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Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

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We are thrilled to see so many members holding contests to decide who to sponsor into Steem Basic Income. Great job, everyone!

It’s only been a few days since our last Contest post, but we already have a baker’s dozen of new contest announcements! Since you have more time, try to think about your submissions and reward these awesome hosts with quality submissions.

Some of these awesome members have more than one contest happening. I chose to only list their most recent if I saw more than one contest post. If you enjoy somebody’s contest format, check their feed for more, and follow them so that you don’t have to wait for our listing to come out!

If you want to see more contests before we mention them, check the #steembasicincome tag in Trending or New and see what's happening!

    Post a story following specific theme constraints.

    Post an original comment.

    Upvote and share your post link for an upvote from @achim03 and a chance to win a share.

    Post to spread awareness for @wizardave’s free thought initiative.

    Finish the story. 3 shares + SBD for prizes. Catch it early to think about your story!

    Guess the ‘thingy’.

    Upvote and answer a simple question about who you think deserves @steembasicincome.

    Count the goslings and share a comment about a bird you enjoy seeing in your area.

    Follow the prompt and tell a story on Zappl in 232 characters or less!

    Share your brief opinion about Universal Basic Income.

    Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Curate quality Original Content. At least 5 potential winners.

    Provide a meaningful comment for an upvote from and a chance to win.

    Nature identification thread - help identify things, or post something to be identified. This is an interesting one if you love nature, but may not be the best choice if you’re just trying to win contests. Please only submit your own images!


If you want to get involved, or to increase the share of basic income that you receive, enrollment is pretty straightforward:

Just send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include the name of a Steemian to sponsor in the transaction memo (preceded by @). You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 share in the program. You can sponsor any active Steemian, it does not have to be a current member.

If you're unclear, please check out our full transaction memo guidelines and then let us know if you have any questions.

The official currency for enrollment is STEEM. We are not accepting SBD for enrollments. The current delay on enrollment processing is 3-4 days.

Steem Creators Conference

We had a great experience in April at the #steemcreators conference! The next Conference will be in Toronto, September 6-9, so mark your calendars!

Here is @josephsavage's presentation on Steem Basic Income, which we published at the end of April. Thumbnail


Steem Basic Income is designed by @josephsavage, and developed in collaboration with @earthnation. We are grateful for their early support, both in brainstorming ideas for improvement and in providing funding for our massively complex automation requirements. Learn more about Earth Nation on their web page at


Please read our recently published FAQ. Most questions are addressed in our FAQ or in the additional resources that it suggests. If you still have questions, ask in the comments section or join us in our discord channel.


One of the best initiatives on Steemit! My favorite thing about it is that SBI encourages a long term commitment to creating content.

Thanks! We've always thought of that is being one of the key components- encouraging long-term behavior over short term behavior.

Hi there... I noticed that I am not receiving upvotes from @sbi6 anymore.... isn’t this for life ?

Thanks for bringing this up. It looks like the nodes have been rejecting 1% upvotes from that account. I will look into what the issue is.

Also... I usually get about $12 in upvotes on my original digital Artwork posts and if you adjust your Sbi6 to upvote after 30 minutes you will actually be making some decent Curation rewards on all my posts.

We did analysis early and decided the optimal time (on average) to upvote members for maximized curation. In the future we will be calculating it for each individual member and optimize curation rewards even further.

If you set all your automatic SBI upvotes to vote at 30 minutes you will share 99% of the Curation Rewards

That's correct, but it is intentional from steembasicincome to give us most of the curation.

We currently upvote every member at 19 minutes, which means we give up 37% of our potential curation reward by voting early. That means that you keep 84% of every upvote that we give you.

So right now, It is more like a nice bonus on top.

This is true. We also optimized and at the time, 19 minutes gave us the best curation return on our upvotes (while also giving more income to our members). We plan to further optimize this later (which will result in most members being upvoted even earlier, but some members being upvoted a little later) but it has not been our highest priority.

That's great.

Investing in @steembasicincome has been the best long-term investment I have ever made! Thank you for this great program meant to help all who join! You're a brilliant man who works harder than he should for us all to suceed off your very special program!

Thanks for your support!

We apologize for the continued delay of our upvotes. We’re working hard to obtain more SP to keep up with all of our amazing Thunder Supporters. Thank you for your continued patience and support! You are the lightning to our THUNDER!

As a friendly reminder, the upvote fee is $0.08 SBD ($0.081 for incognito). Current 300%+ upvote is now $0.24+ SBD.
Join our 10 SP Challenge!!!

That being said…


The ground shakes as incredible power lights the sky. The thunder tests the quality of your post and deems it worthy, rewarding it with a 300% upvote, comment and resteem from @thundercurator.

Increase your chances of a 100% upvote and support the project by:

Investors who delegate SP to @thundercurator are entitled to 75% of @thundercurator income after curation. Get on-board early and grow with us!

Thanks for sharing. i go to check this contest :)
Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Curate quality Original Content. At least 5 potential winners.

Currently i participated and win a SBI in this constest


Thanks for the contests update SBI, you make it so easy for me to find my next contest.

Okay there is something that bothers me: After reading about that dust payout threshold, it's totally worthless for steembasicincome to get upvotes from me (14 SP at 100%) on the comment without any other upvote. The autoupvotes on the posts should be fine though.
So right now the system encourages me and others to upvote comments with 100% but still with "dust" to get bonus shares.

I have no idea how many upvotes steembasicincome receives on the comments but I'm pretty sure most of the payout is declined and is way less than those bonus shares.

Also I understand, there is practically no way to be able to tell, if the upvotes pays out or not, without the right amount of automation. I think there is an update planned to be distribute the bonus shares on upvote value instead of amount of votes, but now it's quite a moral hazard.

I would suggest to distribute the bonus shares only for upvotes on posts of steembasicincome, not anymore for upvoting on comments, until an automated system is in place.

That's a good point. I've been making a big push this month to get updates out every day, and I'm working on some initiatives that will make that even easier. Once we are consistently posting every day, it would be fair to stop counting upvotes on comments. The primary reason we have been counting comments was that we weren't publishing updates consistently enough for members to hit their 28 upvote goal just from the updates.

I have started using some of the pool accounts for comments (instead of the main account), and upvotes on the pool accounts are not currently counted. (We give a small upvote on each meaningful comment when we respond, and using whichever pool account is closest to 100% makes it easier to manage the voting power across accounts).

It's very obliging from the program to allow those upvotes on comments for bonus shares. I get that. It's great and I really like it, because I get the full amount of bonus shares. But still, it is partly only a token gesture from the user to steembasicincome, burning VP from the user without a gain for the program (unless the user has enough SP, which I don't have).

Also: I don't know how things are going and how much work every update post makes. But for daily posts, so steembasicincome can get a basic income from the user base, a fully automated posting system would be preferrable. I would try to post daily automatically statistics generated from steembasicincome. # of Members, shares, pools, SP, votes incoming and outgoing, blacklists etc. Kinda like @followforupvotes does.
This relieves the pressure of trying to get an update post out daily with different content and it's still useful to have. On top steembasicincome can still push out different update posts, like interesting contests or changes on the system etc. Stuff were an automation would be more work.

But until the automation is full in place, rewarding a gesture should be stopped.
One thing that comes in my mind: Reducing the amount of # of upvotes needed for 100% bonus shares.

With some time and math it would be possible to go the following way:
Counting all the votes only on the normal posts not on comments, then calculating the new amount of bonus shares based on the old system (28 upvotes).
After that the amount of bonus shares should be smaller than the amount of bonus shares beforehand, because those votes on the comments are missing.
Reducing the minimum amount of upvotes to get the 100% bonus is going to increase the amount of bonus shares. So the minimum needed amount of upvotes should be reduced until, the amount of bonus shares will be same (or a little bit less) prior to this change.

After reducing the minimum amount of upvotes it should hand out nearly the same amount of bonus shares for the user.
There would be no loss for the user and no extra gain for steembasicincome. Zero sum game.
But it will discourage upvoting comments with dust and encourages setting up steembasicincome in an autoupvote system.

With a started automation and daily posts, the minimum needed amount can be increased again.

Just to put an emphasis on it: I really like this programm and this investment opportunity. 👍
But that's the main reason I want to see that steembasicincome is being rewarded for bonus shares. So it can grow even faster! 😁

The 28 upvote target is based on regular upvotes on daily updates. I looked into relative targets (based on % of actual updates upvoted) instead of absolute targets. The factor that you're not considering is the maintenance load. For the same effort required to continuously adjust relative targets instead of absolute targets, I can publish the daily updates and it becomes a moot point- since upvoting only the daily updates is sufficient if we are actually publishing them every day.

The target is 28 full upvotes, and there is currently no benefit to upvoting in excess of that. While your concerns arise from the number of upvotes you have given on comments which did not actually pay out, you were not actually rewarded for most of those upvotes under the current system. You have 99 full upvotes in the last month, and only 28 of those contributed to your bonus.

The whole reward system for upvotes will be revamped when we finish our fully automated system. At that point, we will be looking at % of rshares actually paid out, so any dusted upvotes will not be captured.

I'm not actually suggesting relative targets, maintaining that would just be annoying.

I have to admit, I never checked the amount of upvotes I have given out. Just a plain and simple "the more the merrier" approach to get up to the 28 upvotes and to stay there.
Also from those 99 upvotes, I'm pretty sure only the upvotes on posts and some comments (infact I received curation on some comments) paid out. More than those 28 I hope, but way less than 99.
But I don't mind, steembasicincome is giving me way more right now than I possibly can give back.

For the conclusion part, it could be possible, that the problem with the upvotes on comments has a way smaller impact than I'm thinking it has.
The whole dust threshold just showed me how useless my upvotes were for steembasicincome, but receiving bonus shares the same time. Putting my behaviour on everybody else was an exaggeration.

Pushing out the automation (and with that the solution to the dust votes) instead of trying to fix a working system should be the better option right now. 👍

We do appreciate your feedback. In the meantime, I have started checking our comments every couple of days and any comment with dust votes is upvoted just enough to exceed the threshold. It uses a tiny portion of voting power and helps prevent upvotes from our members from being wasted.

That is a way better solution. Nothing is wasted and I don't mind the self upvoting from sbi, it is necessary to maintain the levels and to increase the sustainability. 👍
Can't wait for the automation though. 😁

Can't wait for the automation though. 😁

That makes two of us! but we just brought in another developer, so that should help.

@steembasicincome ok I’m completely dumb to all this still. Lol. How do I see if anyone has sponsored me or how many “shares”? I believe I did it right in sponsoring a few folks myself.

Our FAQ talks about how you can check your share counts and find who has sponsored you.

@sbi4 cool. I’ll peep it out now. Thx!

so many great contests! such a great idea to promote contests @steembasicincome

I have already enrolled and I think I have one share, is it OK to join another contest and winning more sponsorship SBI?

Yes, you can enter as many as you like, just make sure that you are respectful of the contest hosts.

very helpul post.thanks

This is great and keep up the good work.
A little help needed with this

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