The Old Dog Presents: With Our 9th Steemcard East Meets West! @sweetsssj!

in steemcard •  last year

From the moment that East met West with the arrival of @sweetsssj on the Steem block chain the fireworks began. They haven't stopped since but the spectacular explosions of color just keep on getting bigger and better!

We Present The One And Only @sweetsssj!

This globe trotting Steemian has taken us places and presented them in her own special style!

An in Depth Look Shows us Just How Successful She Has Become!

Brains, beauty, style and hard work have positioned @sweetsssj right at the top of the block chain!

The Stats Tell The Tale of Someone Who's Becoming a Steemit Whale!

Keep following @sweetsssj because she'll definitely take you places that you've never been!

Here is The Full Text as it Appears On The Card

Joined:  August 2016

Country: Beijing, China

Her byline says it all.................

"I'm Sweet, Delicious and Opinionated"

Is she ever!!!!!

This  lovely lady displays a refined literary command of English, though  not  her mother tongue, to inform and entertain us about Life, Food, Travel,  Culture, Fashion and Cats!

She harbours a plethora of talented  alter egos, most noteworthy amongst them perhaps the epicure Miss  Delicious, the controversial Miss Opinionated, and the globe trotting  Travel With Me.

@sweetsssj  continuously acquires and displays new skills, investing both in  herself and in enhanced equipment to bring ever more professionalism to  her blog. Most of us can only dream of visiting the places she takes us  in her travel adventures.

As if all that wasn't enough, she is a very talented dancer.

What a pro!

Reputation:  75.3 Proves that this star is popular both where the sun sets and rises!

Followers: With almost 17,000 followers @sweetsssj is keeping a lot of Steemers happy and engaged all over the globe!

Posts: As she closes is on 13,000 it's the quality and the work behind them  that stand out. Plenty of well laid out photos and the dual language  text definitely sets @sweetsssj apart from the crowd!

How Did @sweetsssj do it? 

As she puts it: "Identifying weaknesses and actively seeking help to improve on those weaknesses is in my opinion the best attitude to possess for an upcoming lifestyle blogger. The fact that you give yourself the opportunity to improve is already a step ahead of many other bloggers on the platform."  Well said @sweetsssj and you're living proof that it works!

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8.) @dan

A Special Mention Goes to the Following Members!

  • @airmatti for his awesome design. I have sent him 20 Steem as part of this ongoing @steemgigs which has already paid out well over 100 steem to this graphic artist. 
  • @surpassinggoogle for the @steemgigs tag and the opportunity that it gives to so many!
  • @steemitadventure and @fishmon  who are also producing trading cards in a completely  different style! Please check them out and support them too!

What do You think?

  • Who would you recommend as deserving of a Steemit Trading Card?
  • Once we have a small stack would you like to have a physical copy?

I hope that you enjoyed this presentation of "With Our 9th Steemcard East Meets West! @sweetsssj!"

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


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Kus-knee thank you so much! This is really fantastic, I would love to have a physical copy of this! I'm humbled to be chosen as one of the people to be featured in this card set. Can't wait to see more!


@sweetsssj this is super cool!!! I'm excited for you :) Well done girly.


It was a great pleasure producing this card. We will be making physical copies after the 10th card!


I love her :P


She has done so well here on Steemit!


congratulations to you @sweetsssj, i'm so happy for you...

What a hit this one has to be!

An amazingly good looking, extremely well spoken and cultured individual that has put in some serious quality time behind her work and on this platform. She sure deserves a card and I am so very glad to see this one coming up in my feed this morning.

AWESOME work @kus-knee, this ought to be a HUGE hit, if not a best seller, in all the cards of this famous series!

Namaste :)


Yes it is surely a popular card!

Great choice @kus-knee ! I have followed @sweetsssj from the start she started about a month after me ! I love all the places she travels to and shares with us , for many like myself , its the only way we will ever see the world through someone else's eyes with their perspective and not like a magazine shoot with touristy crap we all know about all ready . All in dual language text ! And the photography of all that yummy food is excellent !! Im always drooling all over my Chromebook !LOL! A definite up vote and resteemed !😂😂😂👍👍👍


Yes she is certainly and A1 blogger!


Agreed !! 😀👍👍👍

kus-knee meets sweetsssj

I didn't check, but I'm guessing the price of steem just went up :-)


Perhaps she was among the first and popular, I read her travel posts, excellent professional, well deserved.


Yes she burst onto the scene very quickly!

She really deserves it, beautiful and talented. Hope I get there too someday. Nice job @kus-knee.


We'll all go far as long as we don't give up!

Excellent post dear friend @ kus-knee congratulations on this great initiative, without a doubt my friend @sweetsssj is a great deserving of the Steemcard East Meets West card. Possessing post unique and incomparable, habalndo travel and the presentation of the grastronimia. Congratulations on this well-deserved mention
Very good idea your dear friend.
I wish you a wonderful day


Thanks so much for your encouragement and support!

Oh yes, I fully support all the excellent words said here and I believe that the @sweetsssj organized a favorable atmosphere and a proper professional approach in the work created a friendly and responsive atmosphere. I like that it helps to develop in the professional and personal sphere. In general, I got a valuable life experience, which, in my opinion, will be useful to me in later life. Special thanks for your professionalism and responsiveness! Such a person simply does not have a substitute! And still attentive to people, tactful and deserved the respect of all of us for good deeds and reliability. I really like all his sincere support and I think that the card is worthy of him unconditionally! Thank you @kus-knee


Thnaks a lot for your kind words. @sweetsssj was well deserving of the card!

indeed @sweetsssj deserved this.. She is a wonderful travel blogger and a lovely photographer. I love reading her post's and they are interesting. She also helps Steemit newbies and provide great support to Steemit comunity
Thanks @kus-knee for selecting her for Steemit card.


Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

The perfect example of "Beauty with Brains"!
A dangerous combination ;)


Yes she is a sterling example!

Congratulations to @sweetsssj for her remarkable work!... and to you to dear @kus-knee!!!


Thanks so much for coming by and commenting!

Hello a really fantastic post and that they chose @sweetsssj makes it more special since @sweetsssj is a worthy example in copying in steemit to be as successful as she has achieved. Congratulations ..

She is really good blogger and i wish I could do like that.. she built her own style!

This has to be the most popular card...


Could well be!

Was she at Steem Fest this year? i'm kind of outta the loop.


I'm not sure if she was there. Congrats on your girlfriend by the way. Please though do post some easy bachelor meals!

thx for this new card, but won't trade @roelandp...


Yes @roelandp is also a great one!

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I would like to add two awesome steemians that have been here a long time , a month more then me , and done a lot for the community which I have as my witness is @aggroed and @timcliff (Who just did an awesome interview about steemit with @terrybrock ) Both great guys and deserve a card !!
Heres the interview post link with him its awesome !! And a must see for everyone especially newbies to the platform , full of great steeming information ! 👍👍👍


Thanks for these suggestions!


Your very welcome !👍👍👍😀

upvoted my friend...^_^ i'm a devoted fans of sweetsssj...

nice post thanks for this card presentation excellent articles.


I'm so glad that you had a look!

Awesome.. I hope some day to reach this level. Someday.


We may not ever reach that level but I'm sure that we can have a lot of success and satisfaction here!

An intriguing story. I checked out her page too. Thanks for doing this series as I am truly enjoying it @kus-knee


Thanks so much @enjoywithroy. It's always a pleasure when you stop by for a visit!

Excellent article and idea to write about the wonderful users of Steemit. My suggestions for the next article @good-karma


@good-karma is a very good suggestion! Do you know him well?


I do not know. But I can not help but notice the contribution he makes to the development of the community.

Awesome .. I'm trying to go to your stage thanks to sharing your happiness with us


Slow, steady and consistent and you'll get there!


Thank you so much for your busy hour and you gave me some time and gave me your valuable feedback. Can I be like you? Will you always help me tell me how I will work

Sweetsssj does not help pepople. That is a very good place. But Surpassinggoole is the best. They help everyone. They are a real hero


Without a doubt @surpassinggoogle is a great Steemer. In fact I mention him by name on all of these posts. A great contribution that @sweetsssj makes is in leading the way and giving good advice and examples on what to do.


They are friends. Which give time together. and that's great for me

Ohh i like to read her posts. Always a lot of interesting places and colorful photos! Good choice, The Old Dog :)))


Yes she does take us to some nice places!

excellent post dear my friend @kus-knee.
The good example of Beauty with Brains.

upvote comment follow


Is the best @ sweetsssj




Yes she is a good example!

For sure a must have and a nice card. ;-)
She has a gorgeous reputation score. This is damn high.


Yes, that's a tough score to achieve.

@kus-knee What a cool idea! Not to mention very thought out and detailed. Best wishes, - @splendorhub


Thanks so much for stopping by. This series has been a lot of fun and is part of an on going steemgig.

You wrote beautifully about this famous girl in Seemit! I enjoy your creativity @kus-knee!


Thanks so much!

Esto es realmente fantástico,extremadamente bien hablada detrás de su trabajo y en esta plataforma que veremos el mundo a través de los ojos de otra persona con su perspectiva muchas gracias @kus-knee saludos


Thanks to you for stopping by!

Congratulations @Sweetsssj you've got 9th steemcard.
Awesome steemcard designing.


Thanks a lot @airmatti did a great job with the design.

Very tastefull blogs always, this card look nice as well ;-)

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Another great choice. Thanks for your continued contributions to the Steemit community.


Yes she was a great subject to write about. Thanks for,your kind words!

Had to come back and up vote and resteem for my awesome foodie followers in my @momskitchen blog ! 👍👍👍

The most popular but..

thanks for sharing your good article

great job!!!
pretty cards


No Problem :)

nice post

Congratulation @yoganarchista

I nominate my friend, @roxane. She is working fulltime on Steem for 6 months. She built the French community !!


Wow. That sounds interesting! I'll check her out!


No need to make a long speech you won't be disappointed ;-) !