⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 7000 STEEM POWER

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My 500 Steem Investment in Moonsteem was returned to me after the team decided to end the project yesterday (See Post). So I Powered It Up and now reached 7000SP on my account!

Steemit has become my home over the past 2 years and I really enjoy having my blog. Even though it takes up quite some time, it also helped me to do better on my betting activity maintaining a very tight handicapping routine and I plan to continue this. Right now it are very uncertain times with the HF21 proposal and non-linear reward curve along with a change to 50-50 curation rewards which I'm not really a fan of. My view on the platform is not one where it's all about quality content discovery but more about social interactions finding likeminded people and building communities. The predictable linear curve makes earnings quite stable and really allows you to build your own account which always has been a good reason for me to power up. I can't say for sure I will keep all my SP if the changes go through honestly.

I have not made up my mind what to do with the extra 500 SP yet. I might lease some more to @ocdb and @steemraiser.

Previous Power Up Milestones
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⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 500 STEEM POWER

If anyone has a good suggestion where to Lease some SP to help myself and the platform grow feel free to let me know in the comments...


Happy for you @constanza ...

"My 500 Steem Investment in Moonsteem was returned to me after the team decided to end the project yesterday ..."

... to read this. 👍

With the "closing doors" of some of these dApps, like "Magic Dice," I know that has not been the case for everyone.

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Wow, that's a nice achievement. Congratulations!
You might consider to delegate some of the new SP to @steembasicincome. You don't have to buy shares, but you do get the upvotes. Or, maybe even better, @actifit. That gives you "free" AFIT that you can exchange for upvotes (maybe later Steem).

Do you know if it's possible to calculate the exact number for the upvote that you get from SBI in return for delegation? I know in the past it was nowhere near the 10x self upvote amount. As far as Actifit goes, I love that project but I have a hard time seeing the AFIT tokens have any real value aside from the fact that they can be converted for Steemit upvotes. I really like to keep things 'free-to-play' or in a way that it can be calculated when investing. Thanks for the suggestions!

I would go for OCDB, you won't regret it.
I do have delegated 550 SP to it. It is returns around 0.25 SP per day. That is SP combined with converted SBD.

I ended up increasing my delegation to them to 250SP, I really love what they are doing. Giving some passive returns to SP holders while helping the community in a non-profit way.

That is a milestone worth celebrating. Actually you should have use the 500 steem to lease steem power and then in turn use it to grow your sp.
It will be much faster

Leasing steam power to get a return is actually a -EV proposition right now when even when you would have 10 posts a day and upvote them all 100%.

I don't understand? What is the meaning of -EV proposition.

Basically you will pay more than you get back from it over time.

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