HUNT is now available on Bitberry, a wallet app with 100K+ users

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HUNT token is now listed on Bitberry wallet, which is run by RootOne, a subsidiary company of Dunamu (the company who runs Upbit - the biggest exchange in S.Korea). Bitberry supports a highly secured and easy to use wallet app for iPhone and Android phone.

Bitberry is a definite leader of the crypto wallet industry, and achieved the following traction:

  • Wallet sign-ups: 100,000+
  • Total transactions: 2,500,000+
  • Listed coins: 116 (They only accept a coin that has enough number of holders to support)
  • Number of companies with partnerships: 56
  • Number of countries from users: 102

Its user interface is very simple and easy to use, and there are no transaction fees between Bitberry users or for those sending transactions via phone numbers. You don’t need to worry about the expensive gas fee when sending/receiving transactions in this way.

Bitberry App runs Reviewhunt Campaign!


A new campaign is launched on Reviewhunt to introduce Bitberry to all hunters. A campaign budget of $1,600 will be distributed via its Reviewhunt campaign. Please check the details below and join the campaign now!

Bitberry x Reviewhunt -

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can we withdrawal HUNT to the wallets or exchanges now?

Great news to expand your customer reach ! Congrats 🍾🎉 @steemhunt

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its just an ETH token ?

If you have earned any they are still in your wallet over there but i think that was the original plan and then become an SMT which may never happen. Things are very unclear in my opinion.

It is indeed at the moment a ERC-20 token. The IEO for HUNT has been placed already in march 2019, which means that the preparation for a listing on a centralized exchange has already started end of 2018. The whole project, as a lot of other projects, were meant as SMT projects to launch it as Smart Media Tokens with token inflation and POB.

As many of the current Steemians that are still on this platform know we still don't have SMT running and we may see a light version in a few months.

so i can withdrawal those HUNT to exchange or not ?

You can withdrawal your HUNT tokens from the internal offchain wallet.
Please refer to this posting.

and to exchange?

When will you list on an exchange that Americans can use? Or Steem Engine?

Great question....crickets.

Yeah for real. And they are claiming it’s a big deal that they listed on a wallet when most ETH-compatible wallets can store any ERC20 token. So the big announcement is there is no announcement worth announcing. Any comment @steemhunt when you will list hunt token on an exchange that Americans can use? There is really no excuse for not being on Steem Engine already...

Hi, you are right. Most ETH compatible wallets are able to store ERC20 Tokens. But I disagree that it is not worth an announcement, especially for the Steem community.

The Steemhunt team was able to list Steem on two other exchanges on their own due to their activities as HUNT team, even as a ERC-20 Token. Additionally, there had been a lot of efforts in the background to bring also Steem onto Bitberry, as it is a sister company of Upbit, the third-largest exchange in the world based on BTI having at the moment more than 100K users using the product worldwide and being able to transfer cryptocurrency based on your mobile phone number. But it seems in the moment that the Steem community and economy is not that attractive to put resource into it from their perspective.

Hunt token would keep the door open for this kind of negotiations.

There is really no excuse for not being on Steem Engine already...

I have answered that below on the comment from rjoshicool.

Nice to see that, but I wanted to check on 2 things:

  • I read sometime back that HUNT tokens will be migrated to Steem Engine. Any idea when would that happen?
  • If and whenever it happens, what happens to my tokens that are in MetaMask?

Will appreciate a response.

Hunt token was supposed to be an SMT so I don't know what their plan is. If the token could be traded with ease (like on steem engine) it would generate much more awareness in my opinion.Half the people on the Steem Blockchain never even heard of Hunt tokens or how they can be earned and traded.

I read sometime back that HUNT tokens will be migrated to Steem Engine. Any idea when would that happen?

There are no official plans for that. HUNT is currently based on ERC-20, which would need Steem-Engine to create a pegged token and make it available to transfer it to Steem-Engine. That is something that is not up to Steemhunt, as the Steem-Engine team would need to implement it. Otherwise, you could only create a token that is pegged with a single HUNT wallet or pegged with a fixed amount. Users would then only be able to buy HUNT tokens from that pool, but not be able to add more Hunt tokens out of this limited pool.
Additionally, the P (pegged) tokens within Steem-Engine are not really having a significant volume that it could be interesting for a project with an ERC-20 Token to launch it at the moment.
The only constant high volume tokens on Steem-Engine are native SE tokens.

If and whenever it happens, what happens to my tokens that are in MetaMask?

As mentioned, all kind of scenarios are considered, but it is not a direct plan to launch a SE HUNTP token at the moment, based on the above-mentioned reasons. If it would happen, a possible HUNT token on Steem-Engine would be a pegged token like BTCP or EOSP on Steem-Engine, so if you would like to use it, you would need to deposit it to Steem-Engine with a 1% fee (As you can do with BTC, EOS or Dogecoin, etc. at the moment.)

AWESOME!! You have sooooo many people asking relevant questions yet you reply to nobody....just AWESOME!!!

The timing you were writing this comment was 3 AM in the morning KST. Hope that is explaining the situation for not answering comments in this thread in realtime.

This is really really good news!!!

Another step in the right direction! This will make it so much easier to transfer hunt tokens between users! Well done!

Can Hunt tokens be exchanged there for steem?

Good news for all crypto lovers. Thanks for this news.

I needed a brief information about this one.

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Great news for the STEEM ecosystem.

Just wanted to point out consensus witness politician bid bot owning realwolf upvoted this excessively bid botted post and also does the same on his own posts.. This loser has to go

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I clearly don't understand much but I'm gonna reblog your post
Follow me and I follow you as my feed is kind of empty
High five ! 😄✋

Thanks very much for this. I am looking forward to reading more.

Yess! The next one great step forward for Hunt platform! 👍

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Nice, great message :)

This is great news! I have been trying to encourage my friends and family to get involved in the steem world/cryptocurrency.

That's nice. I have joined it and submitted my quest.

Why so many downvotes? Steem Hunt is a Steem DApp and I think it is ok if they boost one of their announcements, right?

@steemhunt, Congratulations team and hope that branches of this Ecosystem will spread more and more. Good wishes from my side.

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buy buy buy

Good night brother @steemhunt

This virtual currency is a charm. With @steemit we have a variety of options and more when we have cybernetic partners that help us understand all the world they give us.

Not only can we opt for #Steem. On the internet we find multiple pages that allow us to access social pages, games, etc. For example, the cryptocurrency #Ban (Banana) is one of them, which can be mined in blocks through the following page

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wow! making moves. great work team.

Esta muy buena y chevere esta información!

Is the hunt huntable?

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Slowly and gradually, we are moving upwards and onwards.
Congrats, @steemhunt.

excellent news

Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the post.

Congrats to Steemhunt! I remember the early days of Steemhunt. The team and moderators really worked their tails off trying to make it appealing to both new and old Steem holders. They tweaked their voting system and rewards to bring in new users while keeping the quality of the Hunts high. I saw this struggle first hand and must applaud what you have created with Steemhunt. We need more of this on Steemit!

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