Travel Diary, South Africa #3

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Last but not least, Time to visit the King of the Jungle, Simba !!

The leg you have all been waiting for, what is Africa without the King him self, the Lion King that is :)

How adorable is this little guy!

Can I take him home!? He actually bites :D20170401_174118.jpg

Chilling after a hard day in the savannah :)


The ladies catching a tan

What a hard life

This poor guy lost his eye and now has to be taken care of, he seems to enjoy it :)

Really great team here taking care of these hurt animals

The way its meant to be

Instead of keeping animals in cages, Here they keep us in cages and the animals can roam free

This guy was a treat

They have the roughest tongues ever!


Say Cheese!


These guys always look cool as heck!


Starting to think im Mogli


Farm house


Used to be a brothel now been turned into a great venue for live music and guitar building classes!

World Famous guitar builder Mervyn Davis builds his legendary Smooth Talker series in the confines of these walls

The Savannah in all its glory!


One of the locals fetching water from a nearby river


Eplosive sunset over the old Nuclear bomb manufacturing plant NECSA

Radioactive Sunset?

And thats my Journey to South Africa!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did

I will be posting some more soon :)

A couple of my other stories

Follow me as I travel Around the globe :)

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Love the picture :D


Ah thanks man, :) please resteem if you can :)


I like your page!

I studied celestial navigation, I know its a bit different but stars non the less :)

Wow these are amazing pictures. You've definitely seen more big cats in one day than I've seen in all of my life. I hope they didn't bite too bad :) Resteemed!


Brilliant! thank you so much, nice page too btw!


I know this is a silly question, but as i am new here, what exactly does resteeming do?, Does it pop my post back up as a new post??

People can get past a dog, but nobody fucks with a lion.


HAHAHA classic!

Love the picture keep em coming!


Thank you, Appreciate it :)

I truly love the reverse cage idea!! I'm from Johannesburg and have never seen that. Good for those injured animals getting the care they need!!


I know right, and you know what, ive been on a few game drives, and this was not bad with the cage!


I must give it a try when I get back to visit. Where exactly did you go?


Lion park :) haha its next to lesedi on the R512

So beautiful and majestic creatures! Thanks for sharing!


Arent they just amazing! Im glad you enjoyed them :)

wow its amazing i love it


Im so glad you like it ;)

:D haha love the picture with the giraffe's tongue out!


This guy was so friendly, couldnt believe how rough his tongue was and his lips were like kashmir

Thank you for sharing your pictures. It seems like a real good experience and adventure on your trip :D

Keep it up!!

Muy hermosas las fotos, saludos desde Venezuela. Please follow me @gaborey07


nice profile, i will follow :)

That was a quick journey :p JK, awesome pics :)! Do those lions have their teeth cut or are they just very tame?


@droucil They aren't tame at all, as Cubs they are very playful and one actually bit me, it was gentle but you could immediately feel the power! Still have all their teeth for sure:P


O damn, that's pretty cool yet kind of scary :o Good to see ur still in one piece hehe


Haha, right!!

Any idea how the promote action works? ive clicked the promote and it transfers the money but nothing seems to happen, do i need to do more??


Promote makes it turn up in the promoted tab, the more u spend the higher it will be on the list.

These guys are so cool.. how's the weather like in africa?


Oh its amazing, I loved it, think i only had 1 day that was overcast :)

Hot girls do travel. You will be sweetsssssj before you know it


@davebrewer Thanks for the kind views, lets see if we can beat her ;) please resteem if you can :)

Good photography on capturing the essence of the sunset, well done.


Thank you so much

good photos
Simba looks like more whitish than I thoght (I mean the first one)


Its so cute, yeah, they have a few white lions on the farm :)

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@arcange So cool! I love your page btw, I voted as witness for you, Thank you again!

nice, Will be looking forward to your posts :-)



Amazing profile @rightwithin ! followed :)


Thank you so much, I am following you as well. :)

Awesome post great job! I can't believe you got to get so close to the cheetah's that must of been such an amazing experience!


Im glad you like them :) the cheetah was a bits scary at first but he is such a kind soul!

You look like a big glass of water and I sure am thirsty!💔💔💔

Great travel post and pictures. Keep Steeming! Looking forward to your next post, meanwhile feel free to check my blogs!

lovely pictures

please share your thoughts on this issue

I love checking out these travel posts! :)
Great pictures.


Im glad you like it, and I hope that you can go some day soon!, Im going to be doing another post soon about Rome :)

very cool story,South Africa is a must go see :) !



nice pictures.

Cool Post! I like it! Your Smile is very nice! Looking for more!
Follow me @heyplanet91
I upvoted it btw!:)

lindA :D Sonrisa y hermoso paisaje , una hermosa combinación ...... !

Beautiful! This looks like a great place to go!:) Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89

Wow, very interesting part of the world. I never seen this place like the way you show it! Breathtaking pictures, all these beast look like cuddly furrys. Thank you for making them look so cute. I love animals with big eyes, and you captured their feelings twords you in a way that makes me really happy. I just cant help but follow you!


@vanderwolf that is so nice to hear, im so glad you appreciate it, its really people like you that inspire me to do better! I will be posting more on animals just because of this comment! thank you so much!
please resteem if you can


I did resteem! :) That is great to hear that you will be posting more! Looking forward to it. Thank you!

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Excellent posting. Thank you very much. Wishing you all the best.