Are Steemit Resteem Bots a Let Down in Most Cases?

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For all the controversy over the use of bots and the deterioration of quality articles, one thing I have seen consistently is that most resteem bots here suck. Now keep in mind that this is coming from an mostly uneducated view of the subject as I have not done extensive research. That being said- it shouldn't be difficult to find a quality bot if indeed they do exist. Iv'e used a few different voting bots and have been for the most part satisfied with them. I can't say the same about resteem bots - the few I have tried have yielded weak results - and according to their advertisements - I was getting resteemed to over 12,000 users - well guess what - being resteemed is no guarantee of getting any votes.

Spam Wars

I am always getting spammed in my message box by bots that want a minimum of .20 SBD to resteem me to their thousands of "followers" - then when I look at their account to see how many of their customers are having success - I see the same thing over and over again - sure they have the followers - but look at their resteems and they have like 4 votes.

This is what I see in my messages all the time

These are the last few messages I got over the last day - these are just the ones that came up at the top - I counted another 7 more below those. I guess I shouldn't complain- if it weren't for spam , I'd never get any messages! I honestly don't mind - after all - they all gave me some SBD and since I get hit up just about every day , it all adds up.

What gets me though, is that for all the followers they have - it doesn't seem to translate in to much votes. Let's look at what they have to offer:

@adventurist - claims they have 8000 plus followers - lets see how well they do:


These have all been resteemed and the amount of votes are not very impressive - barely 50 votes between all of them.

Next on the list:

@cryptomoneymade - turns out these are the same guys as @adventurists

3,000+ followers for just .30 SBD or 5,000+ for .5 SBD

Here are their subscribers:


Aside from one blog - most of them have little traction

@anonwhale looks a little better:

.70 SBC for over 7500 followers


@hottopic - The best one I've found so far!!


Still - one has to wonder if it is worth the cost - one of them got 12 votes and earned only .10 SBD and zero comments-

I decided to see if has just been a fluke or if I can get some traction from some of these bots - so I got a resteem for a post I did this morning - I will see how many upvotes I get for my paltry .30 SBD. As of this morning , it has been over 12 hours since it was resteemed and I earned a whopping 2 upvotes and whole .04 SBD - that's an 87% loss.

I normally stay away from resteem bots anyway - I don't have anything in particular against them - it's just that I have had a hard time finding any that look like they pay off... as far as the ones that have several hundred votes go - I get the feeling that these are established bloggers that have the audience already and are simply boosting their numbers - also may have something to do with how much they pay for them. I will keep taking my chances with the feed unless I come across something makes sense to me. I guess one way to look at it is that if you get in front enough resteemers, you may eventually build a real following... but you also get that by producing quality content on a regular basis and interacting with others more often.

I was prompted to write this because I always get messages in my box with promises of resteems and was wondering if anyone knew of any good services cause most of the ones I have looked up haven't impressed me. Let me know if you are using a resteem bot that gets you traction.




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Those followers of the resteem-bots are following them, because they want to use the bots. Those followers are not real followers who like to read stuff. Thus even a resteem bot with 1 million followers will be useless, imho.

Those above are my opinions, and now you have proven it with this posts. Complete with the screenshots. :D Great post.

thanks for commenting - I think you're right - I have a feeling 1 MIllion followers wouldn't do much good either ... thanks for reading - I'm out of the re-steem bot biz :)

I think paying anything for resteem is too much. Voting bots may not be great but they deliver what you buy. With resteems, you get put in what is effectively peoples junk mail. And furthermore I think many of the followers are not real or at least not active accounts. My experience with resteems that you pay for was uniformly bad.

You have come to the same conclusion I have. Paying for resteems isn't worth it. I think this largely due to most members here on Steemit don't bother checking their own feeds that often. Some of these resteem services simply follow thousands of steemit users and in return a portion of those user follow back but never check any content from said user. Take a look at how many people some of these services follow in relation to how many follow them. If the number they follow is higher then how many followers they have its likely they applied the above strategy.

I recommend using free resteem services. They seem to work just as good.

I agree 100% - I may have used them about 3-4 times and it has never been worth it. I have never heard of these free resteem services - could you put a link to one please? I'd like to give it a try. If they work ( not work) just as good - then may as well get it for free. your right about the upvote bots - so far as I've experienced - they do deliver what they say



  1. Navigate to any Article -
  2. Erase "https://" -
  3. Type "re" -
  4. Get an Instant Upvote & Resteem

thank you very much! - I'll give it a try

Your welcome !

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