Travel diary,South Africa #2

in photography •  last year

The second part of my Adventure in South Africa, We learn to surf, couple cocktails and more sunsets :)

The second part of my adventure in South Africa, We find our selves still in Cape Town with some Friendly Penguins :)

Down at Boulders beach, we find these little guys hanging out

Photo bomb??

This place is amazing!

My turn to photobomb

Time to learn how to surf

Muizenburg with all its sharks :)


Time for me to say goodbye to Cape Town

I will be posting some more soon :)

A couple of my other stories

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Oh but you must take a trip to Stellenbosch. I am a local and it is stunning! Check out my photos where we got to drink wine and visit lions and tigers!


HAhaha lions and tigers you say :) Stellies is great!

Are those penguins or some sort of seagulls haha? Keep up the good work @infidel100, I will follow you, feel free to follow me back @johnsons :)


@johnsons They are penguins :) nice page!