Take lessons from your mistakes. Spam blocking project. Thank You @themarkymark

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Hello to everyone;

I want to talk about the mistakes I have made in this passage. I would like to thank @TheMarkyMark for helping me to realize these mistakes and @emrebeyler and @damla, who have encouraged me to write this post.

First of all I am an electrical - electronics engineer, 31 years old, married and father of a child. I work in a private sector. My work has been more intense lately and not much time steemit. I was just writing sometihng and sending some pictures, wondering how it was when I first entered Steemit. Naturally, never received any votes.For me the turning point was @ utopian-io. With the excitement of being a software developer, I started to make video tutorials on the utopian platform. I got nice votes. My account has begun to develop. The followers count increased and my popularity rose. I like this very much. Then utopian system change did not work for me. I stopped sharing utopian posts. It took almost 3-4 hours to share Utopian post. Then the @dlive platform came out. Here, I made good revenues by making live broadcasts. My account continued to develop and continued to grow in popularity. I was having good time with friends and playing games and opening live broadcasts. I spent at least 3 hours on this platform. I couldnt devote time to my Private life then. Sooner or later I've begun to think that there are ways i can without spending much time.I'm sure many people thought that. Then I met @dmania. There were various criteria for Dmania. By fulfilling these, I began to make good gains from the Dmania. I did not spend 3-4 hours like the old one anymore. But I realized that people do not think nice things about Dmania. I was warned that I should write good quality and long good content, but the dmania was still ideal to me because it was easy. After that everyone knows, the Dmania was delegated because of some problems and the voting power was too low. At that moment I fell into a void. Some friends say we create a system like dmania. At that moment I wanted to revive a project that I had in mind. I thought it was time. The name of the project is @dfunny. What is this dfunny? It's a platform that I think of combining Dmania and Dlive. I needed a website and a few supporters for that. I first started with the steem power delegation. Let's see, I started to search who would join me. Then I looked at a project that was still in its infancy but people were not considering participation or providing steem power.

At that time I thought that I could create a tag called dfunny and I could hear people talk about this tag, maybe I could be more supportive. Because the tag is dfunny, I thought something should be fun. That's why I started a series of cartoons. I shared it with dfunny tagi, citing the caricatures that I found from the internet, and writing a few sentences below. I thought I had to do more sharing so that the tag could get in line. I then learned to use the "schedule post" feature of the @steemauto project. Firstly I was setting up to share a post in 2 hours. I set it up to be a post in 2 hours in 24 hours. Then I thought I'd have to share more posts. My purpose was to raise the dfunny tag. Then I set it up as a post hitter every hour. Of course, I was not aware of the post-spam style of the daily postal limit when doing these things. I started posting more often because I thought I'd put more posts together. Someone did not warn me. Noone said that that was spa. One day a post reply came to my article.


I said what is this? What have I done? I showed up in all my posts and was surprised that I did not play content. Then I started to examine @badcontent and @buildawale accounts. I noticed many people writing a blacklist writing in the same way. Later I learned that these accounts belong to @TheMarkMark. I entered the Discord channels. I asked why I was taken to the blacklist. I did not get an answer. I will order again the next day. I did not get an answer again. I was really pissed off because I did not know why I was taken to the black and I did not get it in the answer. Why did not you answer me in style. he told me he did not have time to deal with me. :) So I'm surprised again with @TheMarkyMark I shot a little there. I then flagged the @badcontent account to react as much as I could with my power. Maybe I will not write to me with the thought. We continued to talk with @ThemarkMark via Discord. He explained it to me later. I said I took you to the black because you shared 50-60 posts a day. Then I understand that I am mistaken. I am wrong! In the end @TheMarkymark is working hard to develop a witness and platform. He wanted to prevent pollution such as fake accounts, unfair revenues, spam with various studies. After I realized my mistake, I wrote to him. I understood my mistake, I did not know it was such a problem. My aim was to raise the order of the tag. I stopped caricature sharing. I started using @dfunny account for a different purpose. You are delegating steem power to your @dfunny account. A package of 101SP. You get one vote per day. You get 10 times the power of Steam Power you give. The main goal here is to prevent spammers to share 10 posts per day as I do. I wanted to help a kind @TheMarkymark on my own behalf. In the meantime, since my English is not very good, I received support from my friends in translating this article. I believe @ThemarkyMark will understand me because I understand my mistake and apologize to myself. Maybe even @dfunny project can even support it. Like I said, you will share 10 posts a day and share 1 post. Produce quality content. @dfunny will give you 10 votes. @bahadirk named account started sharing @themarkymark downvote to shares I shared. I did not realize it at first. Then @emrebeyler explained to me in this regard. I thank you again. He said that the sharing I made about the Busy platform is also wrong. I'm going to change my Busy sharing style. I will fix this mistake. I'm calling @TheMarkymark from here. Congratulations on your work and I thank you. I will try not to repeat the mistakes I make. As a witness, I also want to give support to you. Dear friends, do not forget to vote for witnesses named @emrebeyler and @TheMarkyMark. I give a cast! :)


I hope friendship will be stronger from now on!


This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud

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