Partiko Mentors Program Begins

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Welcoming our First 10 Awesome Partiko Mentors

The following table shows the 10 Awesome Partiko Mentors that were chosen for Partiko Mentors Program Round 1.

When you can click onto their application links, you will understand why they are chosen.

Partiko is looking for Partiko Mentors!

Congratulations! Let's welcome these first 10 Partiko Mentors on board as they begin!

PARTIKO MENTORSUsernameApplication Links

Role of a Successful Partiko Mentor

The Role of a successful Partiko Mentor come in 4 Stages:

  1. Reach out to potential newbies and welcome them!
  2. Introduce Partiko app to newbies. Or if you have friends who are not using Partiko app yet, they can also be your target of outreach.
  3. Guide them. Download the Partiko app & earn up to 3300 Partiko points
  4. Create a Post before Feb 10, 2018 of your Mentoring Work

I try to keep this Mentorship program as 'simple' as possible so that we can get results within 2 weeks to help the newbies.

While the 4 points up there are so simple, I will now expand on the above 4 points in detail.

Let's get to work guys!

Stage 1: Reach Out To Potential Newbies

Search for Potential Newbies

As a mentor, you need to search out for potential newbies. Do some screening to find potential students whom you are willing to spend the time to mentor.

Available Resources

Note: For people you are already interacting on the Steem blockchain, you can check their Partiko Point by going to their profile pages. If they have zero Partiko Point, that means they are not using Partiko. People with low Steem Power and low reputation is preferred because they need more help.

Welcome the Newbie

  • Welcome the newbie in one of the newbie's post
  • Introduce yourself
  • Some newbies might be wary about why you are so interested in them, so feel free to let them know that you are in the 'Be a Partiko Mentor' program hosted by @rosatravels.


  • If the newbie responds, great! You can move on to stage 2.
  • If the newbie does not respond, leave him alone and move on!

In a nutshell, in this 1st stage, reach out to a few newbies or to your friends who are not using Partiko yet. Not everyone will respond. If you reach out to about 20 people, the chances of getting 5 people to respond will be quite high.

Stage 2: Introduce the Partiko App

Interact & Introduce the Partiko app to your potential student.

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Tell them how long you have been using Partiko app and why it is so great for you
  • There is 0% cut of their earnings when they use the app
  • Partiko gives away 3000 free Partiko Points for downloading the app
  • They can exchange their Partiko Points for upvotes
  • Tell them they can Earn Steem Power by using Partiko today


  • If the potential student ignores you here, leave it. Move on.
  • If the potential student responds, move on to Stage 3.

Stage 3: Guide them to Use the App & Earn PP

1. Show them where to download the Partiko App

2. Show them the following 4 Features to Earn Partiko Points

  • You can use my Partiko Tutorial #1 to help you.
    Earn 10 Points by checking in every day
    Earn 5 points by upvoting
    Earn 30 points by writing a post
    Earn 10 points by writing comments

3. Motivate them to Earn 300 Partiko Points in 2 weeks time

  • Let them know that your success as a Mentor depends on their earning 300 Partiko Points in 2 weeks
  • If possible, ask them to write a Post regarding their experience with you
  • If they check in every day for 2 weeks, they will easily earn 140 points
  • If they post every day for 2 weeks, they will easily earn 420 points
  • If they make a comment every day for 2 weeks, they will easily earn 140 points

You see, it is not difficult to earn that 300 PP but you will need to guide them in these 2 weeks.

Stage 4: Create a Post of your Mentoring

A. Create a post with a title: Partiko Mentoring Round 1 - @username

Please put in the following tags:

Tap into your creativity and show us the evidence of your success.

  • You can create tables.
  • You can create videos.
  • You can create GIFS.
  • You can do creative writing
  • Please have ALL the information in ONE Post Only!

B. List your successful students

  • Tell us the number of students you succeeded in mentoring
  • List the name of students you succeeded in mentoring
  • Post their profile links to give them some visibility

C. Show evidence of your work with screenshots

Before joining Partiko: Partiko Points is 0

A person who has not joined Partiko, will have "0" Partiko Points on their Partiko profile page as shown by the red arrow.

After Downloading Partiko app: Partiko Points becomes 3000

After the person downloads the app and joins Partiko, the person will be given 3000 free Partiko Points. Where the red arrow is, you will see 3000 Partiko points on his profile page.

After your mentoring: Partiko Points needs to have 3300+

Your goal is to get your student to earn an extra 300 points. If their Partiko profile page shows 3300+ Partiko points, you have succeeded.

D. Get Your Students to Create a Post Regarding their Experience

In order to help the newbies to get more visibility, encourage them to write a post regarding their experience in this program. This will help them grow and increase their followers.

Include the student's post link in your write up so that onlookers can also upvote them to give them some boost.

Deadline to Submit Post - Feb 10, 2018

Rewards From Our Sponsors

@Partiko and @Haejin are sponsoring this "Be A Partiko Mentor" Round 1 with the following Rewards:

Mentor's StudentsRewards From PartikoFrom Haejin
1st Student1 Steem1 Steem
2nd Student2 Steem1 Steem
3rd Student3 Steem1 Steem
4th Student4 Steem1 Steem
5th Student5 Steem1 Steem

Total Rewards you can get from @Partiko: 15 Steem
Total Rewards you can get from @Hajejin: 5 Steem

If you are successful as a Mentor, you can earn a total of 20 Steem!

A Final Note

  1. If you have questions, ask below.
  2. For me to keep up with your progress this week, please bookmark this post and you can check in by letting us know how you are progressing every day. I will be in here to cheer you on. In that way, not only I, but all the other mentors can also know how you are progressing also.

Check in here everyday,


Download Partiko Android here

Download Partiko iOS here

Partiko website:


Thank you for reading this post! If you like the post, please resteem and comment.

谢谢你的阅读!希望你喜欢。如果你喜欢我的分享, 请点赞并跟随我。

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Congrats to all the mentors! You guys Rock!

Posted using Partiko Android

On it! Already doing these things so look forward to my story :)

Posted using Partiko Android

😎👍great job

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you so much for participating the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

On my mark....already welcoming newbies lately....hopefully make sure to pull more user

Posted using Partiko Android

Good job @steemflow

Posted using Partiko Android

Started the work. Hope to onboard more memebers in partiko. Thanks @rosatravels

Posted using Partiko Android

Great. Let us know how things are going by posting here this week

Posted using Partiko Android

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

How are you mentors? @d00k13, @hans001, @alokkumar121, @steemflow, @bluangel, @darkflame @amico, @@@cryptocurrencyhk and @newaginv.
How many students have you found?🤔

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @moncia90 I have found 2 students. Helping them to understand the app.

Posted using Partiko Android

Well fine, my teammate!

Posted using Partiko Android

Way to go @alokkumar

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @rosatravels one of my student haven't received 3000 joining points. Can you please advise why?

Posted using Partiko Android

Hmmm, @partiko, can you come in and help @alokkumar121

Posted using Partiko Android

Sure! Thanks for tagging us!

Posted using Partiko Android

Reached out to you in Partiko Message!

Posted using Partiko Android

So far not so well, I already introduced everyone I know 😅

Going to start plugging with on boarding since I can make free accounts along side the mentorship should be able to get a few 👍

Posted using Partiko iOS

You can do it @d00k13. We are vouching for you

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you for the vote of confidence, started doing twitter streams.... now to start pushing the mentor idea a little harder!

Posted using Partiko iOS

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