Curating New Steemian Introductions for MSP! Issue #38

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Let's check in
with some of the
newest Steemians
who have joined
the blockchain!

Welcome to my weekly curation
blog featuring new
IntroduceYourself Posts!


ISSUE # 38

Hello again Steem Community! Curator @Ma1neEvent here with you for another installment of my weekly curation feature for the @MinnowSupport Project and @MSP-Curation! The purpose of this blog is to share with you five new members who have authored a new Introduction Post using the # introduceyourself tag on Steemit.

I hope you all can take a few moments and welcome these new members to the Steem Community!

If you haven't checked out MSP / PAL yet, you can find @MinnowSupport Project (MSP) on Steemit, and the main chat community can be found on Discord in the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Server.
MSP / PAL is also the home of an amazing Steem Based podcasting stream, @MSP-Waves, which features live shows and music from your fellow Steemians!

Jump in the pond with us and say hello sometime...
We look forward to chatting with you!

It's time to
meet some
new Steemians!


The first new member I'd like to share with you this week is @lisatran! She joins us from Australia, and shares with us that she is an entrepreneur! She owns her own business, and has been awarded for her achievements in business already despite being under 30! She says she also enjoys things like reading, music, dancing, and food! Join me in welcoming @lisatran to the platform in her new introduction post below. Welcome to the Community!

"Hi! I'm Lisa. I'm an successful founder, 30under30 winner, and I started my first business when I was 19."


Next we have a new member joining us from the USA... please welcome @jacesmedley! He actually says that he joined us first back in April, but is now sharing a new introduction post with us so we can learn a bit more about him! He shares with us that he is a hard working factory worker, and is excited to see where this new crypto journey may take him. You can say hello and welcome @jacesmedley in the link below. Welcome to the Steem Community!

"Maybe I should introduce myself!"


Next we have a Steemian who is joining us from Spain! Please say hello to @pauliinasoilu! She shares with us that she operates her own postcard business online, and that she is enthusiastic about learning about crypto! You can check out her new post and say hello in the link below. Welcome to the community @pauliinasoilu!

"Well Hi There! New Steemit user"


This next new Steemian caught the attention of many people on the platform right away, and I couldn't help but notice the post as well! Please welcome @pearlcharles! She shares with us that she is an experienced touring musician in the USA! She shares with us many cool photos and a great history intro her experiences with music, her activities on the road, and much more. Please join me in welcoming @pearlcharles to the Community in her new introduction post below. Welcome!

"Introducing Pearl Charles"


Steemian # 5 to share with you this time around is @zvanhoesen1! He joins us from the USA, and shares with us that he is a Veterinary student that loves animals! He says that he enjoys reading, interesting discussions, and one day hopes to join the Army Veterinary Corps. He is curious what people utilize the Steem blockchain for, so be sure to leave a reply on his post with your thoughts on that subject! You can welcome @zvanhoesen1 to the Community in the introduction post below. Welcome @zvanhoesen1!

"Synergy and Joy: An Introduction"

Welcome to
the Steem Community

If you are reading this post, I hope you can take a few moments and leave these new members a reply!

In fact, I have recently challenged everyone on the platform to try and start leaving 5 replies a day on 5 different Steemians posts. This will help boost engagement on the platform!
Read more about the challenge in my new blog post, here.

Thanks for Reading and Resteeming!

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