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Dear Followers,

I started blogging here on this incredible platform with super low expectations. I knew that I had passions that I wanted to document and share, but I never knew how much Steemit would come to mean to me when I started creating content in June 2017.

And just recently, I realized that I've somehow earned the support and enthusiasm of over 500 followers. And that, friends, is so humbling.

Thank you to all of you who take the time to provide thoughtful comments, creative feedback, and motivating insight to my posts. And even more, thanks to all of you for creating excellent content that causes me to laugh, think, ponder, and create even more.

500 followers.jpg

To celebrate this milestone here on Steemit, I've decided to document the recent journey that I, along with dozens of other Steemians, had the pleasure of taking part in: The Steemit IronChef Competition, hosted by the one and only @progressivechef. By some stroke of pure luck, I ended up receiving 2nd place overall in the competition, which still causes my head to spin. Below is a chronological list of the culinary entries I prepared over the contest's 17 weeks.

As you can read in my final IronChef entry's post, I was truly challenged throughout the contest and I was inspired by the other contestants to strive to create new and exciting dishes from humble and sometimes underappreciated featured ingredients.

I hope you enjoy this 17-week tour of my entries almost as much as I enjoyed creating them, and MUCH more than I enjoyed cleaning the kitchen after each one :)

Thanks again for your continued support and encouragement. I'm so grateful to be a part of your community!

Steem on,

Week 1: Tomato: 5th place

Week 2: Carrot: 6th place

Week 3: Beet: 2nd place

Week 4: Zucchini

Week 5: Pear

Week 6: Eggplant: 4th place

Week 7: Apple: 2nd place

Week 8: Pumpkin: 1st place!

Week 9: Banana: 3rd place

Week 10: Potato: 3rd place

Week 11: Bell Pepper: 2nd place

Week 12: Cauliflower: 2nd place

Week 13: Orange: 5th place

Week 14: Mushroom: 3rd place

Week 15: Onion: 3rd place

Week 16: Avocado: 1st Place!

Week 17: Use at least 2 ingredients from previous rounds: 3rd Place

Well, friends, there we have it. A roundup to celebrate reaching this incredible milestone of over 500 followers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

final maybe.jpg

All content and images by @jaymorebeet, taken with a Canon 7D Mark II.


Congratulations my dear! You deserve it because you give a great work and successful recipes.
I love your dishes, good luck.

Hello, my friend,

Perhaps I should say "long lost friend," as somehow you've been off my radar for entirely too long... I'm very glad I tripped over you in my feed today.

Congratulations are clearly in order. Good work on gaining 500 followers. I'm happily amazed (but not surprised) to see your honors in the Steemit IronChef Competition, which I had not followed at all. But I'm very pleased to see you've garnered 2nd prize, and very happy to see the big reward on your "Last Round" posting! Fantastic!

I hope you've had a blessed Christmas and New Year with your family, and also hope it won't be so long before I get back to your blog again!

Cheers, dear!



So glad to be reunited! Something tells me we need @merej99 to propose another community challenge to get us the kick start we need!! So glad to see you, and thanks so much for your encouragement and kindness :)

Yah, @merej99 sure got us going with her comments challenge, didn't she?
I hope she's OK, she hasn't been too responsive lately... :(

Take care, dear, see you around! ;)

My eyes are in love! Congratulations on that giant milestone! Looking forward when you hit 1k followers and the many wonderfully creative dishes that lead up to it!

All those lovely and inspiring dishes ... awesome to see your recap ... just saw it now after I posted my recap hihi it is need to revisit all those dishes and recall the creative processes ! Looking forward to begin again !

Congratulations on your 500 followers @jaymorebeet! I am sure they are in for some great content from you.

My stomach is now grumbling, thanks to these really appetizing photos!.😄

Congrats on the milestone!! You did amazing in the Iron Chef competition. You are a great food artist. Congrats on your success and here's to much more success in the future.

You have consistently created really wonderful content and made this platform better, thank you for being on steemit.

You are so kind, and I feel the same about you! Thanks @lifemovedbysteem :)

Holy gorgeous! This food, these photos, you my dear are incredibly talented. Congratulations on 500 followers! So exciting. Not at all surprised by your magnificence!

Congratulations on reaching 500 followers. :) Count me in your followers list too.

Many thanks, and I'm so glad you're on board :) !!

Wow! Congrats @jaymorebeet, on the competition and on the followers milestone! Its amazing seeing all those recipes certainly deserve the recognition! Looking forward to your inspiring creations in the future!

Another great post and your 500 followers are well deserved IMHO, and I'm sure that 1000+ is just around the corner. What a great time for @steemit and the success it's achieving from talented creators like you!

Happy 2018 and STEEM on ...

They were a whole lot of fun one at a time, but a whole STACK of your extravaganza's is really amazing. (And hunger-inducing on a Friday night.)

Congratulations on the big 5-0. And even more on the second place. So glad to see that, as you are quite the impressive food impresario. (if there is such a real-thing). I'm glad to have gotten to know you on here, and there is a whole lot more to come on this great site. Happy New Year, and Full Steem Ahead.

Congrats. This post has been deemed resteem & upvote worthy by your friendly @eastcoaststeem ran by @chelsea88 (not a bot)

A huge congratulations to you!!! Look at all those delicious-looking and mouth-watering dishes! 2017 was wonderful just from looking at your above photos. Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2018.

Won't be able to participate in SIC 2018 as I have so many commitments but I'll be on the sidelines watching.

Happy 2018!

Congratulations on your 2nd place in the Steemit Iron Chef 2017! It's so well deserved -- every week you had such great treats and they were all so pretty and artistic. I tried to figure out which of yours was my favorite -- and this is as far as I could get: carrot gnocchi, both of your towers, that super banana plate with the banana chia pudding, cauliflower, oranges, onion, and avocado. I can't even image what that would cost at a fancy restaurant - and your family got to enjoy all of that! They are the winners, lol! I hope you are enjoying a break from the weekly SIC schedule! It was a beast!

Great job in SIC 2017! I have really enjoyed seeing your work over the last few months.

Very well deserved :-)

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