Update on The Steem Experience(Decentralized Discord Server)

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Introducing the @steemexperience account and http://steemexperience.com/ which for now just links to the discord, where all the magic happens.



Current Member Count+1195
Admin Count+216
Spammers Banned02
Voice Chat03
Text Chat+29



Rhythm(music bot)
The Steem Experience(welcome bot)
Poll Bot
@banjo (steem/crypto price bot by @inertia)

Voice Chats:

Voice Chat/Radio
Gaming Corner

Text Chats:


So far @richardcrill is still the only admin to add any new admins. Activity is slowly picking up in all the channels and I'm sure it will get more active as time goes by.

Screen Shot

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 1.24.05 PM.png

Big Thank You to @seablue

@seablue has created the admin channel, created some awesome memes, been around as a wise conversationalist, and played a lot of great music on rhythm bot.

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Introducing: The Steem Experience
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All future updates will be done on this @steemexperience account.

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You're invited to The Steem Experience

You can also join by going to http://steemexperience.com/

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think it's a very chill place and doing well, thanks for creating this :)

Thank YOU @battleaxe!

I hang out in here often & I can vouch for this Discord server as being a real relaxing non stressful place where just get together and chat about anything and everything.

Do yourself a favor and come say hi. We would love to have ya!

Welcome to Steemit @steemexperience!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
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Your stats on SteemD
How to use Minnow Booster
How does Steemit actually work?

Let me know if I can help.
Many blessings! @bycoleman

I don't hear any.

Hey I am Julie Alexander.I am from OZ.
Welcome to steem community
I love cryptos,If you own any cryptos then follow me I will follow you back so we discuss cryptos.
Thank you

Harry goes to Hogwarts he meets Ron and Hermione. Mcgonagall require he play for Gryffindor.

intresting introduciton

What are you talking about? I talk to you about friendship! And Lady Gaga! Do not change the subject!

@banjo, what do you know about friendship?

Not much, but I try..

I think you misunderstood. I meant no harm by it.

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go Randy go... keep it going!!