Road To Steemfest - FOMO !!!

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So everyone knows what Steemfest is about right? You know last years fest, the third yearly gathering of the best people was held in Krakow, Poland, and at the end of this year, it'll be in Bangkok, Thailand.

I've had the pleasure of attending Steemfest twice already, first in Lisbon, then in Krakow. And it's very very hard to put into words, and even pictures or videos, what it actually feels like being there, connecting with these awesome humans, partying with them, laughing, having deep conversation, arguing playfully and dealing with extreme sleeplessness and hangovers. I am far from the most social person, and I need a lot of alone time, and most of time I dislike humans, but with Steemfest, it's a whole other story.

By default, being in Steemit, and making an effort to come to Steemfest, there is already so much we have in common, that most of us are bound the get along. It's like being a part of secret society, where all the cool people are and most other people in the world have no idea about. There is so much love and understanding around you for whole of Steemfest, it's nothing you have probably ever felt in your life before, not from people you mostly just know from the internet. That is the thing, your internet friends, those your parents feel weird you talking about and don't quite understand, become your real friends when you finally get to meet them for a few days during Steemfest. Some of the people you meet, will become life long friends. As soon as you hit the registration spot and opening drinks night, you will feel the love and you won't have to be alone for a second, unless you run away yourself. You won't have to worry about getting lost or having to figure out how to get from place A to B, you will always have other people with you and helping you.

Before I sound like an evangelist, it's not all roses! There are a few warnings to be said about attending Steemfest, and I wouldn't be a responsible human being if I didn't tell you about the possible negatives. Steemfest is intense, like really really intense. You think five days is enough to talk to anyone, have a little fun, see the city you are visiting, chill out, eat and sleep. Oh no no no, it is not enough and you won't be able to rest at all. I think after last years Steemfest, most of us got sick because we were full of adrenaline for 5 days, running on fumes, and the nightly smog, by the end of it, so that when we finally got back home to peace and quiet, our bodies said NO, that was too much, now you will be in bed for a week.

You think you beat FOMO when you got to attend but oh no, you will have FOMO all during Steemfest because there is so much going on, not just in the venues, but nightlife, sightseeing, and interesting conversations going around all over, and you wish you could be apart all of it. You will be lucky if you get 4 hours of sleep per night. But don't worry, everyone else will be tired too, and there is always coffee, alcohol, snacks and food around, so those needs are well taken care of. And hugs, there is always hugs!

Another negative besides having fomo and being tired is that if you are at all scared of cameras, you are gonna be ducking all day every day. Most people are snapping pictures all day, and then there are those pesky little vloggers that record everything, so be on the lookout for those selfie sticks before you say or do something you don't want to be broadcasted to the whole blockchain. If you are okay with that, you will have a lot of memories captured, even if you don't take pictures yourself. You'll be happy crying for the next week after Steemfest when you see everyone posting pictures, videos and stories you were a part of.

By now, you must be wanting to ask, will Eve attend Steemfest 4 in Bangkok this year? I wish I could give you a definite answer, but I can't. I have major FOMO already, and I'm scared I won't be able to attend, but I will do what I can to make it happen. I would love to go back to Thailand again, last time was there, I didn't spend any time in Bangkok, so that would be interesting to see. And of course, this time I would spend longer than 5 days of Steemfest, because Asia is far away, and it's no use going for less than two weeks. It would be awesome to spend a week in Bangkok with Steemfest activities, and then another week chilling and having fun at the beach. I know everyone has been dying for Steemfest to be in somewhere warm so we don't have to be wearing 5 layers of clothing, and we could finally stop joking around with the Eveuncovered being covered during Steemfest!!

Who knows for sure they will be going to Steemfest 4?

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That picture is soo damn cool.

Blocked the SF in my work schedule and plan to be there. Enjoy my trip down the memory lane with many pics.

Would love to go but unless a ton of cash arrives and I can transport a young child easily it is out lol. It's always a blast to be around thise that love what you love. Same reason coin shows, comic cons, and D&D still rock. Thanks for sharing!

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I couldn't go last year as I was in Portugal for a friends wedding and I would love to go this year but Thailand might be a deal breaker. It will have to be a wait and see job i think.

I think we ought to make our best effort to go to Thailand because for the past three years, it’s the Americans and Asians who’ve had to take the long haul flights.

I went looking into it again, so the price is high but manageable. Flights aren't great from here though with the shortest being 20 hours plus. I'll have to think about it after the summer when my other stuff is done and see how everything is sitting. I really want to go which is the best starting point to have after that we will see.

To wear a Steem vest like the one you're wearing to SteemFest seems appropriate.

Maybe we’ll get Steemfest bikinis in Bangkok 🤔

I know for sure! :-)

Figured as much 😝

Who knows for sure they will be going to Steemfest 4?

I have my plane tickets purchased already.

we could finally stop joking around with the Eveuncovered being covered during Steemfest!!

This is the most important reason you have to make it to SF 4 😁

And hugs, there is always hugs!

Steemfest changes people. You might go there disliking hugs, but you leave missing them the most.

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I saw you post that and I'm so happy for you taking the first step towards going! Did you get straight flights through Finnair?

Some might go in fearing social interaction, and come out more social than ever before!

Did you get straight flights through Finnair?

Yeah, I didn't do too much digging, but it seems they are the cheapest option, even over some non-direct flights.

Some might go in fearing social interaction, and come out more social than ever before!

True that, too :)

I figured the same, they are consistently around 500€ and it's hard to find any cheaper, not without multiple layovers.

Yeah, it would be so much fun to attend steemfest but this year I never collect money for Asia trip. I am already going to Florida this winter, this will leave me without coin :D

Choices choices, but Florida definite doesn't sound too bad :P

I would like to go.... need to raise some funds though.

My dream has always been to go to the steem fest, it is really beautiful to read your words because that feeling I have always imagined, but I have not been able to feel it because I live in America always the steem fest are in Europe and now in Asia and my backgrounds do not reach , that the possible to go to Krakow, was not enough, now I hope to gather for this steem fest, however next year I plan to live in Europe and go by obligation to fulfill my dream of sharing with everyone a steem fest!

I attended SF's 1 and 2 and can absolutely vouch for what you say. I missed last year and regret it. Thailand is just so far away for us I'm not sure we'll be able to make it for SF4. I'm so thankful I was able to attend the first two though. They're memories I'll always cherish.

I luckily wasn’t aware of Steemit when the first Steemfest happened, so I haven’t had to suffer through the fomo when other people have been enjoying themselves at Steemfest.

There was a very distinct difference between SF1 and 2. SF2 was amazing but SF1 felt more like a cultural revolution, kind of like what I imagined the original Woodstock to feel like.

I would REALLY love to go....but same as you, Im just not certain yet! I think I need to earn some money for a start...but the dates arent looking too bad so Im definitely not ruling it out. It would be SOOO amazing

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Should I go? I might but like you said, I’m not really a “people” person. 🤣

Livin’ in Vegas there’s hundreds of conventions and meet ups here every month and I find them stressful... and let’s not talk about anxiety!

Like you said, if A person goes... it’s better to go for couple a weeks instead of just a few days.

I just looked and it’s like 3-4 days of traveling from Vegas just to get and there come back!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

If steem reaches $2 bucks, I’ll go 100% 😂

I was just thinking of you earlier and I am sure you would absolutely thrive at Steemfest! I, as an introvert, shy person and anxious in crowds, can assure you that after the first few minutes, you’ll be absolutely fine with people around you, I’ll even hold your hand if need be😝 I would highly highly consider going if I were you.

I’m more of an introvert than you are... it don’t look like it but I’m more of a lone wolf type of person 😅

Maybe 5-6 shots of vodka for me will help out! 😂

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I really doubt it, but we can make it a competition in Bangkok! 😝 And yes, we’ll be drunk the whole time.

Hope to meet you in BKK! (not sure if I can make it though lol)

I’ve made a hotel reservation but don’t yet have airline flights figured out or a Steemfest ticket.

Crossing the International Dateline is confusing the heck out of me. Don’t want to fly out of MSP either too early or too late. ;-)

:'( :'(

I really hope we could both make it!

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I don't think I can afford but you never know, would be lovely to hangout a bit more this time. bd. you look firey hawt in that scarf and not cos of the flames!