Back home at Hug Inn Vienna after SteemFest / Zurück im Hug Inn Wien nach dem SteemFest [EN/DE]

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My personal highlight of the SteemFest in Krakow was the boat tour with captain @roelandp, @lizanomadsoul, @martibis, @luzcypher, @roxanne, @kevinwong, @world-travel-pro, @rivalzzz, @louis88, @theaustrianguy, @detlev, @nissla, @limesoda, @maybelater, @misrori, @teamsteem, @nanzo-scoop, @jeanpi1908, @travelgirl, @blocktrades and the @cleanplanet team. The Cleanplanet Citywalk was an important environmental action!

Mein Highlight auf dem SteemFest in Krakau nachdem ich jetzt zurück bin war die Bootsrundfahrt mit Kapitän @roelandp, @lizanomadsoul, @martibis, @luzcypher, @roxanne, @kevinwong, @world-travel-pro, @rivalzzz, @louis88, @theaustrianguy, @detlev, @nissla, @limesoda, @maybelater, @misrori, @teamsteem, @nanzo-scoop,@jeanpi1908, @travelgirl, @blocktrades und dem @cleanplanet Team. Der Cleanplanet Stadtspaziergang war eine wichtige Aktion für die Umwelt!

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On Thursday one week after my presentation at the balcony stage of the SteemFest conference with @gexi about the @globalschool, I took the train from Munich back to Vienna in the early morning. The day before my sister @lizanomadsoul and me attended the @steem-munich meetup together. Read more about the meeting with @alexvan, @beers, @peter2017, @backinblackdevil, @dreamies,, @freiheit50 here:

Am Donnerstag eine Woche nach meiner Präsentation auf der Balkonbühne der SteemFest Konferenz mit @gexi über die @globalschool, nahm ich in aller frühe den Zug nach München und kam mittags wieder in Wien an. Den Tag zuvor waren meine Schwester @lizanomadsoul und ich beim @steem-munich Stammtisch zusammen. Lest hier mehr über das Treffen mit @alexvan, @beers, @peter2017, @backinblackdevil, @dreamies, und @freiheit50:

peter und eli nov steem munich.jpg

In the train I prepared the general assembly of @opt2o, which happened before the Symbiosium on the same day. As soon as I arrived in Vienna by midday, I drove to Clemens, took the cheese, bread and bought salad to celebrate with my friends and partners. It was the perfect day, everything went well and @jnmarteau got voted as president of @opt2o again working in the advisory board with @orangutanklaus, co-founder of the organisation. Also I got voted again as chairman for the next 2 years representing the board with Catharina and Helmut. @gexi presented the members the @globalschool project and we reported our experiences from SteemFest.

Im Zug bereitete ich dann die Mitgliederversammlung von @opt2o vor, die am selben Tag wie das Symbiosium am Abend stattfand. Kurz nachdem ich mittags in Wien ankam, fuhr ich zu Clemens, holte Käse, Brot und kaufte Salat ein, um später mit FreundInnen und PartnerInnen zu feiern. Es war der perfekte Tag, alles lief gut und @jnmarteau wurde als Präsident wiedergewählt um mit @orangutanklaus, Mitgründer des Vereins im Aufsichtsrat zu arbeiten. Auch ich wurde wieder für die nächsten zwei Jahre im Amt als Obmann bestätigt und repräsentiere weiter den Vorstand mit Catharina und Helmut. @gexi stellte den Mitgliedern die @globalschool vor und wir berichteten von unseren Erlebnissen vom SteemFest.

käse symbiosium.jpg

symbiosium bild helmut.jpg

In the near future we will each publish about the @globalschool as well as write more about the goals for the next year. The next weeks we will receive new students until the mid of December, than we will make a little Christmas break to start again next year with @bertille-aa our new @opt2o intern, as program manager of the @globalschool. At the moment we are looking out for funding and grants but also for new supporters, partners and sponsors. If you want to be on our list just vote, resteem or reply here or at another blog related to the @globalschool.

We are really happy to got delegations by @mammasitta, @lizanomadsoul, @decuration, @irwanumpal and @pharesim, thank you! Without the investment of @yumleadership it would not have been possible to participate to the SteemFest. Thank you to Peter for that opportunity!

In nächster Zeit werden wir alle mehr von der @globalschool publizieren und mehr darüber schreiben was für das nächste Jahr geplant ist. In den nächsten Woche bekommen wir wieder neue StudentInnen bis Mitte Dezember, dann werden wir eine kleine Weihnachtspause machen, um nächstes Jahr wieder voll mit @bertille-aa, @opt2o Mitglied und @globalschool Programm Managerin durchzustarten. Im Moment schauen wir uns nach Förderungen aber auch nach neuen UnterstützerInnen, SponsorInnen und PartnerInnen um. Wenn man auf der Liste stehen möchte, muss man nur mit den MentorInnen oder mir interagieren, voten, kommentieren oder unsere Blogs, die mit der @globalschool in Verbindung stehen, unterstützen.

Wir sind sehr glücklich über die Delegationen von @mammasitta, @lizanomadsoul, @decuration, @irwanumpal und @pharesim! Ohne das Investment von @yumleadership wäre es für uns nicht möglich gewesen am SteemFest teilzunehmen. Danke Peter für diese Möglichkeit!


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You are always welcome to visit us at Hug Inn Vienna, the headquarter of @opt2o. We also accept STEEM!

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Nice article as usual! Hope we can finaize the platform with the listings of the network next week and invite all those who need to be displayed on it! Ps: I added an option for you to speak at our winter camp about hospitality matters. ;-)


Thanks man, I am looking forward to promote our guest houses and host the Vienna Winter Camp together with you next year! :)

Can't wait for being in Vienna with all of you! I'm already ready for work! Nice articles and nice pictures @manncpt :)


Soon we will see each other here. Before we can collaborate remotely. Let's have a meeting next week again! ;)

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Yes thanks @checky, updated! :)

Thank you for taking responsibility in the interest of the civil society! We are happy to have you again as chairman of the board in the next two years to come. :)


As co-founders we will always feel responsible somehow. Fabian alias @orangutanklaus and me are happy that we have so active members and people in the network who realise social projects like the @globalschool with us. :)

it was a hard choice for me to not go on the boat, but I had planned on making an Auschwitz film and didn't know I was going to have to make a choice, I wish I could have done both. Glad you had a good time


I saw your Auschwitz film, good work! I had no energy on this day to go there this time. Thank you for your reply. Glad that I met you before driving back to Vienna. :)


yea, by this time of the trip I was pretty wiped out, had to really push it to make it through...but we did it didn't we ...good to meet you to !


The same here I drove than 4 hours back before I gave over the car to Peter. We needed 6 hours to Vienna.

Thank you so much for this feed back with @cleanplanet project !
We are so happy to meet meet poeple with clean spirit !
Nice to meet you @manncpt and CLEAN PLANET CITY ALK IN KRAKOW was amazing !
See you soon
@cleanplanet @yan0975 @french.fyde


The @cleanplanet project is awesome! I will do a city walk in the near future again. The same here. Thank you for sharing the accounts of the team. Now, I can support your blogs better! :)

Congratulations @manncpt! You received a personal award!

Thank you for your participation in the "Meet The Steemians" contest in Kraków. We hope you enjoyed it and made lots of new friends. See you at SteemFest4!

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I am happy to have still a long list of steem users participating to the SteemFest on the mobile event app. Good work with the contest! :)


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