Titans Time! (Curated Nom Noms For You)

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Rounding up a few TeamGood Tag Users who consistently produce quality content, do good for Steemit, run charities and initiatives and are what comes under the Umbrella of the TeamGood Philosophy. Using the #teamgood tag is proving beneficial for many Steemians and their projects and all of us welcome those to join our fellowship of rising up together as a force for positivity!

What is this #teamgood Philosophy?

I started this Initiative to Help the Helpers and encourage an alternative to a traditional trending page or for those who want to just network and be in a more cooperative and less "sharky" environment. There will be servers and further projects with this movement but for now it is aimed at creating a haven of goodness for those who CHOOSE to use it as such.


Assorted Nom Noms for your Noggin! Here are some great pics for ya'...


(pixabay, battleaxeisms, banners and art by their creators/owners/operators/overlords...)

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Thanks for the shoutout, lassie! And thanks for creatin' such a great initiative!




copywrite it Bob

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Thank you @battleaxe for the shout out. Great Post and great Discussion among some solid Steemians with quality Comments so guess what ...YOUR A dolphin.gif

What is the Dolphin Support Initiative ?? Check it out here ===>Dolphin Support Initiative

Another quality bunch of posters, think I caught all of these but will try and double check - had another complicated week and soaked a load of time into Witness stuff - got to keep the server on the latest version and also with the low Steem value right now Registration fees need looking at to discourage name sitters and people creating multiple accounts to be used for spamming etc.

#thealliance #witness

Thanks for the post, battleaxe.

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The new fidget spinner lmaooo


I just copywrote that, Bob is a busy dude copywriting all my crap

Thanks For your always interesting informations for everyone

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I was wondering if my weekly daily bread posts could use the #teamgoood ?


anyone can use it, how they use it is up to the user, am rather freedom loving and into personal responsibility so not everything gets an upvote, but a lot do because ....good>evil ;)

Thanks for great post dear friends

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