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I powered up some more to 1000SP level!


The reason I powered up the first time was to be able to upvote myself more. It turned out that voting up others was far more rewarding in every sense. Now I'm powering up again with the idea to vote myself up a bit more while at the same time add more people to steemvoter at lower voting % giving at least something.

I plan on slowly powering up more towards the 5000SP level. All earned SBD will be given back to the community through contests or used to get more steem power by using @minnowbooster.

Right now, I'm at 100% voting power and will be putting my new steem power to work in a similar way to last ⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ post.
I will be draining my new Voting Power down to 70%
Just make a comment or copy the link to a post that you want upvoted !

Steemit post link with 100% Power Up Reward100% upvote
Steemit post link with 50/50 Default Reward66% upvote
Comments on this post without link40% upvote
Comments on this post with link20% upvote

Thanks to everyone for the support so far !


This is great news for the growing punting community on steemit ;)

I just can't get your name out of my head.....Costanza - (Seinfeld)


Gratulation to your investment! I am sure it will pay off for you

Totally agree with you , nice post.

A good decision:)
Steempower gives you more influence.

well first of all its nice to see someone else from Belgium here, not a lot of us around here (and not enough either)
I powered up a bit for about 50€ a few weeks back just to get my upvote to 0,001 and I wanted to get that again but was lucky to get 2 whalevotes on my posts this week giving me about 150 more with 2 posts (yaay)
But indeed it is the time to invest a bit more with steem power being so cheap...

Those are some serious whale votes !

It is nice to see the gap in steem power between whales and minnows go down. I hope this trend continues so we don't have to fully rely on getting this 1 whale vote to increase our own influence.

Good choice on the power up. But, even without that, I just appreciate the contests that you do. I know that takes a bit of work on your end, so I just wanted to make sure I said thx for that. :)

Thanks sminchow !
I hope to remain consistent and run the contest the entire season.
I'm thinking about having a 1 time NFL contest also

Commenting :) Can someone explain a bit more about steem power. Thanks

So you have STEEM the cryptocurrency and STEEM POWER

  • STEEM is used to trade on the exchanges

  • STEEM POWER is used to create more STEEM (+10% STEEM is being made each year)

  • Steem can be converted to steem power, by doin this you get more influence in the network as it increases your vote size (you get to descide where the newly created steem goes to)

  • Steem power unlike steem is 'locked up' and can only be withdrawn in parts over time.

  • The more steem power you have, the more your upvote will be worth.

Congrats on Powering Up!!

I'm a Witness. Would you please vote for me? 😁

Can you briefly explain this witness thing on steemit, I'm still quite new. I came across it a couple times but never really read what it is actually about. Thanks !

Thank you!

Very smart! ;)

Rooting for you. Creative way of getting rich.

Thanks for helping grow the steemit community. it would be nice if steemit gets mainstream adoption one day.

Congratulations on your success and respect for the giveaways!
You are very generous!

Enjoy Steemit!
Have a nice day and have a nice weekend!

Hello, Dear, You have a Great Post.

I have upvoted you. Can you please also upvote me (& follow if possible)? Thanks in advance.



Importance of upvoting by jerrybanfield - Ref:

It's a great time to power-up, @costanza. I just powered up my sports betting account, too. lol It's American Football season with lots of great action. So glad to see other gambling posts here on Steemit.

Since you asked to see posts, here's a fun one I made about my ten team parlay... https://steemit.com/sports/@braveboat/sportsbook-bet-on-10-team-parlay

Looking forward to more content from you. Followed. Cheers!

Hi, I have this post I think is good quality and hope you like it.


That's awesome and super kind of you. Here's a post I had of a sunrise, nothing too crazy but I thought it was a beautiful pic and wanted to share. Hope I'm not too late and thanks again!


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