Blue Monday (Bonus Inspirational Saying!)

in steemit •  8 months ago


Some Mondays really feel like....MONDAYS!!! :)
Taking a few days off Steemit/Blockchain gave me perspective but it's funny how you still need to check in anyways just to make sure some of what you are responsible for is running as smoothly as possible. It seems there has been some blockchain constipation but other then that things chug on as usual.
Sometimes the internet gets its hooks in you where you feel if you disengage or just unplug that it will somehow really matter. It usually doesn't.
It seems the general mood and energy the last couple weeks has needed a Morale Boost! If nobody has told you that your presence on here matters then here you go.... YOUR PRESENCE MATTERS! YOUR VOTING MATTERS! YOUR CONTENT MATTERS! There is room and niche for all and just because your blog is not one persons bag doesn't mean it is not anothers!

(photography by me, Bonus Inspirational Saying free to use to Improve and Boost Morale!)

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What an awesome post - so cool and encouraging - one day i hope to produce such great content

A very wise nesssge! All the time and energy so many people put into creating content every day is important. Without it we would all be wandering off looking for something better to do!


was here when steem was like 60 cents and still here.....riding through the waves , something to be said for sticking it out and just doing what you like to do, thanks for the thoughtful response


I have only been on Steemit for a little over a year. I do hope the value turns around, but I'm here for the blogging opportunity and the writing communities. If I am able to make some money along the way, that will be an awesome bonus!

How cool, it seems like a crime scene, the only thing missing was the film Do not cross.
And it is true sometimes you have to disconnect, and calm ideas, I do not often hahaha.


lol, nice....didn't think of it like that but I see what you mean
ahhh, it's so nice to unplug at times


Hahahaha you know each one of us has a diferent view hahaha

Yeah, I have been feeling Blue..time to MOONday. Keep on STEEMIN steemers. ThanX for the inspiration. ~RESPECT~


thank YOU for the thoughtful reply @fracasgrimm
you a stellar Steemian :)

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