It's here! The 17th and final week of the Steemit Ironchef Competition!

@progressivechef let US choose the special ingredients this time! He specified that we can choose at least 2 ingredients out of the list of 16 ingredients we've featured thus far.

I've been focusing so much on savory dishes lately, so I chose to make a dessert for this final round.

A dessert is a sweet ending to this sweet competition.

whole plate from side.jpg

I've met so many talented and insightful chefs throughout the course of the past several months, and I've learned so much through this competition. As someone who just loves to cook and loves to eat, I find it so engaging to be challenged to create new dishes and use new ingredients on a weekly basis. Thanks to all of my fellow contestants on helping to foster such an enjoyable experience through Steemit IronChef.

Also, thanks to you, @progressivechef, for spearheading this one-of-a-kind Steemit competition, where our love for good food and good ingredients is celebrated and shared. Bravo chef!

side of bundt.jpg

For this week's entry, I used 5 ingredients from the past 16 weeks: carrot, pumpkin, apple, orange, and pear, to create a four-part dessert that celebrates winter and the culmination of this wonderful competition.

With Christmas traveling and other life happenings, I was a bit pressed for time to get this entry together. As you'll see, I saved time by photographing my recipes and including those photos within the post where they belong :)

First, we have a carrot and butternut orange-spice bundt cake glazed with a cinnamon-orange glaze.

whole bundt signs.jpg

The cake incorporates butternut squash, carrot, orange zest, homemade apple sauce, and shredded coconut, which results in a dense pudding-like consistency that will sweep you off your feet.

so not dry.jpg


Served with the cake, we've got an orange-spice apple compote.


To take this dessert into fancy land, we've got cinnamon candied pears dipped in dark chocolate.

The pears are crispy and sweet and so easy to make.

candied pears.jpg


And finally, we have some carrot-coconut dark chocolate truffles to seal the deal on this decadent dessert.

These things are dangerous - you can't stop at just one!



whole plate from side.jpg

And of course, here's my proof photo for this week:


I hope you've enjoyed this recipe, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you're interested in being a part of the Steemit IronChef Competition, don't forget to check out the details at @steemit-ironchef. A huge thanks to @progressivechef for coming up with this awesome way to showcase our food creations and build community with each other here on Steemit. Looking forward to continuing this competition!!

final maybe.jpg

All content and images by @jaymorebeet, taken on December 27, 2017 with a Canon 7D Mark II.


What an amazing way to close this 2017 SIC season my friend! You are a wonderful cook, you bake and make desserts simply heavenly!
Thanks so much for the great support and looking forward to another great season coming up!
ps. Great idea with the recipe sharing like this, very original!

This has been such a fun experience. So many thanks to you for being the most gracious host and constant supporter. Your encouragement and confidence are incredible!!

Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe :)

Thanks for stopping by @askaran!

Great post @jaymorebeeet and a well-deserved congrats on all your awesome posts in this competition!!! Happy New Year and STEEM on in 2018 ...

Thanks @cognoscere for your continued support! Steem on!

What a way to cap the competition! The look delicious as usual.

Cheeky girl, just taking snaps of the recipe on paper. But I love the handwriting! :D Not to mention the doodles...

You're so kind. I definitely saved a bunch of time taking those photos :) What a rushed week!

Even your cooking notebook is pretty lol. I love how you drew your food out. Really great desserts and as usual, beautiful plate.

Haha thanks girl. My chicken scratch didn't embarrass me too badly :)

Huge congrats on the visit by curie, you very much deserve it. Beautiful post as always. I apologize for not commenting more and being a better supporter. With the price being high, so many steemians are posting way more than normal and to be honest, I cannot keep up. Stay encouraged, it's going to be a great 2018

Thanks girl - totally understand; I've been so busy with other life stuff that I haven't been as active on here as I'd like to be! Ahh balance!

Congratulations! Who would skip such a plate of deliciousness and sweetness?

You're the sweetest! You've done so many outstanding recipes this contest - I'm in awe!!

No, no! You are too kind! Thank you a lot!

wow... it looks so yammy and delicious....hope i can taste it. i will try to make it. thank you for the recipe and best of luck for the compitition............

Thanks so much for the support @mdsakil1234!!!

Yo, not for nothing that cake did look dry as hell and I wouldn't have noticed. But it also looked good so if I was eating that I'd be gobbling it up if there was moisture. Those are the best after all and give me that with the carrot coconut chocolate and I'd be in cake heaven. Even tho those last ones were like bit sized.

But they aren't bite sized for my heart, lol

Check out some of my holiday pics:

So NOT dry is what the photo says—- because it did have a ton of moisture from the fruit and veg in the cake batter. Nobody wants dry cake silly!

Looks delicious :-) I cannot bake to save my life, can cook fairly ok, but baking somehow evades me. lol well done. Yum.

Stay blessed

Practice makes perfect (or practice makes edible??) You got this!! Go forth and bake!

Yes master... will do my best :-)

Wow, looks exquisite! I'm going to try ALL the recipes! Good luck! Well don you! A happy follow for future lovely posts!

I sure hope you do!!! Enjoy them all but remember to share :) I always forget that part. hehe

This Post very nice... your photography all my best.. carry my friend...

So sweet @sharminkona. Thanks a ton for your support :)

you are welcome..

good lawn, woman, look at you go! SOOO HAPPY you got a curie vote! You totally deserve it :) I've always wanted one lol... one can dream!

That cake looks just too delicious, and I can virtually smell the Christmas on it. Good luck for the final SIC round!

Yours is right around the corner! I can feel it. How does that stuff even work anyway?? heh. Hope you had lovely holidays with your friends and fam :)

Really a sweet highlight of this contest! Wonderful! 😋

those desserts looks really yummy! thanks for sharing! :)

Well thank YOU for stopping by! Have a great day @andywong31!!

Great post there, keep up good work !

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Really a delicious cake, I want to taste it @jaymorebeet thank you for sharing this post.

Yes I'd have to say that the cake steals the show for this dish. Do try it!

Congrats on the visit by curie, girl! You definitely deserve it. Everything looks amazing, I think i'm going to try this recipe.
PS. I love your handwritting!

Thanks for the encouragement and as for my handwriting - i would have at least tried to write neatly if I knew ahead of time I'd be photographing my notes :) Next time I promise neat handwriting :) (At least legible :)

Wow! You've have outdone yourself @jaymorebeet. Must be wonderful to be the "taste testers" at your house! Great success in the competition!

For sure - those taste testers of mine never complain :) Thanks @lrich :)

Truly a masterpiece my Dear Congratulations 🌸💖🌸

Thanks Lena! You're so supportive and you create quite the masterpieces yourself :)

My pleasure Dear @jaymorebeet you are so sweet thank you 🌸💖🌸

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Thanks! Wow :)

looking very innovative and delicious. i like most carrot-coconut dark chocolate truffles. thanks for share.

Those are dangerous because you can't stop at just 1! Proceed with caution!! :)

Looks and sounds so good ... awesome dessert platter !

Yayy! You've got to try the carrot/butternut squash cake. I saved about half of it in the freezer for a rainy day because i just couldn't let it go yet :)