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I powered up some more to a 4000+ SP Level.

I'm slowly cost-averaging my way up to a longer term steem holding of 5000SP. I have enjoyed this platform a lot and see it having good potential to provide a bit of stable profit over time. Sports betting comes along with a lot of ups and downs which does not make it the most reliable source of income. I've been reinvesting winnings since I started betting sports over a decade ago with a vision of one day fully having a passive income and be in "a position of fuck you" which is one of my favorite scenes in the movie The Gambler

I will be putting my new steem power to work again and drain it down to 70% for anyone who wants and upvote.
Just make a comment or copy the link to a post that you want upvoted !

Steemit post link with 100% Power Up Reward100% upvote
Steemit post link with 50/50 Default Reward50% upvote
Comments on this post without link33% upvote
Comments on this post with link10% upvote

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Congrats on the power up. Love the clip and will have to see that movie now.

The clip was pretty much the best part of the movie for me, it's the only thing I really remember from it.

Great work! I got through 500 a couple of weeks ago and just bought another 160 Steem in the sales! Hoping to be at 1000 pretty soon!

Nice !

I also bougt extra some time back when the price reached a new low. I plan to buy some more next time the steem price dips again

Congratulations. Followed, Upvoted. Have a great day.

It's a smart move ;-)

Might have to do the same! Love the platform and see the long term potential in holding Steem

Great initiative, @costanza! Wonderful to see how fast you progress with your Steemit plans.
Thank you for the opportunity to share our stories. Please upvote my post, as well: https://steemit.com/challenge30days/@steemmillionaire/first-regulated-bond-in-ethereum

Nice to see you power up aswel ! upvoted 100%

Thank you! By the way, unfortunate, your auto-voter decreased your upvote from 100% to 5%...

Thanks for letting me know, next post will get upvoted 100%

Thanks for his support, his job and the information all contest in steemit.
Good luck friend!

Hello @costanza really nice initiative I want to link my last post .Thank you for this opportunity.Daily Inspiration: Counting your blessings and being thankful

100% agree with way you are saying there !

Thanks man I think you are very generous person I wiss you all the best to you and your project.

May the god bless you.

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