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Do you have what it takes to work onboard some of the world’s most exclusive yachts? Whether you have a love for the sea, enjoy hospitality or are mechanically inclined, working onboard a yacht could be a rewarding career choice. A career in yachting brings you the opportunity to set sail to new and exciting ports, work at a 5 star level of service with people from around the world and enjoy the camaraderie unique to the yachting industry.


There are many advantages to working at sea, but working on a yacht is not all about fun and games and does require teamwork. Working on a yacht brings long, demanding, strenuous work days. You will live and work with the same group of people which can at times be stressful to even the most experienced crew member. You will be away from family and loved ones for long periods of time. However if you are an adventurous spirit who is looking for a profession that is constantly evolving, the yachting lifestyle is a one-of-a-kind experience.


Common positions in yachting include Captain, Mate, Engineer, Chef, Steward (ess), and Deckhand. We invite you to navigate through our website for a job description on each of these positions. Think a job in yachting is for you? Follow the simple steps below and you will be on your way!

Step 1: Register with a Crew agent.
Step 2: Upload your CV or resume, licenses and any written references you may have.
Step 3: Follow up with your local crew agent
Step 4: Prepare for interviews. Arrive clean cut and dressed appropriately for all interviews. Remember you only have one shot at making a good first impression! Be positive, attentive and energetic.
Step 5: Prepare yourself to leave town when the right job arrives. Most yacht jobs will require you to start immediately, so make sure your financial and living situations are in order so you have nothing holding you back from that perfect opportunity!


Some more essential tips for real beginners:

To get hired on a yacht with no experience you need to:

Be in the right place at the right time( I know it sounds silly, but trust me, this is the game)
Have a professional resume
Register with every crew agent under the sun.
Build references with day work( temporary part time work that normally comes from "walking the docks")
Maintain contact 24/7


Bare minimum certification needed
Basic STCW classes
Security awareness training
ENG1 Medical exam

Anything else is just a bonus

Salary Ranges: These are very general ideas of earnings and may vary but will never be less than.

Starting out : 2500 Euro per month +
2 - 4 years : 4000 Euro per month +
5 - 7 years with further certification : 5000 Euro per month +
After this it only goes up, I have friends earning 10000 - 26000 Euros per month as Chief officers, engineers, Pursers, and chief steward/ess's

30_AMARYLLIS_mega_luxury_motor_yacht_charter tender.jpg

Holidays are all paid and there are loads of them:

Minimum legal paid holiday (leave):
48 days
Generally larger yachts do a 5 and 1 rotation, meaning, 5 months working, 1 month paid leave.
Moving up in the ranks you tend to see 3 and 1 rotation, 2 and 4, even 6 weeks on 6 weeks off. ALL PAID!!

The best part isn't the money or the leave, its a very rewarding and stimulating job, you are always in a really amazing location and surrounded by like minded people from all walks of life, there is NEVER a dull moment.

Some places ive been over the past 7 years:




Central America

South America





North Sea






And plenty more.
If you love travel, adventure, and being financially able to do what ever you want, this industry is tailored to you!


Thank you to:
google images, Luxury yacht group and crew network.

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