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RE: ⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 7000 STEEM POWER

in #steemit2 years ago

Wow, that's a nice achievement. Congratulations!
You might consider to delegate some of the new SP to @steembasicincome. You don't have to buy shares, but you do get the upvotes. Or, maybe even better, @actifit. That gives you "free" AFIT that you can exchange for upvotes (maybe later Steem).


Do you know if it's possible to calculate the exact number for the upvote that you get from SBI in return for delegation? I know in the past it was nowhere near the 10x self upvote amount. As far as Actifit goes, I love that project but I have a hard time seeing the AFIT tokens have any real value aside from the fact that they can be converted for Steemit upvotes. I really like to keep things 'free-to-play' or in a way that it can be calculated when investing. Thanks for the suggestions!

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