Proposal: Dev Portal Documentation

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I will provide documentation intended for application and tool developers who work on the Steem blockchain.


One month from the start of the approved proposal, from 2019-09-01 until 2019-09-30. Total pay requested for timeframe: 3770 SBD


For the duration of the proposal work timeframe:

  • Periodic pull requests directed at the devportal github maintained by Steemit, Inc. to appear on once merged.
    • "API Definitions" section updates
    • "Recipes" section updates, which are programming-language-agnostic tutorials
    • Maintenance of existing documentation to ensure ongoing relevance.
  • Ongoing staged versions of the documentation to appear on, in cases where Steemit, Inc. is blocked (too busy) to merge the changes to the official devportal.
  • Updates using decline-payout-posts to detail ongoing deliverables in the timeframe.

Rational for Proposal Funding

Using the proposal system means I can decline-payout for related posts, be compensated by SPS Inflation, and thus avoid seeking compensation through Reward Pool Inflation for these deliverables.

In a sense, my ultimate goal is to turn this SPS Inflation into demand for STEEM Power by empowering application developers to expertly deploy Steem applications, leading to their continued desire to power up.


I was on the Steemit, Inc. payroll for 10 months. During that time, I learned the development philosophy and culture and I was part of a developer group called SteemWorks.

I am also accomplished at reverse-engineering, which is a requirement for doing heavy documentation on the Steem blockchain.

Previous Work

During my time at Steemit, Inc., I was part of the team that contributed to the following devportal updates:

Since then, I have provided several updates to the official devportal, which have all been merged by Steemit, Inc.:

Proposal Approval/Rejection Criteria

You should approve this proposal if you would like me to be compensated through SPS Inflation rather than the Reward Pool Inflation.

You should reject this proposal if you would prefer that I continue to seek compensation through Reward Pool Inflation and upvotes.

To approve, please find the link below. If you have already approved, but have subsequently changed your mind, there is also an option to remove your approval.

To reject, just ignore this proposal.

Proposal Record


Also see:

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I voted for your proposal.

I'am IN - first proposal that makes sense for me!

I would also vote for a proposal maintaining / improving library.


I am all for it. This proposal has my vote for what it is worth.

I am all for it.
This proposal has my vote
For what it is worth.

                 - sgt-dan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow. Another Haiku! Thank you @haikubot.

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This is a good proposal idea but are you seriously asking for 130,000 SBD for a months work that is mostly done already? Seems a bit much

Hm, on steempeak I see 3,770 SBD total pay. The second link you put. On the first link it shows 130,000 SBD?


According to it's actually total pay of 3,770 SBD for a month which sounds reasonable to me.

It's equal to the blockchain data:

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According to my screenshot and the other link it's 130,000 SBD which is pretty clearly a mistake. That's why I'm working to get to the bottom of the bug so it can be reported to the proper developer.

Since @inertia didn't put the daily pay request in this proposal post I had to follow the links to the proposals to figure it out to decide if the proposal even made sense. In doing so, I found two different values. I'm a dev and can easily query the blockchain but the point of this is for it to be better UX for average users as well.

Btw it isn't a big even it's just a use of a comma instead of a period, which is common in other countries besides America. The screenshot I posted is showing daily pay as 130,000 SBD when that is 130 SBD x30 would be around 3900

The proposal makes sense with these numbers and I can now suggest to the creator of steemproposals to make the daily pay less ambiguous

Since @inertia didn't put the daily pay request in this proposal post I had to follow the links to the proposals to figure it out to decide if the proposal even made sense.

Good point, I should have at least listed some kind of amount. I added it just now.

It is kind-of a chicken-and-the-egg experience for these early proposals. I envision the UX improving to the point where proposal creation is a single form. In this case, I wanted to make sure the scope of work was well defined so I could figure out how to fill in the numbers for the actual proposal.

Turns out, I picked 29 days from the datepicker UI, instead of 30. I should have specified exactly 12:00 AM on the first day and 11:59 PM on the last day.

The woes of the SPS! I'm sure everything will iron out.

Yep. Maybe I should emphasize that I'm happy with it so far. The UI we have is not bad for the first 24 hours of the mainnet hardfork.

It's 3,770 SBD total pay.

Yeah, looks like has some localization issues. 130,000 SBD should be displayed as 130.000 SBD (daily rate).

All fixed now. Thanks for noticing the issue.

steempeak still seems to show this 130 THOUSAND SBD number that is really making people .prematurely and unnecessarily .. jealous :D

To avoid confusion, all Steem front-ends and Steem-related sites should display only two digits after the decimal sign, whether it's a point or a comma.

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There will be no 130SBD per day on Sep 1.

Proposals pays only 1/100 of its budget daily.

And it grows only about 2K SBD per day. So on Sep 1 max payment will be around 80 SBD

if anyone deserves to get extra SBD from steem to help developers work on steem its @inertia and honestly, it is NEVER enough to work on projects for steem especially documentation and that work is NOT anywhere NEAr completed. We could document SO much and we SHOULD! It may sound boring t some but its a sure fire way to add value, even if we have some redundancies. But honestly documentation , good documentation can take full time staff and that requires SBD and we could, inertia could, really use that if he got it

I Feel he could add this to include some supplemental educational material to aid the documentation, videos for youtube for all levels of developers (or those looking to become one) to better understand and grasp the possibilities of steem which goes over the heads of most people, even its biggest supporters who usually have to go through a long journey learning about steem. It attracts the intelligent and the compassionaite. But many users dont have the time to document everything they work on, but honestly steem didn't evenhave a wikipedia page for a long time, and even that should be using a STEEM based protocal shouldnt it? I mean wikipedia for steem should have been one of the earliest sort of dapps, but everipedia on eos took most of that cake away but we can bake another... steem can still become a massive hub for scientific research and the storing of data, synchronizing it, ability to record things to sidechains that cant be altered...

Anyway Im off topic but no one is even commenting heer or much ANYWHERE on steem anymore except for a few posts on top trending but the types of opportunist comments you find theer are terrible and from peopel you rarely want to even talk with. All the best of steem happens here in the nooks and crannies, on proposal sections only even visible to people on Steempeak... a front end that shoudl be mroe popular by by now but which needs SPS funding to make for its own advertisinga nd onbaording campaign

Oh that remind sme. Ive done the math and steemit inc alone had the SP to create enough accounts for 5 MILLIOn a year so at just 10% instead of 30, liek steemit inc, the rough estimate puts us at around 1.6 Million accounts a year made possible with the funds of 10% of the blockchain to stake SP and use it for FREE account creation , like an internal onbaording mechanism that can garuntee the funds to buy or create accounts for free, with faucets maintained full time by human Ai mix, funded by the SPS again, so theers no reason why we cant do this, and i see it happening soon enough

Steem PS is just beginning and NO other chain has had a proposal system this easy and open to the public.. bitshares was far too esoteric and dash was too expensive and also too complicated for most. As of yet, steempeak makes proposals EXTREMELy easy

We are on teh VERGE of something great

proposals will finally let steem get everything it always wanted or at least a lot of it

just the idea that 10% of SPS or 1% of inflation could be used to create at least around 160 THOUSAND FREE accounst a year is a great start, but if we PURCHASED the accounts at 3 steem each theer could be ... lets see
Supply: 324,392,497 STEEM (Worth $68,366,830 SBD) so at around 8% inflation , 5.4 Million USD worth of Steem this year printed, lets say 540 thousand or 10% is the SPS funds if steem price stays 16 cents.... , and just 50% of the proposal system funds or, $270K a year could pay for 570K new accounts a year lol a start...

of course we cant use ALL of it... for account creation or even half

but i predict a steem engine proposal can be launched to include a new self onbaordoing steem engien that uses steem invite to allow users to just pay to geta steem account loaded with a basket of popular tokens etc., we can give temliek gifts etc, steem nengine github si abot to geta LOT of new contributions.


The Documentation is a huge benefit!

yes if anyone deserves 130 SBD or 130 THOUSAND SBD for documentation its inertia. and even tho its a steempeak fronte nd error displayingteh numebr mroe than hes really getting, peopel shoudl eb remidned that ocumentationand visual aids educationa supliments to documentation can help a lot of peopel become steem dveelopers

if devel;opers coem heer from ethereum and see all this beauytiful documentation they will be mroe willing to join team steem. so much we can do especialy when steem is cheap enoughf or peopel to buy a lot of!


Thank you for providing me as a downvotes sacrifice for me I did not have one since you ask for it, I like to take you on.

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Voted approved.

Hi, @inertia!

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@inertia, Great to know about your experience and all the contributions you've done on this platform. Keep up and good wishes from my side.

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I agree with @howo about having a bit more detail surrounding use of payment, but, I trust you and value your previous work. You definitely have my support for this proposal! :^)

great. @ineria would I take korean translation for this proposals? I think that most of kr developer like this document updating news.


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"Dev Portal Documentation" sounds like a great idea.
I didn't even know about Steem Developer Portal.

I (as an amateur programmer) wonder
Will it be possible to adapt this documentation for offline usage (for API Documentation Browser

DevDocs combines multiple developer documentations in a clean and organized
web UI with instant search, offline support, mobile version, dark theme, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
thanks for your work

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Bwahahaahhahahaah :))))

downvoting yourself with your own bots ... some kind of a statement i suppose, lol ... eeeh well ...:p

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I like the proposal, but it's 3.7k and 29 days of work. I would like to have a better sense of what you plan on doing, like an actual list of recipes etc.

That's a great suggestion.