The Steem News @ 28 August 2019

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Hardfork 22 is almost with us...

Steem teams up with Typerium, HUNT is now on Bitberry, and the Steem Proposals are rolling in.

And there is also news from SteemPeak, the Bitcoin is_ Conference, Epic Dice, BROsino, GAIA and some #NewSteem Resolutions.

1. Goodbye Hardfork 21, Hello Hardfork 22

A small issue has been discovered in Hardfork 21 that is preventing delegation from working correctly - especially for large accounts.

This is stopping Steemit Inc from delegating the usual 15SP as part of the account creation process...

Because this is preventing Steemit from creating new Steem accounts, and because we will likely not have the opportunity to hardfork again until the SMT hardfork, we believe that it is best to perform this hardfork as soon as possible. We have spoken with the Witnesses and come to a consensus that the best time to execute this hardfork is 11:00 AM EDT (3pm UTC). Because this is another hardfork it will be named 0.22.0 (or Hardfork 22).

2. Steem Partnership with Typerium announced

A partnership between Steem and Typerium has been announced on the Typerium website...

We’ve partnered with Steem Network, and Steemit, Inc. The Typerium and Steemit projects have a significant degree of overlap, but instead of staying fierce competitors, we have decided to join forces and help build on each other’s strengths. This is great news for both of our communities.

It means that Steemit users will be able to use Typerium’s slick and intuitive creative design software. Typerium supporters also have a lot to gain, because they will be able to publish content straight from the Typerium application to Steemit.

Working together will enhance the visual content on Steemit, making it easy for Typerium users to post their content to new audiences, and helping to facilitate collaboration between users of both platforms.

@jrcornel has been following this...

3. HUNT token now available on Bitberry

@steemhunt's HUNT token has now been listed on the Bitberry wallet, which is run by RootOne, a subsidiary company of Dunamu (the company who runs Upbit - the biggest exchange in South Korea).

Bitberry, with over 100,000 signups, supports a highly secure and easy to use wallet app for iPhone and Android phone...

4. Steem Proposals Portal grows

Developer @dmitrydao has expanded the portal to allow for the creation of proposals as well as viewing and voting...

Over a dozen proposals have now been submitted, although the funds have not reached a sufficient level to start paying out yet. The proposals include one from @inertia for 'Dev Portal Documentation' and another from @dlux-io for 'Continued Improvements to the DLUX dApp Infrastructure'...

5. SteemPeak v1.15 released

SteemPeak has released a new version with added facilities for viewing proposals to the Steem Proposal System (SteemDAO) and for creating accounts using Resource Credits...

SteemPeak has also announced that well know steemian @justineh has joined their team following the departure of @r00sj3...

6. Steem at the Bitcoin is_ Conference in Los Angeles

Leading Steem advocate @justineh will be representing Steem at the Bitcoin is_ Conference in Los Angeles this weekend...

7. Epic Dice temporarily shut down

Top 20 witness @themarkymark reports that Epic Dice has suspended operations after a player (@mys) had taken advantage of an "unforeseen flaw in their algorithm" to gain 2,698.921 STEEM...

@mys (witness @mysia) has responded and provided more information, and subsequently returned the STEEM to @epicdice...

8. New additions for BROsino

Free to play games platform BROsino has added a new dice game with automation.

@brosino has also restarted its referral program, started a Facebook page and introduced a tipping bot...

9. ImpactN becomes GAIA

Steem based community funding platform, formerly known as ImpactN, has rebranded as GAIA...

GAIA has also submitted a proposal for support to the new Steem Proposal System...

10. #NewSteem Resolutions

Steempress co-founder @fredrikaa has posted his #NewSteem Resolutions.

How are you going to change after Hardfork 21...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.159 29 Aug '19 11.54am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.805 29 Aug '19 11.54am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #79 (n/c) 29 Aug '19 11.54am UTC
FCAS Score 816 (+7) / A / #15 29 Aug '19 11.54am UTC
No. of Whales 36 (n/c ) 26 Aug '19
No. of Orcas 338 (n/c) 26 Aug '19
No. of Dolphins 2104 (+1) 26 Aug '19
No. of Minnows 9315 (+2) 26 Aug '19
Alexa rank ( #5,906 (-59) 29 Aug '19 11.54am UTC
Unique visitors ( 227,361 / day 29 Aug '19 11.54am UTC

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Visit the Steem Meetups & Events Calendar for a full list of meetups coming up...

This is #163 (28 Aug '19) of this daily news service.

Please note - before the break in publishing the last edition of The Steem News was #153 which was published on 6 May 2019.

Please let me know of any important posts or key data that should be included. Comment below or message me on Discord Pennsif#9921

[ graphics by @pennsif ]

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Heya Penns. Awesome collection of infor and updates I’m one spot.

It feels like too long since I have been on one of your awesome radio shows. Still doing them? Let’s get together in September!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi Zeke, I'm just starting a new show on MSP in a couple of weeks called all about Tribes and Communities on Steem.

Are you involved with any of the Tribes yet?

You bet.

Curating for Marlians among other things.

Is it @surpassinggoogle that founded Marlians, Zeke?


Ulogs in the form of a familiar looking front end and a token we can spread to the uloggers from across the planet for more reward.

Check it out!

Sounds good, thanks for the extra info.

Yay, we're number 79!!
Interesting to hear the "large accounts" (don't we call those "whales"?) also got screwed over by HF21. I thought it was just the small fish suffering. But also interesting to hear that the whales will be made whole again by HF22.
This is a fake-decentralized game controlled by less than 40 people. All changes are for those in the top. No other voices are heard.

What am I number 79 in?

Looking forward to this hardfork. In the mean time I will be making free Bitcoin with the best Bitcoin affiliate network offer with the MintDice Bitcoin casino #easymoney

upvote me

ofcourse ... or maybe not ...

At least you seem to get smarter on how to bring the news lol ... right after the stay-in-your-place-peasant hardfork a THISISALLGOODNEWS data overload, not bad, not bad , not bad at all ...

you're growing up heh heh lol

things are moving ... moving's good ... BUT ... mwell ... o well ... we shall see

price still kinda says no ... i sincerely hope that's also part of the masterplan ... (to weed the peasants out or something?) we shall see, we shall see , we shall see ...

#5 - I can't log into steempeak without giving my passwords to "steemconnect" and whomever has built that #keychain thing. It didn't used to be like that.
Is there a workaround I'm missing, it was top-2 steem front-end, and is doing it to me too:
It's not a damn "recommendation" if there are no other options, it's demanding compliance.

Does anyone know a front-end with a similar feature set?

    • is that front-end also working a token like #PALnet ?

The beauty of the decentralization is the competition, but the knowledge of the merits of the competitors is elusive. Onboarding needs tourguides for the learning curve.

I haven't seen #steem as a payout option with #brave
I can't {CHOOSE A CRYPTOCURRENCY TO SEND FUNDS TO} on Uphold]((Metropolitan Bank of New York)

#coinbase where everyone moves stuff in and out of steem?

A good post may be how to vote (up and down) on proposed SPS projects. After voting 3 times for dlux' submission there does not appear to be any vests showing. It surprised me that it would register the hash of my vote three times. So that might be explained as well.

If you check in my latest Steem News post I have added a bit more info I have picked up on the SPS.

It is a pity there is no proper documentation or instructions for using it.

Thanks! Will definitely check that out.

Don't mind me sharing this post in Team Malaysia FB Page. :)

That will be great, thank you.