This 16th, and penultimate week of the Steemit Ironchef Competition features the avocado as the special ingredient!

Avocados are the tricksters of the plant world. They tease and tease for days, rock solid and nowhere near being ready to eat. And then, seemingly out of nowhere they ripen, and they are perfect, but only for a brief window of time. After that brief window of perfection, avocados become mushy, and bruised, and so so sad. Avocado timing is a form of scientific study that puzzles and befuddles.

Despite their finicky ripening schedule, I know life would not be the same without the avocado. The creamy flesh and subtle flavor can elevate any dish to luxury. One appropriate description of the flavor of avocados is 'vegetable infused butter' and I couldn't agree more. Let's avocado then!

To celebrate the avocado, I made flounder and avocado cakes, chilled mango and avocado soup, zucchini noodles (zoodles) with garlic avocado sauce, and chili-lime sweet potato and avocado.

For the flounder and avocado cakes, I combined flounder fillets, avocado, eggs, lemon juice, and breadcrumbs, formed them into cute little rounds, and pan fried them until golden brown:

For the chilled mango and avocado soup I simply blended avocado, mango, plain yogurt, and lemon juice until smooth and creamy.

For the garlic avocado zoodles, I steamed thin zuchhini noodles, and tossed them in a sauce made of avocado, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and liquid chlorophyll. The nest of zoodles is topped with crushed hazelnuts.

For the sweet potatoes and avocado, I simply steamed a sweet potato and arranged it along with avocado, and sprinkled it with lime salt and chili.

Here's my proof photo for this week:

I hope you've enjoyed this recipe, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you're interested in being a part of the Steemit IronChef Competition, don't forget to check out the details at @steemit-ironchef. A huge thanks to @progressivechef for coming up with this awesome way to showcase our food creations and build community with each other here on Steemit. Looking forward to continuing this competition!!

final maybe.jpg

All content and images by @jaymorebeet, taken on December 20, 2017 with a Canon 7D Mark II.


Those flounder cakes look incredibly delicious! You always make such an awesome array of foods. Great job @jaymorebeet!

Thanks @jeffjagoe - you’ve got to try making them- use tuna or salmon if you have it too!

Elegant dish and sounds like a real treat of a taster plate ... would so love to dig in !

Thanks @globaldoodlegems :) sure is a taster plate- little bites with different flavors :)

I have to say, you get a lot of mileage from avocados!

Nice job! four great dishes. I like the flounder/avocado dish the best.

Thanks!! I usually use canned tuna or salmon but I had flounder and gave it a try- works great! You could add all kinds of herbs to these too.

I enjoyed this recipe a lot! It looks beautiful and delicious all the same time - as your entries always do! You did an amazing job again! Tip!

You’re so kind! I love avocado so much and this was a fun way to gobble it up!

I had a great avocado week last week. Picked up a bunch for 5 for $5. Nothing as fancy as you have created. Just put them on tacos, burgers, salad and what not.

I just wish as you stated they were not so “finicky ripening” was not true. Nothing worse than cutting into what should have been a great avocado that turns out to be rotting.

I love eating them but they always seem to dictate having to eat them in such a short window even when your jus not in the mood that day to make a dinner with them in it.

How long do you think that Mango and Avocado Soup would keep for?

I think you should probably have the soup on the same day, since the avocado probably won’t do too well over time- there are those avocados being finicky again!!

I know that I would enjoy it if I was served this dish. Great job! Double up on the flounder and avocado cakes please!

Coming right up!! ;)

This all looks delicious and really nice job on the photography!!!

You may have sparked a new variety: sweet potato and avocado sushi (maybe just layer in some eel)!!!

That looks so good. I was trying to figure out which parts I'd like the best -- and I can't. I want all of it! It looks good on that board, too. I agree with you about the issues of ripening avocados! I'm suspicious that I don't buy the top quality avocados and it probably makes a difference, too. I've enjoyed seeing all the creativity your bring to the Steemit Iron Chef every week. Your family is fortunate to have you be their personal chef! :D

I love the name "zoodles." I've never tried vege noodles before but it's a great idea. Good looking dishes.

You can do so much with veggie noodles- sweet potato is one of my favorites- with pesto. Yumm!