Sun Diaries #2

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Sun Diaries Part 2

Sun Sets, Sun Rises from all across the world.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Sunset over the Nuclear bomb site in South Arica

Camps Bay, Cape Town


Camps Bay, Cape Town

Mid day sun

Camps Bay, Cape Town

Sunset over the pool

Savannah Sunsets

Sunset over a game reserve in South Africa

Mid Atlantic Sunset


Sun Amplitude

Sunset Mallorca

Santa Ponsa sunsets

Sunset Mallorca

Afternoon in the North

Namib Sunset, Namibia

Ride in to that sunset

Super yacht Sunset, Maldives

Luxury sun

Polish Skies, Poland


50/50, Tahiti

Nav Set, Trans Pacific voyage

I hope that will keep the Sun from staying away too long!

I will be posting some more soon :)

A couple of my other stories

Follow me as I travel Around the globe :)

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I'm a sucker for sunsets! Dang that one is nice . ;)


Thank you for your kind words, I cant get enough of them my self :)

These are gorgeous! I was thinking to do the same thing , sunrise or sunset of the places that I have been. :) loved and voted!

Please remove the kr hashtag from posts unrelated to Korean content or the community. Thank you.


please remove your self from my content list, I will tag as I please, its opensource and free, please go be a dictator some where else :) xxx