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I find my self on the back of a dirt bike, riding into the sunset of the Namibian Desert!

Join me on this crazy action packed adventure!

We set off on our journey, First stop and meeting point we load the bikes on to the backup vehicle for the short tar road section

As usual, some hiccups along the way, blew a seal on my sprocket shaft

Always go prepared, luckily i had bought a spare

Bikes are loaded, And ready to go!

Nothing quite like a good backside

The 2015 YZ450 F is a force to be ware! Boy does it kick like a mule!

Quick pit stop and a snap of the beast in the Kalahari

Every view is amazing!20170408_170217.jpg

Screaming along the dirt roads of Namibia

The back up crew hot on our heels

Back up crew used for exactly what they are,, Backup

Stopping at an infamous ghost house

Actually really beautiful inside with an amazing view

A broken air intake on the BMW cut that days leg short and we had to load her up


Lucky we have the backup crew

Shortly after we loaded her up, the trailer broke!

Can you guess who came to say Hello

Some friends stopped by in their Glider!

How cool is this, All the way flown in from South Africa

Camping that night

These little buggers kept creeping up on us!

Last Day on the Dunes

What an amazing feeling riding up that wall!

All the way to the top no problem

Say cheese to the camera

Well thats all from the Namib Desert bike trip

I will be posting some more soon :)

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Follow me as I travel Around the globe :)

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These pictures are beautiful. Seems like a great journey to go on! Must have been really fun.


Yeah Was loads of fun :)