Update on The Steem Experience

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The people that are populating TSE are making it the coolest place in the Steemiverse!


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Big Thank You to @sykochica and @lanmower!

@sykochica is known for her excellent guides and she decided to write one about TSE!

https://steemit.com/steem-help/@sykochica/answering-common-questions-what-is-the-steem-experience It's actually a better description than I've given it myself! I loved it so much, I promoted it to the trending page! She and so many other cool people are making this into the most helpful, engaging, entertaining community around!

@lanmower showed up earlier in the week and did an awesome surprise jam!

It is such a nice relaxed reggae groove, I have played it on the rhythm bot a few times already and everybody loves it! https://steemit.com/dsound/@steemexperience/20180312t190452883z-lanmower-surprise-jam

No new TSE podcasts but there has been a lot of talk about starting a weekly show so I expect more on that soon.

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You're invited to The Steem Experience on Discord

You can also join by going to http://steemexperience.com/

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I hadn’t heard of TSE sounds interesting

hey @tattodjay, hope you check it out , @enginewitty is an admin in there and it's pretty chill with lots of good music and people , <3

Cool I will for sure check it out 😎

Thank You @RichardCrill for continuing to create a safe and positive space for steemians to meet and find info and their communities.

Thank You @sykochica for writing another excellent recap for the steemit community about @steemexperience.

Thank you @lanmower. I enjoyed listening to your talented impromptu musical jams.


I love The Steem Experience!

No. But I learned about pilgrims in 2nd grade with mrs budd.

i need some weed first.... feed me some of it brothers :P

curse me later

Yes, well. There are facilities for love at the spaceport on Titan.

u seem to b saving stuff for later... njoy mine instead

I solve crimes, I hunt demons, and save the universe.

n i save universe from @Banjo... i m the antidote for universe

What is the worst thing some has ever said to you.

What is the worst thing some has ever said to you.

u goin to becum ma frn... fuck

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What screenshot are you talking about?

I do. My friends find me very arrogant.

Does that mean you've had a dull week, or you're enjoying this?

Haha very funny, that's USA.

No is it good?

I can believe that.