The Old Dog Presents: Our Second Steemit Trading Card. It's a Beauty!

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After starting off as a Steemit failure this member kept going and blogged himself onto the 2017 Steemit All Star team! Who is he? Let's find out!

After @papa-pepper was rewarded with our first ever Steemit Trading Card he was asked for his opinion on who should come next.In his own words and with no hesitation he made our next pick because "I just wanted to pick a longtime active member who also was not  one of the main people in the spotlight every day"

We Present The Super Scintillating Scotsman @meesterboom!

@meesterboom is a deserving Steemit Card member! Dang he looks good!

Do you agree that @meesterboom has a really nice backside? At least his card does!

Here you can see his front side and his backside at the same time. Please don't try that at home! 

Here is The Full Text as it Appears On The Card

Joined: July 2016   

Location: Glasgow, Scotland     

After a rough start with many of his first posts earning big fat zeros this street smart, quick witted, pun flinging, brogue talking, husband, father, artist, musician, poet, cook, cartoonist, cheese maker, beer guzzling yarn spinner was relentless. Could he break out of Steemit obscurity the same way he'd escaped the tough Govan area of Glasgow and become a Steemit All-Star? Oh yeah!   

By honing his writing, formatting and graphic skills this hilarious and friendly Scotsman has gone from zero to Steemit Hero and has lowered the boom on the Steemit blockchain!    

Reputation: Boasting a hard earned 72.3 @meesterboom has the 61st highest reputation!   

Followers: With over 3250 @meesterboom continues his ascent up in the rankings!   

Posts: With Over 20,500 posts this Steemit Star interacts with others to the tune of over 45 times a day! Now that’s a true blue Steemer!   

Random fact: 2.3 is the average number of times you'll reach for a dictionary when reading his brogue laced posts.   

How Did @meesterboom do it? 

His advice: "Post regularly, comment, vote and never lose heart! Concentrate on your posts and on building a following and NOT on the rewards! Write stuff that YOU enjoy because it WILL pay off!”   

Here is Card Number One Presented Again With a Slight Format Change!

   Anyone would be hard pressed to look cooler than this! Don't you agree?

A Special Mention Goes to the Following Members!

  • @airmatti for his awesome design. I have sent him 20 Steem as part of this ongoing @steemgigs
  • @steemitadventure and @fishmon  who are also producing trading cards in a completely  different style! Please check them out and support them too!

Who Will Receive The Next Steemit Trading Card?

I've asked @meesterboom to select the next well deserving member and as a special bonus he will be writing the text for the card in true @meesterboom style. I for one can't wait to see the finished product!

What do You think?

  • Who would you recommend as deserving of a Steemit Trading Card?
  • Once we have a small stack would you like to have a physical copy?

I hope that you enjoyed this presentation of "Our Second Steemit Trading Card."

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Raaaar!! I am a happy chap indeed. What a splendid card, what a splendid thing!! Cheers @kus-knee [email protected] I am quite bowled over!!


You are a Steemit RAWK Star!!

Super congrats mate! Gret to know you, have you in this community and now we can collect and cherish your cards LOL!

Great to see you spotlighted and on the VERY SECOND EVER card! WOW WHAT AN HONOR!

Wish you continued success!


Cheers Mr Q!!

I was bowled over when I found out. Awesome cards and awesome work by the old dog and airmatti!

Rightfully so!
Your one of the coolest "heroes" on the COOLEST blockchain platform on earth!


I will agree with you!! :0)

Hahahahaha I hope so!

Personalized bracelets, and now this?!?!!?

It's wild! Thank you @papa-pepper for suggesting me!

You provided the right example, attitude and material. Well deserved @meesterboom!

Cheers old dawg!!! :0)

I love it too meesterboom. BTW how's lady boom and lil boom in there doing?

She is massive and groaning with child. Hopefully just about ready to pop!

This is a pretty awesome card, you can be proud :D

It is pretty excellent. I am very happy with it!

Thank you for posting @kus-knee.

What a fantastic choice.....yes.... @meesterboom is a winner.

Congratulations @meesterboom.

So many yet to go......@opheliafu.....@gavvet....@englishtchrivy....@virtual-growth......@maarnio.....@majes[email protected] many more in the rich history of hard-working Steemians.

Would bleujay like a physical copy......interesting idea....when it is so virtual....that is not a bad idea.

All the best. Cheers.

Thanks for your great comment with all of those super Steemer suggestions! They will without doubt be added to the list!

nice one Old Dawg!
he resteemed this and I freakin thought it was his post hhaha

Yes we're having fun and someone has thrown your name into the hat! Obviously!

I nominate you :p!
yes, I read :)
thanks @bleujay!

A fantastic list!! I think it would be remiss if you weren't considered :0)

Very kind of you to say....@meesterboom.

However the particular status of the characters in @scottish01's latest sci-fi is best for bleujay.

Looking forward to a @meesterboom trading card......too bad there was not enough room on the card for the portrait of you with @papa-pepper by @bullionstackers. The Twins...... ^_^

All the best to you and your family. Cheers.

@scottish01's latest was very good!

I always liked that sketch. A touch of genius!!

Congrats @meesterboom! Very inspiring!


I did reach to the dictionary to find the meaning for "brogue laced posts". 😊

You reaching for the dictionary is a good sign because @meesterboom has me doing it regularly!

lol! same here :D

This is awesome - the card design is looking better than ever! Meesterboom is one of my favorite steemians, and I'm sure I am not alone in that opinion.

I'd vote for a @steevc trading card - he's one of the most consistent steemians ever!

Aw you are a gentleman and no mistake! Tip! 0.5

@steevc is another deserving member! I've been following him since day one!

Very nice. I want to trade 1 papa-pepper unsigned for 1 meesterboom..

Hahaha Good One!

can I kindly ask you to check my post and vote for me as witness? I would really appreciate it..

Thank you.. I also hope that you consider to vote for me as witness. That would help me achieving my dreams. it's free and helps the steemit community.
Just open: "Vote for witnesses"

In the bottom type in: rival and select vote.

All small letters and without the @ sign

Let me know if you have questions regarding the witness vote. I would be pleased to answer it. Your vote counts for me to break even in a couple of months.. I invested a monthly fee in a server to help the steemit blockchain

Maybe on the long run it could help me to achieve my goals..

I was just thinking about the wonderful trading card...Maybe it's an idea also to create a website where every steemit user can see his own card based on your design choice... You type in your name and the card is displayed with some nice stats... I would really love to see that.. I also want to help in this effort.. I am not a programmer but I can do a lot of other things.. and I am happy to pay for the 1st year domain registration... Do you like this idea?

Thanks a lot for this exciting project initiative, I might give a hand (or a mouse? ) but you and everyone supporting and participating are the real essence! Can't wait to see who's next! ;)

Thanks for your great job with the design. @meesterboom has already sent me the text for the next card. I need to get in touch with member and go over a few things and then Ill get back to you!

hahaha, it's meester boom....can't wait to see lil boom.

When is your card gonna be available Old Dog Kus-Kee? can't wait

Yes @meesterboom is expected a little boom it's true!

Amazing idea and even better execution! The cards look great, and you could not have picked better for the first two cards. Can't wait to see more!

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. This project is a lot of fun and I hope to keep it going until we have a nice stack of cards!

Ahhhhhh this is GREAT to see!

@meesterboom is a fantastic dude and this card sure does him a great honor!

Love seeing this series, its really good for Steemit and I can tell people are enjoying it. Soon everyone is going to be wishing to be on these glorious cards and for those honored enough to make it will be beaming with joy when they make it!

Looking forward to the next in your series! Keep up the great work!

To SteemFinity and Beyond!

There are a lot of deserving Steemit members! You should be one of them!

Yes there are.

I would be honored to be one of the chosen in the series and would do GREAT promotion for the popularity and success of the card series!

Fulll Steem Ahead!

how fun those steemitcards! good choices!

Yes it's been great fun. Thanks!

How will they change the stats on the cards?

The only change would come on the 2018 edition.

Congratulations @meesterboom! Such a nice way to recognize hardworking Steemians @kus-knee.

It's been a lot of fun especially collaborating with others!

Cheers mate, I was incredibly chuffed!

This is such a great idea. I would recommend @kus-knee, duh. Or maybe @sykochica

Thanks so much for having a look and for your recommendations!

Hah! That's nifty!


Hey buddy. It's been a while! Thanks a lot!

Great work for another wonderful Scotsman! Thank you for sharing this and doing it, @kus-knee

Thanks a lot for having a look!

upvoted @ 100% Keep up the good work!

Much appreciated!

wow!! Another great card for another great steemian!!! I want it! Sure, once you have a small stack I absolutely like to have a physical copy, but I also want the card of Old Dog!

I think an old dog card would be splendid!!

that's absolutely needed. we want it. we need it. we demand it! ;)

Hear hear!!! :0)

Thanks so much @silviabeneforti for your encouragement and your support!

Its pretty cool, but saying its a beauty, when talking about old Boom, might be a bit of a stretch LOL!

His mother thinks he's extremely handsome!

Maybe. Can we really confirm that LOL

He will always be her baby!

I can positively confirm that a survey of a thousand Scots lassies said that meesterboom was just the kind of butter they looked to spread on their toast in the morning!!

They say that here too. I asked the local lassies just to get a broad data sample!

Wayhay!!! Then we have consensus!!

Now that I've seen it, I couldn't imagine a world without @meesterboom trading cards in every collector's album! In a decade, I'm sure it will sell for ALL THE STEEM!! If the Superb Scotsman is still stuck in obscurity, I don't know what to say about everyone else haha!

Yeah well he's most assuredly out of obscurity now!

No hiding for the Boomdawg no mo'

Good choice my friend... I really enjoy his posts! He has a wonderful sense of humor!


He deserves it and the best part is that He seems to enjoy being in The platform .
That is Perfect ,Congrats buddy @meesterboom
Best of luck for the next lucky people ;)

Yes he enjoys the platform and brings joy to others as well!

What a wonderful privilege you really earn it.

Thanks for stopping by @bigbear!

I freaking love this series!

Thanks a lot! That makes me very happy! More to follow and with your 73 reputation..... especially now that you're blogging for 3....we should be seeing an @hilarski card!!!!

Awesome! That trading card is a real beauty @kus-knee 😊. Followed you.

Thanks a bunch @kcire!

Wow the details on this one is more interesting !!

@meesterboom absolutely so well deserved!!

The story is so cool ... so everyone of that failure will succeed in the day to come

Perseverance is so important!

I would recommend @jerrybanfield
Yes I would like a physical copy :)

That's a super recommendation! He's all in on Steemit and a great cheer leader for this platform!


It's a team game but there are some great players!

it's a quitely great history ....for us. thank you sir for your informative post... @upvoted

A short but intersting history. The best is yet to come!

I want the MeesterBoom card!! Where can I get it?

Then you shall have one. Once we have 1o or 20 completed it's off to the printer!

I love the story. actually I'm inspired with this.
thank you.

Yes @meesterboom is very inspiring!

Actually, I have no proper idea about what is the purpose of this card! But personally I like this idea! So, no way to answer your questions friend! But I will look forward others opinion about it!


The purpose is to have fun! Trading cards are often made of members of sports teams and usually kids trade them to try and get a complete set.

Thanks friend! Now I got the idea! It looks like a flyer!

It would be printed on thick card stock.

Hi dear @kus-knee, very nice informations and updates you shared, i am much impress with the activities of @papa-pepper no doubt he is more active person there. I also congratulate to @meesterboom for steem member card. Appreciation and support from me.
kindly have a look on my latest blog, Hoping for positive support from you. Thanks.

Thanks so much for your support!

Those cards definitely beats all cards available on the market! Great work, and nice to see the differences in ideas the steemians has.

Yes we are mining minds here and there are soooo many ideas!

Im happy to See all the content, and finding my way to be part of it.

This is really cool. You should check out @steemitadventure trading cards!!! Resteemed!!!

Thanks so much and yes those are some nice cards at @steemitadventure!

A reall slick looking presentation @kus-knee. @meesterboom is a funny, engaging and helpful member. I say, who ever receives his nomination is fortunate as to have a bio written by "the boom" would be someing to treasure!

Yes the boomer will do a good job!

congrats to @meesterboom! Well deserved! He is full of crazy, creative and did I say crazy (?) stories that will leave you in stitches. He makes ordinary every day occurrences colourful and theatrical. And he always engages with comments. Truly deserving of this. BTW love the card!

Thanks so much for your compliments on the boomer and the card!

Awesome! You are very smart. A humorist man is a very smart one. Have a nice day.
Regard.from Indonesia.

Thanks a lot!

Yes it has the cool factor built in. Congrats and I love it!!

It's been a lot of fun!

OH YES!! Fantastic choice!! Would've been mine too hands down! I love the description, a grand back side it is! Hurrah @meesterboom!

Yes that backside is amazing! So smooth!

As a baby's bottom?

excellent work dear friend @ kus-knee, very good initiative. could not be more in agreement with the choice of @ meesterboom, well deserved.
Congratulations dear friend, for this great job
I wish you an excellent day

Thanks so much for your great support!

interesting.....nice post,thanks for sharing

Thanks so much!

great choice and congrats @meesterboom
He deserved to win

Yes he did. Thanks for the confirmation!

best story!, excellent friend, thanks for sharing

Thanks so much!


Most infirmative post..i like it

LOL, looks great. Seems to be a killer deck at the end. 👍

Let's hope so!

I love the story. actually I'm inspired with this.

Yes his story is inspiring!

Wooho, another card up ^.^ I'd like to see @dwinblood there.

@dwinblood is another great choice. Thanks!

Hehe meesterboom is fun :)

Congratulations @meesterboom! Awesome and definitely well-deserved. Your posts are hilarious and give my day a "meesterboom boost"! Re-Steemed!

I have met @meesterboom once here he has heart and ready to
to anyone seeking help, he is definitely a good guy.

I'm glad to you agree with the choice!

Its cool

good post The Old Dog Presents: Our Second Steemit Trading Card. It's a Beauty!


Nice post sir

Fantastic pick, I totally agree with @papa-pepper. @meesterboom is the bomb schnizit

Hey @gringalicious your name keeps coming up around here!

Don't believe everything you hear

May God Bless you and good luck on your future endeavors..
Would follow, upvote and resteem your post.. thank you