Have you heard about STEEM FEST? | Read all about it from previous attendees! (2/3)

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If you have no idea what Steem Fest is about, you can read about the date, location and some other details in @roelandp's annoucement post here!

Also, @gtg got us a sweet plane tickets deal, make sure to check out the deals here!

Last year, I came up with an idea so some of the attendees would write about their #roadtosteemfest to break the ice - it's only normal if hundreds of strangers are meeting for the first time - and to get to know each other before meeting in Krakow, Poland for Steem Fest 3.

Now, for this upcoming event in Thailand, I figured it's a good touch to invite some of the former attendees to write about it and share with those who haven't attended a Steem Fest, to read what they will be missing out if they don't go to Bangkok this year!

There will be a nice surprise in Bangkok for those who join these little post topics, and some Blocktrades votes here and there to help you guys cover your trip expenses for this upcoming November. Please read the original announcement here if you want to make a post about it.

Now, for those interested in reading first hand about all the experiences lived in Krakow last year, here are some of the posts written by some of the most amazing Steemians out there, don't forget to follow them and perhaps comment on their posts! Who knows, perhaps you'll end up meeting them in Bangkok this year :)

@travelgirl Steemfest to me is like a group of likeminded people having fun and sharing the same thoughts about this whole thing
@detlevOn Saturday we had the #BeerSaturday club crawl. We did this already at SF2 in Lisbon but this year the audiance exploded and it was...
@misslasvegasAt the night of Steem, with music by a few of our favourite Steemians, there had to be time for a cigarette of course
@alexvanOnly after hours we came to the conclusion that we have been speaking before, also on discord. Well the world is small
@adetorrentIn this video I reminisce about SteemFest 3. It's a bit of a long video, so I hope you've got your cup of tea/coffee :)
@osaviSteemFest is a place where I felt awesome. I could talk to people from whole the world in a kind atmosphere. One of the best times of my all life, trust me.
@revisesociologySteemFest 3 future retrospective: and a cautionary note about bubbles
@eveuncoveredIt's hard to express what it feels like being there, connecting with these awesome humans, partying, laughing, having deep conversations, and dealing with the sleeplessness and hangovers
@elizachengYou get the picture... This is really my best decision of last year! And I am totally enjoying this trip down the memory lane and I hope you too enjoy it
@steevcimage.pngI did sit in on lots of presentations. I learn about all sorts of projects this way, but you can also just chat with people to see what they are doing

Thank you everyone who made a post about this. Any vote or resteem is appreciated, since all the liquid rewards from this post will go to fund one lucky Steemian's Steem Fest 4 entry ticket.


Going down the Memory Lane with many of you togther... Then counting down together... Excited...

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It's amazing reading all these different perspectives of the same event, I'm really glad a lot of people wrote about it and also thank you for joining :)

Thanks for coming up with this challenge. It's a great way to get to know more people and a great ice breaker when we meet.

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Awesome collection here. There are some of them that I hadn't seen, so this is pretty handy for my coffee time today :)

Man, thanks so much for your comments, really encouraging. It's funny how Steem replaced our morning reading; for me it was funnyjunk.com while having breakfast by myself, now it's all about reading Steem articles :)

Woooow, more and more write about it. Sounds aaaaweeesooooooomeeee.
The winner will be damn lucky!

So many people writing about it, I enjoyed a lot reading these. I hope you think about going!

looks like a fun time

Nice and resteemed!

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I'm already excited...:D

It will be amazing! Already counting the days

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