Bought Another 900+ Steem and Powered on Up...

in steem •  4 months ago

I think it's a perfect opportunity to keep loading up and getting more SP.

Maybe I could be wrong but it's worth the Risk/Reward for me, personally !.

I guess it comes down to your risk averse mentality and how much you can afford to Risk without affecting your livelihood.

Anyway cheers to Steem,
Robert Andrew

P.S. Not boasting about my recent purchases just trying to present an argument by disclosing my Trades lately why my fellow Steemians should Buy right now :)



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By any chance, did you get your $ back from the other day?


Nope I never did. Still working on that

that's awesome, think is a good time as well ;)
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steem on,

I agree, keep loading up Robert!

That's so great!!! I'm with you: I think it will go up, and I'm glad to hear your confidence in the blockchain's long-term value. There is so much being developed to make it even more valuable. Hope to see you at the meetup if you can make it!


Thank you @battleaxe , @daveks , and @katrina-ariel. It means a helluva lot to hear such encouraging and kind words from you people :)

P.S. Sounds great @battleaxe about the Feature . What an Honor ;)

I would buy more now if I could. Unfortunately I sank too much money into ETH and BTC and loads of alts last July, watched it go up to $250k, then down to $16k now.

I didn't really lose too much since it went up so high, but can't really put anymore in without getting chewed out by the wife. hehe

Really Epic Robert. Nice to see you're not just invested but are actually investing in the platform.

Boast away! Use it well. Steem on!

Good for you. It’s at a good price now. I’m more dollar averaging, buying when I can.

It is probably one of the best time to load up on Steem now :)