Sun Diaries

in photography •  last year

Sunrise, Sunset.

Lisbon Portugal

Passage from Australia --> Tahiti


Bridge watch sunrise Mid atlantic


Double sun


Checking compass error by Amplitude


Sunset & Contrails in Mallorca


Mallorca, Santa Ponsa


Sunrise in Maldives, Bandos


I Hope everyone enjoyed today's episode of The Yacht Guy :)

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Hope you enjoyed my Lisbon :)


@tantra I loved it!!!

What an amazing home you have!

Welcome to Steem @infidel100 I have sent you a tip

Welcome to Steemit!


Hey Daveks,

Thank you!!

This is beautiful.
I loved the first picture.


Thank you !! ;)

Wow, these area really good photos. What kind of camera are you using, yacht guy/woman? ;)



A few different cameras actually.
Mostly on deck its just my Samsung S7
Canon d5

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Amazing pictures, the sun set is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing..


@cryptomania1 Thank you so much!, i like your profile too!

So beautiful photos!
Love it!
Followed you:)


Thank you so much @ronhilda
I followed you too, love your profile!

Care to pass that Sun in your hands once you're done with it? 😁😂
Lovely photos!

@imwatsi ~ I write poems


@imwatsi , sure no problem xD

Those are some really great photos. Really well done!! Nice introduceyourself post to mark your entry on Steemit ;)


@sauravrungta Thank you so much for your support ! great profile btw!


Thank you :)


Followed you, there are so many cool articles, i dont know where to start!


You can start with what interests you most. You can browse by the popular tags that are on the right hand side of the screen.


Brilliant, as you can see im new here :P Thank you again!

great intro, welcome to steemit @ infidel100


Thank you Jamhuery, its a cool platform i hope to contribute to it :)