Fund Continued Improvements to the DLUX dApp Infrastructure

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Decentralized Limitless User Experiences


DLUX is to STEEM what STEEM is to Social Media. With continued improvements and marketing DLUX can help solidify STEEM as the worlds premier technology for ALL publishing paradigms. VR/AR/WebApps/Print

It's hard to summarize what DLUX is or can do. Some of the most pertinent details are that it uses STEEM as an immutable record that we all can use to deliver dApps at no cost, with the possibility of rewards. This has allowed us to prototype VR on to the blockchain with a VR post explorer that any Steemian can use to build VR dApps and show off anything from Art Galleries to ICOs.

It can also be used to host webApps that interact with decentralized networks; much like calls data from other public APIs a static webApp can talk to a several APIs allowing GUI Steem tools to be built and hosted for free... with rewards built in.

Utilizing QR codes dApps can be printed on to products, menus, and locations... facilitating commerce in new ways.

We've done a ton of research and development over the past 2 years and haven't been able to raise any substantial funding or awareness. As STEEM gets better with SPS we feel we can do better as well.


September 1st, 2019 - November 30th, 2019

We feel a quarterly approach will allow us to provide good feedback and deliverable to our community in a traditional time frame for companies


By continuing to provide industry leading tools and documentation to STEEM we feel the demand to hold steem and onboard users will increase. The price should follow. All of our tools are and forever will be opensource.


166 SBD / Day should provide an adequate funding source while encouraging us to find more clients to bring to the STEEM ecosystem.


  • We expect to have completed a distributed trust/smart contract platform with a true DEX by December with this funding.
  • Our website works great as a destination from QR codes and links from front-ends like Steampeak... but not so well on its own. Some of these funds will be used to modernize the GUI as we are but lowly blockchain devs.

Approve via SteemConnect

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Update on Progress 1
Update on Progress 2

Examples of work:

AR + Sidechain

WYSIWYG VR dApp builder (released before Decentralands editor)

AR Point of Sale System Proof Of Concept


Nice idea but tell us how this idea will raise the price of Steem or produce revenue for those who upvote or delegate Steem Power to fund it? Revenue sharing or revenue generation is important. Profitability + profit sharing = much more attractive to upvote.

This is an open source set of micro-services and integrations with other technologies that raise steem from a blog publishing platform to an anything publishing platform. I'm sure most people who understand that the more people blogging on platform will raise the price... what if just about any business you did was on Steem. From our Augmented Reality point of sales systems requiring no fees to distribute applications to your clients phones, to VR worlds where you can host interactive games and education content... to the side-chains which automate cooperation for services like IPFS pinning and account creation. We aim to raise the price of Steem by building it's utility. Our profit models are all distributive; which means anybody will be able to run a node or delegate to them in order to share profits and further secure the system.

I don't follow that more people = higher price. Facebook didn't start out monetized. They created an advertising mechanism which monetized their people. Do you have a plan for highly targeted advertising? If you do, are you going to share revenues?

So you don't follow supply/demand has impact on prices. Fair enough. I won't waste my time here. We're not asking for delegation or upvotes. We're asking for funding from the SPS to improve the utility of Steem.

I'm asking for a way to measure and track your progress. How do we know the funding is resulting in improving the utility of Steem? Are Steem going to be locked up? Burned? It's hard to measure something subjective like if it's fun.

If it's not measurable how do I know your project is creating demand? If it does create demand what metric will you be tracking to prove it? More users who are buying the token is creating measurable demand if you can show they actually buy the token or tokens, but if they don't then you could end up with more users who don't really care about buying the token. So I'll have to see some usage statistics.

It might seem like I'm being tough on your project but the reason I'm asking these questions is because many thought if Steem just added a lot of users that the Steem token would automatically go up in price. There was never much thought put into revenue streams, business models, or any of the business driven parts of the ecosystem until very recently. As a result Steem from a revenue and business perspective is a total fail just looking at the price charts.

Steem has to be burned, locked up, etc, in order for demand to reflect in the price. Steem gets created (inflation), which is like a tax or a cost which must be offset by burning, or by locking up. Any project which encourage not just buying Steem but locking Steem up or burning it, is providing easily measurable revenue.

Here is an update on what I've been programming. Its a cooperative multi-signatory escrow network to price and build accounts using autonomous feedback based on demand. The same escrow networks can be used to build business on chain that doesn't use 3rd party trusts like steem-engine to hold pegged token. I disagree that funds need to be locked or burned, health of financial systems is usually measured in velocity, capital held in stasis is often a sign of reduced trust in economies. There are very few ways to misuse financial instruments that aren't debt based. Even the Steemit 800,000 auto sell will eventually find network equilibrium as they will run out of tokens to dump.

On a side note. In the past funds donated to us have been used to buy bid-bot votes which cycle in to our SP. Recently we just powered up a large amount of our SP( #NewSteem ). Our server bills to run these micro services have exceeded what we've pulled from Steem through exchanges... we have literally been paying to program here.

Make sure you list your token as a pegged asset on Steem-engine.
Not making a steem engine token, im talking about listing YOUR sidechain token, on steem engien as a PEGGED assets liek we have EOS and EOSIo tokens and Bitshares tokens and soon Golos classic on steem engine as pegged assets people will be able to withdraw to main net dlux

I do see the value in this.

Lookin good @dlux-io I see all the proposals coming in so will see how all this works.

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And actually i have no clue, what i did with this vote, whats this mean.

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