Win a Free Trip to Lisbon, Portugal to Attend SteemFest II First Winner & Second Chance Giveaway

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Congratulations @barrydutton on being the selected winner by a jury of 3 witnesses, @pharesim @anyx @knozaki2015
The other witnesses were not available at the time of picking. The vote was unanimous for Barry. I did not participate in the selection as promised.

However, due to the post being so popular I decided to throw in another 1000 SBD in a second chance selection, yes another Steemian will attend SteemFestII

The same rules apply, if you entered in the first giveaway, you can copy your entry to this post or make a new one. Sorry Barry you are not allowed to participate in this one again.

1 seconds ago Transfer 1000.000 SBD to barrydutton winner of first free trip to steemfestII

now go get your bags ready and wish someone good luck for the next giveaway.

  • Again good luck to all of you on the second chance selection. I will be happy to send one more Steemian to SteemfestII
  • I will not reply to comments so it does not look like favoritism.

Awesome, thank you for the opportunity! One of my favorite things about Steemfest is the outpouring of generosity in bringing the community together 💛

I was blessed to attend Steemfest the First in Amsterdam, and I'm sure almost everyone in attendance would agree that it was one of the best weekends in all of life! I want to see how @roelandp tops his incredible self with Steemfest 2 in Lisbon. I also want to share my wealth of yoga knowledge with everyone who wants to play or needs relief of any kind!!!

I want to attend Steemfest 2 with my travel buddy @everlove and (hopefully!) @quinneaker. @everlove has already been generously gifted a plane ticket by @theprophet0, @aggroed, and @steemfestdreams. I will do everything I can to get there as well while keeping my expenses as low as possible.

I live in the most sustainable ecovillage I know about, the @gardenofeden, because it is the most righteous cause I have found thus far in life. I don't shop at stores, go to movies, eat at restaurants, or go on trips; instead, I dedicated all my resources towards helping others through our outreach. I witness the living example of how much can be accomplished, how many lives can be profoundly changed, how deeply the Earth can be affected when we work together, so I choose to donate my time, energy, and wicked money making skillz to the @gardenofeden.

I would be so thankful to the Steemit community for sending me to Steemfest 2! By keeping my costs as low as possible for this pilgrimage, more people are served as I will have more to direct towards helping others!

We feed tens of thousands of free meals a year, save hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash from the landfill, house hundreds of people who need a real chance at life, and offer hope to people across the world that a better way is possible! It is amazing and satisfying to be part of conscious evolution!!! We exist to inspire, and I want to bring the real life example of our epic success to the powerful community at Steemfest 2. We are all blazing trails in the revolution!!

Good luck Miss Sara.

My vote power is recovering but I gave you 100% of what I have left LOL.


Thank you, Barry, that means a lot to me!! 🙏

I just was finishing off my Steemit replies to people when I saw you tagged me in something and hopped over to have a look and well what do you know.

I would like to thank everyone for the help and kindness here.

I promise to keep posting good content, encouraging people, and helping new Steemians in our community!

Hope everyone had a good first day here for HardFork 19!

Thanks again @joseph and everyone who commented or voted for me, or has helped me along the way.


You -- and the help -- is very much appreciated!!


@barrydutton congratulations bro! I hope you have a great time and learn a lot in Lisbon, couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Thanks for your help trying to get me going in the system.

Paul you are a great person, I am lucky to know you man. I am glad to get you over here to Crypto Land with us.

See @winstonwolfe @sykochica @giftedgaia -- some of my Fascistbook friends listen to me and join LOL!

Have a nice weekend everyone, thanks again Paul for your friendship and support dude.

Even though my voting power is way down, I can still send you nearly 2.50 there in non government corrupted liberty money


@pharesim @anyx @knozaki2015 couldn't have choose a better winner. I haven't even look at the other contestant. I don't need to.

Man, that is so nice of you, you are a great #Steembassador my friend!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Barry, I'm calling dibs on the seat by the window

Wahhhhhhht?!!!! Now go check me out

Take my congratulations and enjoy Steemfest)

TY very much!!!!!

Congratulations @barrydutton! Glad to see you win. Hope to see you there!

I just msgd you on the other post to thank you and encourage you and then I saw this afterwards RCR.


Thanks my friend, you are a good man.

Hahaha, thats awesome! I just read it. Thank you for the kind words man.

Here's hopin buddy!!!

Thanks again my man!

I appreciate the support, honestly!!!!

Congrats Barry!

Thank you very much, this is exciting hahaha!


Way to go, Barry!!!

Thanks again Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats @barrydutton You are such a genuine person and contribute so much to the community. Much deserved. :)

YIPPPEEE!! Thanks Laura. You are nice.

I like you!!!

Great, congratulations @barrydutton!! What a week you are having!! See you in Lisbon in a couple of months :))

Awesome! Truly not a more deserving winner!! Congratulations friend! FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!


I am glad to see more people joining in crowdfunding trips to SteemFest this year. Now that some people with real stake are starting to do it, my little campaign feels kinda silly.

Well done. In one post, you have gotten more support than I have been able to raise in several posts this SteemFest and last years. I started the @steemfestdreams account last year and have never made any reward myself except of course followers that I have gained.

All of the rewards that my posts raised have gone into making dreams come true for Steemians. We bought a few tickets and made a few donations but never as big as 1000 SBD!

I really want to go SteemFest this year

I am planning on making it to Portugal, but at this point I have not figured out how to fund my trip. I have raised funds for others but not for myself and I am taking care of my father who is very sick and close to the end. So I am not sure how everything will play out.

The STEEM that I have earned over the past 10 months is now worth more money than I have ever had in my life. I don't quite feel right asking to win this contest if it can go to a more deserving person who needs more assistance. If I have to, I could use some of my STEEM to get there. It's kind of a difficult decision though as that is my life savings at this point and I want to continue to grow it.

If you have read of all of this, thank you for taking the time to listen. And for the opportunity Thank you

Glad to see your 2nd entry here my man, good luck Richard.

You are one of the good guys.

C'mon lucky sevens! Second try, here!

This is a great idea.

I have been blogging here on Steemit since last year, when I was turned on to the platform by a video created by @piedpiper.

I don't really want to "advertise" myself, but Steem has been a "dream come true" for me in that, as someone who has always written and created content, payout or not, I am finally paid for my ideas, which is what I am truly passionate about--ideas--and the efforts I make of my own self-interest to make the world a more voluntary place.

Right after I started Steem I had to leave my job,

and helped me to pay my bills for about a month and a half of unemployment. This was absolutely unreal to me, but real all the same, because I always felt that what I had to say had value to someone. First and foremost to me, as without expression I do not know how I could survive and thrive, and secondly to the neat folks who have resonated with what I say over the years and supported this self-expression.

You can read my introductory post here, and all about how I lost my old "job" here.

It is my hope, dream, and now practical goal to turn "Steeming" into a lifestyle, and going to this event in Lisbon would mean the world to me.

Thank you.



Now this might not be an ideal reason for most of you, but well, it is my reason, (honesty is the best policy…or something, can’t remember how they say it).
Now keep in mind that I am a writer, so easily I could come up with a fabrication of how I have a weird disease that is being researched upon in a named medical facility in Portugal
Or how I have some groundbreaking idea/proposal to share, or some other sensational pro-stemit crypto-fiction
Anyways, I’m not that “smart”. But I still feel I qualify to be considered for a sponsorship


This is quite embarrassing, but in recent times I have been giving a lot of thoughts/consideration to ‘the first steemit marriage’, who will they be, how will they meet, where will it be, what will the community do about, how mwga would it be, and all other things that come with that train of thougt…. Except that …. And that too.

Don’t shoot yet, let me land, this is the weird part

I will start by saying, I think the ‘law of attraction actually works (now you are assuming you know, think out of the box). Okay so maybe you know…. I found someone (more like someone found me… dropped a coment) Yes, talks have been progressive, No I haven’t asked her out, Yes she seems to be going (she resides ‘close enough’, as she said), and NO, I am not……except I get sponsored.

Now sponsoring me to go see a woman might seem preposterous, but how about this perspective, your are sponsoring the potential carrier of the first steemit-baby (it’s not that deep)
And at the end of the day, it is not you sponsoring, it is Uncle @joseph, y’all just gotta show me love.

NO?? How about I’ll buy you something on my way back?..... thought as much
STEEMIANS! (ah hoo)….. Let’s do this

By the way you can drop name suggestions for the baby, and possible wedding themes
You said what?..... You want to know who she is?? If she permits me, I’ll do a post with just her name (title, body, tag)

@barrydutton I'm taking the window seat

Steemit is the future. SteemFest2, why not? I have already wrote on the first entry, so, I guess I will be skipping this one. Congratulations to the winner, I sincerely hope to see you all there if I get enough budget for the trip.

Steemit Fest 11 would be a dream come through for me because for years I've been trying out many things, all ended up in failure.I tried binary options trading, internet marketing, blogging, seo, ppa, CPA,and so much more shams that I feel like that's it, I'm done. My countries economy is among the worse in the would where the 1US=130... If I get to go to steemit fest 11 that enough would give me a chance to share the experience far more than what I am doing currently to help change my country inside out. I believe that steemit is a life changer and a sanctuary where people share love and join hands with each other, encouraging that faith still exist in our world where finance is like a terrible weather pattern and steemit is like a beautiful sunshine. I would take this experience and let everyone know that there is a community out there where you could share your hearts desire, and where you could gain so much more than money. Already for the day I have introduce around 5 people or more and I am only a week old with 160 followers. Even if I don't win this I will share steemit with my friends because I think I can see wealth more clearer now by being on steemit. Steemit you are changing me and my thoughts by the seconds for the greater good of my country and the would at large. In my country we have say that "anything a Jamaican get, them run with it". True story.Steemit fest 11 here I come.

Thank you for your second chance !!

Here is my comment !
For the past few decades mankind is advancing towards the unknown realms of science and technology. This advancement is to make life easy and to increase comfort at home and at work. I would like to be an integral part of such betterment. For this, International Workshops and Seminar would be of prime importance with hands on experience in real time. My ambition is to work at the forefront of the information technology with the ability to find innovative solutions to the changing needs. This Steem Fest II is what I believe to be the favorable solution might be.
In order to move ahead to achieve my ambition, I have planned to attend attend SteemFest II Lisbon. I believe it to be a great chance to learn ideas and intimate crypto currency pioneers. So I chose to attend SteemFest II.
I am LP Aryal from Kathmandu, Nepal. Born and raised in rural and hilly part of my country and pursuing a successful career here in Capital, Kathmandu, Nepal. I love travelling,reading and writing.
I am a Fintech lover and working for a Digital Payment Solution provider Company in Nepal . As I have been working as a IT/Fintech professional my ambition towards Digital Money, Crypto Currencies ,e-commerce, e-governance, automation of payment ( online payment) became an aim to achieve for identity. I, thence, chose Steemit.
I believe your Steem Fest II will provide me a dynamic atmosphere, to shape me as a better thinker and a learner. The diversity of the participants will open my mind to new influences, new ideas and new ways of doing things. The world is literally becoming a global village where opportunities for work are transcending physical space. With the Cyberspace connections, Nepalese professionals at the pursuit of knowledge are increasingly contributing to the global work force. Steem Fest II will give me the training and the caliber to meet the global challengers. I look forward to being active Participants of this Program. But I am not at stage that I can pay for all things so I wrote this story here!

oh wow that's great @barrydutton ! Well deserved and way to go !! Wish I could join you my fellow Canadian friend !! Have a great trip and a great time !! Woot Woot !!! 👍👍👍🎇🎆🎉🎈🎇🎆🎉🎆🎇🎈

Steemit - the dream within a vision.

Sometimes your taken places beyond words. Today I've opened treasures, that my eyes could scarce believe. They're the Steemit words of conformation, everything that makes me sing :)

Congratulations to you @barrydutton. You deserve it, SEE YOU IN LISBON

Hey thanks for the kind words today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats buddy!

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Please pick me @joseph!!!
My girlfriend has been begging for us to have a perfect weekend. I would love to tell her the perfect weekend is planned baby and ill see you when I get back from #SteemfestII :)))

First off I would like to thank @joseph for this amazing opportunity. I hope I am not too late for entry into this contest. I would also like to congratulate @barrydutton for taking the cake on the first SteemFest contest. I hope to see him in Lisbon!

My name is Jeff. I am 25 years old and I am a lover of animals, nature, technology and freedom. I found out about Bitcoin while I was attending my 3rd year at the University of Connecticut for a Political Science degree. I was immediately hooked. As a broke college student I did not want to miss out on the Bitcoin phenomenon, so I decided I was going to take time off from school to pursue a job and acquire bitcoins (I did not acquire nearly as much as I had wished). For the past 4 years I have been working as a Project Manager and Operations Coordinator for my grandfather’s construction company. I truly believe there will be many use cases for blockchain technology in our construction field in the future. I have spent many hours trying to teach him and other members of my family about the benefits of blockchain technology. As of now I do not want to go back to school for a Political Science degree but I would definitely consider taking classes to further my understanding of the booming FinTech industry. In my spare time I co-operate a Twitter account (@LibertarianWing) with over 40,000 followers, we aim to produce and curate freedom-minded content. I am a big fan of live music, I love to travel, hike and explore the outdoors. From the day I found out about Bitcoin it was something I wanted to get involved with. I attended the 2014 Inside Bitcoins Conference in NYC and enrolled in a Digital Finance MOOC at the University of Nicosia. I found out about STEEM in July of 2016 but I did not start posting until May 2017. I really regret not immersing myself in this platform right away but I am very grateful to have found my way back. As someone who uses Social Media very often, I see a ton of potential in a platform like STEEM and I am very interested in learning more about it. I believe a trip to SteemFest would be an amazing opportunity to network, learn and grow and I would be more than honored to be the chosen Minnow! I think the most important thing that I will bring to SteemFest is PASSION. I am very passionate about my beliefs and I think it is a drive than can go a long way. For over 4 years I have been what you would call a ‘Bitcoin Evangelist’ and I tried to introduce everyone I met to Bitcoin. Once I recognized the importance of a platform like STEEM I became very much of a ‘Steem Evangelist’ and I have been promoting Steemit amongst my friends. So far I have gotten a list of friends to join and I intend to keep it growing. I believe a trip to SteemFest will help me introduce my friends and family to STEEM by having the conversation about my trip with them and showing it is a real application used by people all over the world. I believe that a network of 40,000 Libertarians (on my Twitter Account, @LibertarianWing) is also a great attribute to bring to the table at SteemFest. That is 40,000 liberty-minded social media users that I could potentially refer to Steemit. I think that a trip to SteemFest could help me discover new ways to help market the STEEM platform to my Non-STEEM followers. I intend to put my time and effort into helping this network expand and thrive in the ever competitive crypto-space.

I love how this community is so proactive and so supportive. Think about it we actually have the power to fly 2 random people to a meet-up, isn't that insane. Even though the odds of winning are slim I'm already so greatful I came across the platform and steemit might (next to the blockchain technology) very well be the best discovery I did in my life. I'm so grateful I'm a part of this community and I'm so extremely excited for this to grow and connect more people. Big props to Joseph for making this possible and honestly I don't even need to win. I already won by joining steemit this year.

I would like to be able to attend steemfest this year because not only do I want to be able to meet this amazing community with whom I have been able to share the last 3 weeks, but also because I want to be able to visit the country of my ancestors, Economic situation that is happening my country venezuela Normally for a Venezuelan, it would take between 3 years and 3 years and 8 months to pay for a plane ticket (because the passage here is between 900 and 1100 dollars, and the minimum wage is around 25 dollars)

Well this is a second chance, thanks for the opportunity.

i would like to go to Lisbon because i actually never had left my country( Venezuela) since is nearly impossible for a normal person to get enough money to pay a trip(likely 3 and a half years of work and saving without spending . Also would like to meet and explore new places and share with new people since i barely can leave my house because the political situation in the country.


Wow, how awesome is Joseph! I want to go and my passport is up to date and ready! However, I would love to see the award go to one of those folks who were here and contributed content on March 11, 2017 when Steem was worth about 7 cents. I'm only able to be here now because you kept this going even when the chips were low. Please speak up and let selection committee know who you are!

I decided to do one of my own in Spanish. I am giving away 100% of my liquid rewards

Please resteem my post in order to get the word out to the Spanish speaking steemians

Actually, I would love to go but 1000 SBD isn't going to be enough ( I live near the southern end of the South America). If you live in North Africa or Western Europe, a few hundred could pay airfare and hotel, couldn't it? Join my contest, whatever liquid rewards SBD I earn, wil go to the winner.

Amazing opportunity for an amazing community! First of all, I would like to congratulate @barrydutton, he really did deserve it! Secondly, I would like to apply for the trip myself as well!

I would love to attend this year's Steemfest due to my addiction to the platform's community. No, really! I've never been a part of any group that was so friendly and helpful. This fact makes me want to talk to these people in person and maybe strengthen the bonds I have already built while living on Steem.

I wasn't able to attend last year's Steemfest due to the simple fact that I didn't know about the platform just yet, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to go, because I am still a student with a tough financial situation. Although, lack of money can be considered a burden, in some cases it can lead to great outcomes. Throught these years I tought myself to only spend on things that are complete necessities. I don't drink anything accept for tap water, thankfully it is safe in my area. I don't eat anything except for on-campus lunches, which were prepaid through tuition and fruits/vegetables (I'm vegan 🌾😋). I'm also growing my own vegetables on the balcony to keep up with my goal of achieving complete self-reliance and independence in the future, which is also one of the reasons why I started to use Steem on a daily basis.

If I was to attend Steemfest this year, you can be sure that I won't spend more money than absolutely needed, I can even send the money that was left back. I love giving back to the people. Just last year I pledged my birthday to charity: water, which meant that instead of receiving presents or money from friends and relatives, I asked them to donate the money they were going to spend on me to charity: water instead. If I had enough money, I would organize another one of these giveaways, so that yet another person could go to the conference.

While on Steemfest, I will attend the Hackathon for sure, because it will be a great place to talk to like-minded programmers and discuss project ideas. One of my own concepts, or even a project in-progress is Tokeit, on which I was working on for about a month now. What Tokeit is, (or at least will be 😅) is a fork of the Steem blockchain, which will be dedicated to cannabis discussion. Why having a seperate blockchain for this project is a good idea can be read and discussed in this post by @decentralizd. Important to note is that I don't smoke cannabis myself, due to my financial situation, but I want to provide a well working platform for those who can afford to experiment with the lettuce ☘️

In conclusion, helping me travel to Steemfest would mean the whole world to me as this won't only make me get fangirled the hell out with the whales who will surround me, but it will also help me make new contacts with programmers who could give me feedback with my Steem-based project, which will in long-term help me give back to the community with a fresh Tokeit blockchain.

I want t learn more about Steem :) and travel. Thx

Awesome! Thanks for sharing ☺️ im Jealous!

I am excited, thanks very much!!!

Barry is also another whale of their own guild wat a fake ass giveaway

That is 100% false, I don't know where your info is coming from.

I have worked hard on here for 10 mths helping a lot of people and doing my best, you should likely delete those lies or wrong comments, and do some research - go look at my last 6 mths or more of blogs and see all my posts, and where I was making 50¢ or $1 on a lot of them back aways.

Take care, best wishes. I am no whale - that proves you do not know what you are talking about actually

I agree with you here @barrydutton - no one deserves this award more than you! You are no whale! Your a dolphin like your brother @mindhunter :)

yeah u true mate great u win congratulation be generous #upvote100%

Thanks, I appreciate the apology. It goes a long way not just with me but others reading comments and threads.

Have a good weekend.

Dude still not gonna upvote me be generous
Plss upvote

Oh... Sad to hear that

He is spreading false info, I am not sure why and I am no whale, LOL, please look at my blog the last 6 mths. (:

Wooow! Thank you so much @joseph for giving us minnows a chance to participate in your giveaway. I am just a week old on Steemit and i have to say i have never been in such a wonderful community online before. Thanks a bunch!!

Steemit Community,

In the past several years, I have given my body, mind, and soul for the great good of humanity. It has been a wild journey. I have lived in million dollar mansions on the water, and have been so hungry and poor I had to push over garbage cans to get food. So as you can see I have sacrificed everything, friends, family for the universe. The past few years the universe has streamlined everything; I have been meeting positive people trying to change the world for the better everywhere I go. Literally the universe has them come up to me in bars and start conversations. Its an incredible feeling and the universe now has lead me to Steemit. I know exactly why the universe sent me here at this specific time and purpose (joined 5 days ago). My life purpose is to save humanity, help every person, and have a family so its obvious to me that Steemit is the vehicle for me to initiate real change. As Steemfest being the pinnacle of the community, I feel like it is my duty to attend and meet and connect as many souls as possible. I leave my fate in your hands universe like always. Namaste.

''Smash that like button, let's get 500k likes or I'll kill my dog'' - every Youtuber ever belike

CONGRATS have fun cheers.

wOw! didn't had idea that my country would host this event! unluckly I'm not there at the time of the event! unless I won this hahhaaha! great post, and just got a new supporter of your blog! keep up the good work man! :)

My dear steemit community,
i am sure all of us contesting for this giveaway deserves to to win one way or the other .
Since i joined steemit community it has felt like one BIG online family and attending the steemfest will be a great opportunity and honor to interact with follow steemian from the world over for real not online, and also be part of something wonderful happening in the steemit world, it will be so amazing listening to all the great speakers in the meet up plus Portugal is such a beautiful country i am yet to visit. it would be a dream come true and you my steemit community can make it come true.

My dear steemit community,
i am sure all of us contesting for this giveaway deserves to to win one way or the other .
Since i joined steemit community it has felt like one BIG online family and attending the steemfest will be a great opportunity and honor to interact with follow steemian from the world over for real not online, especially those that i enjoy reading their post,and also be part of something wonderful happening in the steemit world, it will be so amazing listening to all the great speakers in the meet up plus i am from nigeria and getting such sponsorship will be huge publicity promotion of steemit in my locality,Portugal is such a beautiful country i am yet to visit. it would be a dream come true and you my steemit community can make it come true.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Steemfest 2. Thanks and good luck again!

Good work there also, SCW!!

Well. It just keeps getting better for steemians right? To whoever the winner is, enjoy.

What is exactly steemfest?

Wow very honorable post!
I salute you and am now following you. Hope to see posts even half as noble as this in the future!
Im not going to ask for the ticket because I want @saramiller to win. I sent her last year and she had a super fabulous time and the fellow Steemians loved her as well. Want to make sure she makes it again!
Wishing u the best and affirming ur good karma points for your generous offer!
Best Regards~*~

thank you, it will be a fun journey

Congratulations, Barry. What a nice, generous giveaway!

You have been so nice to me for so long, thanks a lot!!!!!

I want to wish everyone good luck for round 2 of this contest, thanks again to everyone, the judges, @joseph, and all the well wishes, I wish you all the best!!

Awesome news and am so happy for @barrydutton!

amazing idea, you really help the community here!

One day i will attend steemfest

Good luck again to everyone and may that you dream will come true. Life is kind enough with me and I do have the resources to travel to Lisbon and I wish good luck to all of you that you want to get there :) Steem be with you :)

@joseph i will like to go now throw 100% upvote here

Congrats Barry, enjoy your trip.

Thanks a lot! I have worked hard on here for a long time now, and helped others where I can too, thanks very much, honestly

this is such a great initiative, thx joseph!

Congratulations to the winner :))

First of all, I appreciate this gesture of generosity on your part @joseph in giving the opportunity to some bloggers who can not to go to SteemFest, to have that great chance. Congratulations.

I would like to go to SteemFest in Lisbon, first of all, to know these people that I only see here commenting and voting in my posts. It would be a great pleasure to meet them in person, to know their stories, the way they live in their countries of origin and build a solid and lasting friendships that I'm sure will stay for a lifetime. I would also love to go to the Steem Fest in Lisbon to get to know this beautiful Portuguese city that I love and always dreamed to meet.

Thank you for your attention and opportunity.

Muito obrigado pela sua atenção e pela oportunidade

When will there be one in Buenos Aires?

@pfunk dude somebody flagg me plss upvote me again
#upvotemeagainpfunk 🖖😥

Because you are spreading lies about me, being rude, and do not have your facts straight.,

This is no way to behave, I think you are upset you did not win first time around. I never even flagged you, but others did.

Your comments about me above are mean, untrue, and you are not being very nice.

Bro i m not upset i didnt even wana go in first place m just starting up here 1 week old hustling in comments for votes but dt was mean i didnt mean u berry i took u as somebody else now i hv seen ur wallet i know dt berry was someone else and dt comment is already hidden
So congratulations on ur winning
Now be generous #upvote100% #apologies

Thanks again. Appreciated.

I want to go to the SteemFest 2 because from the first moment that I heard the announcement is a dream life for me!!! believe it or not!!
It will be very interesting to get to know all those Steemians who are going to the SteemFest2.
Although my English is basically going to try hard!!!
To exchange opinions, to gain more experience, to hear opinions, and to find myself in this incredible community. Thought that even 3 months ago i did not now nothing about not only Steemit , never even heart about Btc.
It will be something original and unique to me to meet this incredible communitty.
I wanted to make a pot to get the tickets at least if I run them out now will be much cheaper.
I am a nurse and finish the department of organizing and administering the University of Piraeus.
I want to go to the SteemFest2 very much!!!
I want to have this expirience!!!!
Please support me !!! i want to win!!
thank you:)

Follow me, I will follow you back. Thankyou!

Hello, I would love to go to Lisbon. I have never been to Portugal, but always wanted and it would be extra awesome if I could go to the Steemfest. Thank you for adding some extra colors to this Steemit community! :)

Nice to see a whale giving back. Kudos

This is an amazing utilization of the platform. I really would love to attend Steemfest to uncover new ways to use the platform to "pay it forward" I believe that we as pioneers can effect many individuals through our use of technology.

Really appreciate everyone's participation and kindness of the community.


Congratulations @joseph
You took 22 place in my Top 100 of posts

Congraulation! Enjoy SteemfestII. I will be there next time.

so we enter the contest by posting here ? Correct? I have never been to Portugal, would be a nice trip.

Yop we do:)

it's just strange because most people just congratulate the previous winner and making it a selected winner kind of makes it feel strange, like Joseph just picks the person that he wants to see at the Steemfest 2 :D

I would love to cover this event and do it justice by providing the solid kind of coverage it deserves! This is what I do at Press For Truth and those who are familiar with my work can and will hopefully vouch for me! By sending me everyone will receive something in return because I'll be working my butt off to produce videos, interviews, live coverage on Youtube, twitter updates and anything else I can get while there! Thank you Joseph for this opportunity, I hope the Steemit community will get behind me so PFT can do it up right!

How awesome is this!

I'm not probably the best pick to win any contest since I never do, picking me would be like putting all your money on number 0 in roulette - nobody does that. Just wanna cheer everyones night with this gif.

Because it was sad enought that I missed the 1st Steemfest... ;)
Good luck all!!

Almeida is portuguese and I never left the east coast of boring America! Help me friends! Haha let me go eat portuguese garlic shrimp and chorizo with my family I never met in Porto. Thanks for reading! I'm poor and crushed by the rigged student loan system if that helps haha

wow, congrats Barry!

I am so glad you took a moment to thank me Stella, that means a lot to me friend...

Thank you for everything along the way and being a voice of truth also.


I would like to meet you, as you know, so you will be coming to Lisbon, yes???

I sadly miss the first opportunity to enter, but I am so glad I saw the second entry.

I've only joined Steem 2 weeks ago, but I've throughly enjoyed it so far. I've been slowly building my following and trying to change the plant based community on this platform. I've been convincing one fan at a time to join this platform from youtube, twitter, instagram, and Facebook. I've basically worked full time on steem for 14 days in order to prove to myself and others, that it is a viable way to engage with people and make money.

As a foodie on a crypto based technology website, I'm honored that I've been welcomed with wide open arms. However, because this is a social media platform, I'd love to meet the people behind the avatars. There are people I call friends, but have never even imagined meeting them in person. @allasyummyfood, @totallysacha, @flavcity, etc.

I am a newbie about all this and have so much to learn. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone. :)

thank you for good posting.