes worth less in $ value so people started complaining that they were losing money.

This has prompted us to explain in greater detail what our service is and how to use it best.

What service do you provide?

@ninjawhale provides a service similar to Randowhale, Minnowbooster, Bellyrub etc but with 1 HUGE difference....BULK UPVOTES (currently 40)

Unlike the services listed above we @ninjawhale do NOT give a huge $ boost to your post (Although yes it can be profitable at certain times). Instead we vote with all of our accounts giving your post a boost in upvotes. This will give your posts more exposure. In return you get more votes from users.


What is the best way to use your service?

@ninjawhale is best used with other services that provide a $ boost to your posts. Our favorites are listed below.

1. @minnowbooster

2. @booster

3. @randowhale

4. @buildawhale

5. @bellyrub

How To Use Us (Tutorial)

1. Make a post with good/original content.

2. Copy the link to your post.

3. Go to the @ninjawhale profile and check the price. (Shown below).


4. Go to your wallet and and send the SBD required and your post url to @ninjawhale


5. Go to your post and watch the votes roll in!

(Optional)6. Get your post voted on by minnowbooster or another service!



Resteemed to over 5000 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!
Read here how the new bot from Berlin works.

I'm misssing upvotes I accidentally sent sbd while you were sleeping and never received them back on 4 -5 post

Hi, I can confirm all of the SBD you sent was indeed refunded.

All of them are voted on. If you like I can go and take the screenshots?

Hahahahaha just upvote! :P

We have upvoted all of those posts?

Feels like being robbed by @ninjawhele :D

Like seriously though right lol

I do not know why you feel like you have been robbed @lykencrypto We have checked posts provided and voted them ALL already.

Thank you, I have no complaints my brother I appreciate your services

I wish I had read this before sending $0.40 SBD

@ninjawhale do NOT give a huge $ boost to your post (Although yes it can be profitable at certain times). Instead we vote with all of our accounts giving your post a boost in upvotes. This will give your posts more exposure. In return you get more votes from users.

How does getting 40 votes worth nearly nothing get you "more exposure". How does this get you more votes from users? Do you resteem the post also?

It can be profitable at certain times? I've fallen for this kind of stuff before, send in $0.50, get $0.35. At least I recooped most of what I spent!

Here I sent in $0.40, oh look 38 upvotes worth $0.00, one worth $0.01 and another worth $0.03. Great, I turned my $0.40 into $0.04, thanks for moving the decimal place for me. That's a 90% loss!

It's like a vending machine offering a candy bar with a sign explaining that THIS vending machine (@ninjawhale) may only get 1/10th of a candy bar, we recommend you try these fine vending machines ( @randowhale @minnowbooster) that will give you 1 1/2 candy bars for the same price.

Yes, I do now understand more about @ninjawhale. Remove "whale" from your name. I've been robbed by a ninja.


"Remove "whale" from your name. I've been robbed by a ninja."

BEST post in this thread. Laughed my ass off. Upvoted to help you recoup a little.

No, You my friend are just blind.

No your right I didnt see that sorry

I'm sorry, @modiggy. I'll upvote some weeds and help you recoop some. @ironshield

Thanks man I really appreciate that.

Thanks @stuntworksinc. I wrote a post about it and the generosity of the steemit community is overwhelming. 40 worthless upvotes for .40 SBD


I agree also, not worth it, I just did it based on his gift post, upvotes with no value are essentially worthless; save your upvote for a post worthy of your upvote. I got .1 in return for .4. People who upvote past their worth of their vote also do nothing for themselves or others, except for getting their username exposed.

it will grow and entually become the biggest whalebot on Steemit

Thanks for your informed.. Otherwise, I'm also going to try it.. Now so many whales are born like blooming mushrooms..

Haha this is a great reply and explanation. its always good to have services to use but when offering 1/10th of what you are charging it is clear who is benefiting from the service

Calling @originalworks :)
**@ninjawhale got you a $8.39 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!

  • img credz: pixabay.com*

Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

The @OriginalWorks bot has determined this post by @ninjawhale to be original material and upvoted it!


To call @OriginalWorks, simply reply to any post with @originalworks or !originalworks in your message!

To enter this post into the daily RESTEEM contest, upvote this comment! The user with the most upvotes on their @OriginalWorks comment will win!

For more information, Click Here! || Click here to participate in the @OriginalWorks writing contest!
Special thanks to @reggaemuffin for being a supporter! Vote him as a witness to help make Steemit a better place!

Hi! You spammed my wallet 3 times today, is this how your marketing is working? Please erase my name from your spam list, I don't want to receive any of those! Thank you!

Sending 0.400 SBD for @ninjawhale feels like being robbed :D

Yeah Im starting to get that same feeling. Its ok because Im a firm believer of karma.

Hi @ninjawhale today at 10am make a transfer of 0.400 SBD and I think there was an error in it or because of the flaws that I presumed the platform today but I did not get the votes requested, greetings happy night.

You did not give us a post to upvote. To receive votes you must put the links in the memo.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the purpose of the bulk upvotes is to give your post a higher chance of appearing in the "Hot" section, yes? Because number of upvotes are factored into figuring out which posts go into the "Hot" section, right? Very interesting. Have you considered also offering bulk resteems? That seems like another great way to increase exposure. Even if the 40 accounts only had a few followers each, it could really add up :)

I will be trying this service out later tonight. Looks good!

Hi for some reason it will not let me post my url in the memo but I sent you .4sbd twice

Ninjawhale I sent you .4 sbd twice today can you please help me out, I was not able to post my url in the memo. I would appreciate it thanks.

We have already refunded you.

So... You do something like @minnowsupport but not for free.

Also - @minnowsupport sometimes gives up to 50-60 different votes (depends on how many people participate at the time), while you offer 40.

Infact, even so, your service is still good, and I would still pay for it.

SteemIt has an interesting system. How much a vote is worth, depends on how many votes one has received before that. If randowhale upvotes me and he's the first upvoted, I'll receive less money, than if I have 100 upvotes and than randowhale upvotes me. Randowhale's vote itself will be worth more.

That means that for optimal effect:

  1. Get upvoted by minnowsupport, cuz it's free.
  2. Get updated by ninjawhale and other similar bulk upvotes.
  3. Get upvoted by cheap paid upvoters.
  4. Get updated by expensive paid upvoters.

Even so... I'm not sure if the difference in money will be big enough to justify your price.
Do some tests and review your price.

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