Travel Diary, Lisbon

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Travel Diary: Lisbon

Come explore my world through the diary I keep (Stunning sunsets and great views!)

Arriving late that afternoon, my sister and I headed down to the promenade for a couple drinks and to see some of the local hangouts before heading out into town.

No company like a sister :)

The local cuisine is great and highly recommended, Not to mention the great and friendly service!!

I don't know we managed to get this shot, so lucky as it was complete luck!.

A film crew managed to get this shot too, we dint realize that they were filming the public and to our shenanigans and interviewed us shortly after... they promised us some of the film they had for permission to use it.. but they dint keep their promise :'(

The next day we decided to check out the Aquarium as the weather wasn't great. OMG!! it was incredible, Lisbon has the biggest aquarium in Europe, A MUST SEE!!

Did not see this big boy sneaking up on me 0_0,,, I the next photo taken was not too flattering :P

Do you ever feel a bit like a stingray in the sand?

Some very strange and wonderful creatures in this world :D


Squidward aint got nothin' on these guys

So scaryyy 0_0

Hey ho, here we go, off to Porto, ho ho ho??

Early the next day we head off to Porto to see what its all about, Would have loved to stay longer but time was of the essence._

Local fish market was really cool, I almost enjoyed this as much as the aquarium

Fish of my nightmares!! Imagine pulling this off your hook..

Back to Lisbon for some more fun

Porto was great but Lisbon we love you!

Nothing like a good ol roof top :)

That's it for my short stay in Lisbon, Thank you !!

What a stunning day this was


Until next time, Goodbye Lisbon xxx

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Welcome to Steemit @infidel100! Remember me when you are super rich!

PS. Follow @enazwahsdarb for entrepreneurial value content, my blog!


Thank you!! followed , please return favor :)

Glad to have you here!


Thank you Kyleblake!!!

Wow, I hope I can make it there for Steemfest in November! Thanks for sharing!


Me too!! thanks for liking the post!

From someone who lives in Porto i can´t understand how you prefered Lisbon ahahah, but welcome to steemit, have fun and post more ;)


Aww now I feel bad! Ill just go with great country in general :)

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Welcome to Steemit, @infidel100!

Hope you enjoy being here!

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I love it!!!

Thank you!


You're welcome!

Glad you like it 😄

i really like all your posts so far. keep growing your adventure!


Thanks kev,

I will be posting often for sure :)

If you have any more tips id love to hear, im following you already.

Does resteeming work ??

Lisbon is certainly a rad place! I was only there for a short time with a band but I loved it :)!/v/givesaminute/qxt9sopb