Introducing: The Steem Experience - Open, Honest Communication - Decentralized

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What connects us is that we are Steemians, but in The Steem Experience discord channel, we can talk about anything we want!

I have been incredibly inspired by many people on this platform. I believe in Steem. The community that is here and the dapps being developed on the STEEM blockchain are what make me so bullish on STEEM. There is so much to talk about. I only have a few people irl to talk to about STEEM and crypto so this place will be for all of us around the world to come together and talk about STEEM, or whatever we want!

Open Honest Communication

I am a big believer in open honest communication. That is exactly why I love Steemit so much. We have a place where we can speak our minds. Well, Steemit is a place to to type it, dtube and dlive are places to share it on video, dmania and decentmemes are to share memes, Zappl and Busy are for short form, Steepshot and Appics are for photos and now The Steem Experience is a place to have live conversations!

It's place for noobs to asks questions. It's a place for developers to discuss ideas and issues. It's a place for all Steemians to talk about STEEM, other cryptos, philosophy, and anything we want!


This is the beginning. We will build this together. It will become what we will decide it will become. All are welcome. I will give full power to a few trusted friends to begin with and they will give it to who they decide. I am confident that we will create something awesome. I believe in the non-agression principle and expect that we will be governed by Anarchocapitalistic ideals, but only time will tell.

You're Invited to The Steem Experience

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You Know I'm On Board....great work/initiative

Thanks @battleaxe! Really glad to have you on The Steem Experience!

@richardcrill i just open an account there how can i find some one ?

well, you were welcomed to the room and then I guess you spammed everyone but me, with dms and even voice calls, so I banned you.

@richardrill i am really sorry if i did i dont know that sorry again hope you will not mind accept my sorry thanks

but you didn't do it to the admins, just saying ;)
steem on

yeah I was magically skipped as well , O.o

what was reason yours?

Sounds like my cup of tea.

Yay! Will definitely give this a try!

I'm certainly digging the steem experience so far 😎

I would like one ticket to The STEEM Experience please.
Excellent article. Short & to the point.

Upvoted & Resteemed!

Is discord decentralized? Built on top of steemit blockchain?

No. It is separate from STEEM, but the best app I know of for text and voice chat.

Awesome! I´m wondering, why no one has done a chat/messenger app on STEEM yet? Everyone is using Discord these days and there would be so much potential for a STEEM messenger.

well there is but it would be cool if there was something integrated. I know @Zappl plans to have an integrated messaging system. For now discord looks like the best option by far, but that's because I really like the voice capapbilities.

I love steemit platform from the core of my heart because this is the only one platform who gives payout against your quality content and comment as well rather than FB. Also, there are numbers of people are belonged to every region of the world which is unknown to us and to explore such culture is really a great blessing which is totally FREE of cost.

You are said very right this is one of the social platform where you can speak your mind openly and in return people loves your thought. :)

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steem is plateform for everyone to share his pont of view and everone to share his experience so i got it by some friend who invited me to join steemit....
i am so happy that i member of steemit community ...
what i learn here....
to write better..
It is about broadening your thinking..
It is about spending your time productively..
It is about making you think from a different perspective..
once a again thanks richardcrill for sharing Steem Experience with commuinty and it will be great to share your though live with people... now steemit are populer and spread in world thank you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I accidentally found this place Steemit. It claims to be a social network that gives rewards (both digital and cash) for contributing good text content. Looks like earning money is not the main goal of having an account there, many articles still seem to be earning hundreds of dollars....
I am in Love with steemit.... it’s awesome
And thanks For invitation @richardcrill

@richardcrill I think STEEMIT is a place where people can share their thinking, experience and their feelings. It's better then Facebook. Steemit doesn't have ADS. Nowadays, Facebook is full of ads. Also Steemit gives the opportunity to make money. Some peoples make huge money from it. The user amount is increasing day by day. It has a very bright future. So, the users.

Yeah we all bullish on steem!
2018 will jus help us grow more in numbers. 👍😊

I also believe in Steem and I find it very useful for people. Thank you for sharing with us. @richardcrill

I'm also a major devotee to open legitimate correspondence. That's why I adore Steemit to such an extent.All things considered, Steemit is a place to compose it,like dtube, dlive dmania,decentmemes ,Zappl Busy and now The Steem Experience will take a place to have live discussions. And is a great information for all steemians and it will help many members of steemit to grow up soon.and thanks a lot I learn much more things on the behalf of you.

Yeah! This is a best sOcial Network plateform and I'm lOveing this site, who appreciate our wOrk by our gOod Content and Much mOre pay for our work.

I'm also believer in open hOnest communicatiOn. Yeah yOu are right I totally agree with your lines we can speak our minds and our thOughts. And One thing is mOre impOrtant we are learn many other interestung things on this amazing Plateform. I using One mOnth STEEMIT and I relies that's best plateform for learn such a new things and more abOut cryptocurruncy.
thankyOu for share yOur experience abOut this !! All the best!

Happy Steeming :)

Very well explained! By using discord Chanel we can spoke out to our diehard followers and friends. My love towards steemit is very incredible because this is not only giving some pennies to feed our tummy but giving a chance to explore this decentralized network through various ways such as informative stuff liek crypto science art and much more.

I also use Zappl and Busy for some times to explore these sites which is also chain of steemit social media platform. Thank you so much for invitation ❤️❤️

very informative post...i love steem...steem is a platform which more educated person here...

well its my first time here at your blog and i am hoping to gat something awesome ..just start reading your blogs let see where air take us

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Highly rEsteemed!

Very smart and comprehensive article, and Big Thanks to Invitation, happy steeming.

Good stuff @richardcrill!

It is really pretty exciting to see how Steemit will develop and change in the coming years. You said it correctly, it will become what we make it. I hope that we make it open, honest, and good.

wow...!!! nice post @richardcrill . i like your The Steem Experience - Open, Honest Communication - Decentralized post. thanks for share

Promoting steem is the way to go @richardcrill. I have been doing that in my own end too.

Resteemed! Hope more people see this to join the Steemit Experience! I've been needing a place to talk cryptos too! Not many of my friends IRL are interested :) Thanks for creating this @richardcrill :D