Steemit Open Mic Week 97: "Swing Life Away" (Rise Against Cover) by @k0wsk1

in openmic •  4 months ago

Hey all, stoked to be back for yet another Steemit Open Mic! This song was one of the first songs that I learned to play and sing at the same time, back in middle school. I forgot about it for a long time, until the other day when I was out busking and trying to think of every single song I used to know so I didn't repeat the same songs on the street over and over again. It's a really fun one to sing, it lends itself to getting loud and getting into it. I hope you enjoy my cover of "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against:

Original Track:


Am I loud and clear, or am I breaking up?
Am I still your charm, or am I just bad luck?
Are we getting closer, or are we just getting more lost?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours first
Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose is worse
Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words

We live on front porches and swing life away,
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end,
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand

I've been here so long, I think that it's time to move
The winter's so cold, summer's over too soon
Let's pack our bags and settle down where palm trees grow

I've got some friends, some that I hardly know
But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world
We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go

We live on front porches and swing life away
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand until you hold my hand
Until you hold my hand

We live on front porches and swing life away
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand
Until you hold my hand

Swing life away
Swing life away
Swing life away
Swing life away

Thanks as always to the amazing staff of the Steemit Open Mic: @pfunk, @luzcypher, @soundlegion, @krystle, @verbal-d, @passion-ground, and @meno! You're all awesome for offering this weekly opportunity to Steemians, I feel like I speak for most of us when I say we really appreciate it :)

Thanks for stopping by, friends! <3

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Hello great cover you have a beautiful voice. I didn't even knew the original song. I like that you write the lyrics on your post it is a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing your cover:)


Thanks so much!! :)

I can imagine that this one is a crowd stopper when you're busking. Beautiful cover that youve made all your own ( I didnt know the song so jad a listen to the original too... definitely prefer your interpretation of it).

I love your voice, lovely tone and has an honesty to it somehow. Really looking forward to hearing more of you! E x


Thank you so much for your kind words @eveningart, I really appreciate it <3

Hi @k0wsk1,

I found you through curie - they are having a contest that pays out if you make thoughtful comments on the posts they support. This is interesting, since I am seeing posts I never would otherwise. I am not one to listen to music at all. It distracts me from working and I do not have much downtime.

But this line resonates with me:

"We get by just fine here on minimum wage"

I think I am earning much less than that these days and I still do fine. Relocating to the third world helped quite a bit, and I seem to always get by.

I'm so glad to see you getting support for your music and I'm glad to see this project to support musicians. I believe steemit needs content creators to survive and thrive and music is a language most people understand.

Congrats for the curie vote and best of luck in the contest.


Thank you so much for your lovely comment, @fitinfun!

Music is a language most people understand.

I definitely agree, and this sentiment is inspiring to hear. Sometimes perfectionism takes over and slows me down, but other times the expression flows and the “language” speaks for itself. I didn’t even write this song so that doesn’t even really apply here lol, just a general passing thought.

Good luck in your contest, cheers!

nice melodious


Thanks :)


Well done! You got me swinging and singing along! Perfect summer song and I see how you can really get into it. thanks for sharing!


Much appreciated @porters, thanks much for stopping by! :)


You're welcome1 thanks for the uplifting music!

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Thank you very much <3

I used to listen a lot of the music created by Rise Against but somehow in the meantime I started finding myself into other genre of music.
Now listening to one of their songs wake up a lot of memories but something is weird (in a good way) because your voice is more warm and so it shows that you feel the song maybe more than they do, and I love that.


I kinda did the same thing, although I listened to Appeal to Reason a lot but never really checked out most of their other music. And I really appreciate your kind words, this song is really close to me. Thanks for checking it out :)

Hi k0wsk1,

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You guys are amazing, thanks so much :)

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If it looks like a scam, and it sounds like a scam, it’s probably a scam.

Me encantó tu interpretación, que hermoso.
Te invito a pasar por mi última publicación Saludos


¡Muchas gracias por pasar! Para que lo sepas, publicar enlaces a tu propio trabajo sobre cosas de otras personas está mal visto aquí por la mayoría.

Great cover, keep up the good work!


Thanks m8, much appreciated!

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Thanks, I figured haha!


My pleasure as always, @luzcypher! Cheers!

I like this song, I think it might be your voice ;p

I will have to listen a few times around to really get into it. These lyrics are new for me, will report back.

EDIT: Ok so what the song says to me is that there is more to life than just running around! I personally do have trouble 'swinging life away', but I think it is generally true that the things we obsess about are not the important things in life, while spending time with loved ones on the porch swing can be very fulfilling in the deep down spiritual places.

Thanks for sharing this song!


Thanks so much for listening and leaving your thoughtful comment, @ecoinstant! I love your interpretation, I think it’s spot on :)


Thank you for that! I will keep up with you if you promise to keep singing thoughtful music ;p


On it! :D

nice cover my friend!


Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

I will not cross these streets until you hold my hand.
If it's sung for me I will test if indeed you will not.
And if you pass the test then we would catch up.
This guy wants to be sure if he is getting closer or it's apart?
I can invest all my love in a relationship if am sure we're getting closer.

Nice song lyrics.
Wish you well in open mic


Thanks, I wish they were mine haha! Cheers

Great cover, matey! One of my favorite Rise Against songs :)


Thanks so much, same! I liked some of their popular songs, but never dove into their material, to be honest. Super listenable band though.

Nice, K0W!


Much appreciated, @passion-ground :)

Hey brother.... Great job. For some reason, I couldn't load the one on DTube. Glad you also uploaded this on YouTube.

Your voice appeals to the soul. I hope I can download this, man!


Thank you so much, @solcross! Yeah, Dtube has issues sometimes with buffering, it can be frustrating. I think that’s why they make open mic contestants upload to YouTube as well :P

Your voice appeals to the soul.

This is the best compliment, I appreciate this a lot! My understanding is that everything can be downloaded from IPFS, if you want audio only I could upload audio without the intro to DSound or send you a MP3 if you really wanted it.

Cheers m8!


Thanks for your feedback. I'll get it from youtube. Can extract the mp3 on my mobile. Just needed your permission. Thanks for this gift. Great weekend ahead mate.

hey plis translate!!

creo que tienes gran talento me gusta mucho!! en cuanto a sonido o audio te recomiendo dirigir la capsula del micrófono al traste 12 o 15 para obtener mas definición en en la guitarra, vas a perder cuerpo y bajos pero vasa ganar un bonito color que va muy en contexto con tu voz!! en caso de que lo colocaste asi porqeu era el color que querias guardo mis palabras!! si tienes mas dudas no dudes en escribirme!!


Hola, gracias por tu comentario! Cuando grabo varias pistas para una canción real, uso el método que describes. El 12 o 14 trastes es el camino a seguir. Para este tipo de videos, me gusta la forma en que suena el sonido con mi voz. ¡Gracias de nuevo por pasar por aquí!