Travel Diary, South Africa

in photography •  last year

South Africa

My Journey now takes me to South Africa, Home to Nelson Mandela, King of the jungle, and arguably the best weather on earth!

First stop, what a cool airport, busy but efficient, and some really cool art around!

Think I nailed it

Finally after 12 hours of travelling... Cape Town

What a cool way to land with the spectacular "Table Mountain" to greet me :)
table mountain.jpg

Checked in to this stunning view

No comment needed - Camps Bay

Italy has some competition when it comes to food

The South Africans have a great way of working with colour and flavors when it comes to cuisine!

Uhm.... ok?? haha

It was later explained to me that they use the every part of the zebra and most of them come from sick animals that had passed away :'(

Sundowners on the porch are spectacular!

How am I going to ever leave this place :(


Possibly one of the nicest beaches ever!, Pity about the excessive amounts of great white shark sightings in the area..EEK!

Silver white sands

Bahamas? please... beat this...

I want to live here

Cant believe its my last night in Camps bay :'(

Good bye Camps bay

Found this gem with the view in the background!

Camps bay, even when cloudy is spectacular

I wonder what the price tag is on one of these homes... 0_0

Visiting and old friend who has started up a juicery

What a legend, kicking some serious ass, Nourished is the place to be!


Look at these colours!

what a wonderful place!


I couldn't decide if I should bother leaving the hotel

I had the hotel all to my self and didnt want to leave the pool!

Stunning local fruit

So tasty!

I will be posting some more soon :)

A couple of my other stories

Follow me as I travel Around the globe :)

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Thanks for sharing! Now I know where I want to vacation next!


@deliverance You need to check this place out, I will be posting a second part to this as I went on safari. :) follow to check it out, the best part still to come! Please resteem if you can :)

Nice pictures! Seems like you enjoyed your time in South Africa! ;)


Oh definitely! its amazing there! you should go,
I will be posting the second leg of my journey in a few days if your interested to see some of my safari pics :)
follow me :)

why are plane tickets to south africa so expensive?!! i wanna go here. great shots of perspective


Hey Kev

I know :( but the upside of that is, the South African Rand or ZAR is not very strong, 1 euro is more or less 14.5 Rands, and it goes a long way!.


i hope cryptocurrency can change that once theres wider adoption. itd be cool if i could vlog there. keep up all the sweet photos!


Im sure you've hear of LBRY but it might be exactly what you're after?

You are definitely going to do very well here with your travel blog!
I personally blog about newbie tips and such so feel free to learn from me if you'd like :)


Hey Koffee, legend thank you!! much appreciated, i will follow you then, tips will be great :)

Travel me with you my friend.I will follow you daily so that I can explore other places.


Im glad you enjoy it :)

stay tuned for some more shortly!

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Hey @apsu, yes it did have originally