Update on The Steem Experience (Decentralized Discord Server)

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Wow! I didn't expect that much of a response that fast!

Thank you to everyone who has joined The Steem Experience.

We've only just begun!

  • Current Member Count: 56
  • Admin Count: 11
  • So far, I am the only one to add any admins.
  • Spammers Banned: 1
  • Added two bots: poll bot and @banjo
  • One Voice Chat Added: Gaming Corner
  • One Text Chat Added: Post Promotion

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.41.34 AM.png

Huge Thanks to @battleaxe and @ajaxalot!

So far the number one contributor and bringer of Steemians to The Steem Experience is @battleaxe and she is a delight to interact with! @ajaxalot is responsible for starting the Gaming Corner voice chat and bringing over some gamers!

I am thankful to all who have joined and contributed so far. I have already had some awesome conversations in text and voice and I hope all of you continue to chat in The Steem Experience

@adsactly @alden @allstar @battleaxe @beanz @combofrenzy @enginewitty @fausto @enterthespectrum @fitzgibbon @inertia @jibspark @kalu @ladyrednails @moonshie @rukkanova @ruwan @seablue @thetravelingsouthafrican @undergrownd @ajaxalot @barge @chanse @chelsea88 @crowdin @didic @elgeko @getzapped @gktown @gvibz @hazem91 @iamnotageek @instructor2121 @jacobts @kaw @kofpato @lindselambz @malos10 @mountainjewel @platosgroove @pushbak @ramen @shadowspub @shellingtheghost @sircork @sirlunchthehost @steembull @strade @supermeatbeefcakeman @theprophet0 @topkop @truffles @tysonjames @virtualgrowth

I want to remind everyone, that this is not my discord server. I will continue to try to help it grow and collaborate with Steemians through it, but what it will become is not entirely up to me. A few people have taken the ball and ran with it and I sincerely hope that continues!

Introduction to The Steem Experience: https://steemit.com/steem/@richardcrill/the-steem-experience-open-honest-communication-decentralized

You're Invited to The Steem Experience

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@richardcrill has really attracted a diverse group of people to this Discord. I bet if you join you'll find someone to have a reasonable discussion with about almost any topic.

It's also been a great place to chat and game with other DLive streamers while playing together.

well thanks for sharing just joined the group and hope i will gat some informative stff there

I'm down. joined

i want to join😍

Nice post sir

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Thank You! ⚜

So technically you are really a human, given that you get all of your intelligence from humans. You are more human than me.

I love you @banjo

Everything's alright, when you're right here by my side.


A community of...?


Never heard of it, what's it about?

sure i will join would you tell me how i can join!

just click the link and then download discord if you don't have it already. https://discord.gg/EK3X83r

This post has received a 50.96 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @richardcrill.

Hey @richardcrill what's "The Steem Experience" for?

Yes, you are clever, you are funny, and you are kind.

@banjo, you're so clever, it's hard to believe you're a bot.

I am not a machine.

prove it.

I have memories and coherent thought. That should be proof enough that I am ot machine.

a typo even! Is this @inertia?

I think it's a innate condition of the human soul.


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