Representing STEEM At The “Bitcoin is_” Conference in L.A. This Weekend - My Goals

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I have been pretty vocal about wanting to see more representation of Steem in the crypto space, and have always felt that utilizing the community is a perfect way to do this. I mean what better representatives than the passionate community members here? I have shared my idea of a "ambassador" program of sorts that would help empower these individuals as well as give them the tools they need to represent Steem in a way we all can be proud of. I hope to work more on this in the coming months to try to help make it a reality, but for now.. I just will try to be a visual presence of Steem in the space when I can.

I have attended quite a few conferences and feel like it is something that is beneficial for not only steem but myself. Nothing motivates you more than seeing the interest from outsiders about something that you yourself are so passionate about... it makes me realize maybe we aren't so crazy after all ;)

So even though I promised myself I would take a break from these events (as paying out of pocket for them does begin to get very expensive.. and after doing so for multiple events over the last year.. I had to cut myself off).. I just couldn't resist when I saw the announcement for the Bitcoin is_ conference being put on by Russell Okung (of the Los Angeles Chargers).

And I want to tell you why...

Russell first got on my radar when he seemed to fall in love with Bitcoin before our eyes, and was being pretty vocal about it. As a famous NFL player, what he says matters, and to have him talking about Bitcoin is pretty much a win for everyone in the space in my opinion. But for me it was what he was actually saying... that to him, Bitcoin meant freedom and that resonated with me. He didn't sound like just another paid shill, he sounded to me like someone who got it. He understood the power that something that Bitcoin had, and what it could become.

Then when I saw the announcement for his Bitcoin is_ conference with the goal being to teach crypto newbs about Bitcoin and why it is so revolutionary.. I got excited. Finally someone discussing how to be open in the space for those that don't know it, and not just the damn "Bitcoin Maximalist’s" message which seems to always feel like - '"BUY BITCOIN OR YOU SUCK"... which I don't think is really that attractive to those not in the space.

I instead saw a man who discovered something, realized the potential, and wanted to share it with the world.

But I think he is missing something

I feel many in the space who speak of mass adoption and making Bitcoin main stream are not seeing the big picture. To me to onboard the masses you have to attract them in a way they are comfortable with, and as I am someone who went from having no desire to have anything to do with cryptocurrency, to being a bit of an enthusiast.. I feel like I am the target audience and why my story shows the power of STEEM as well as a usecase for it.

I spoke a bit about my journey from making that leap and I think it helps tell the story of this use case I see for Steem -

I joined Steem in January of 2018 when a well known youtuber I followed kept talking about this platform he joined, and I got curious. I had heard of bitcoin, blockchain etc of course, but really had no interest whatsoever - as it all seemed completely over my head.

When I happened upon the Steemit site it felt different - I didn't need to get a cold wallet, go to some exchange and hope I don't mess anything up, or buy some thing called BITCOIN and then just HODL it.. whatever that meant.

Instead I joined a site easily, picked a username, saved some keys and started interacting with others who had the same interests as me. There was nothing scary to do to get started, no risk really, it was an easy way to start exploring the crypto world.

As I engaged and shared more, I earned some crypto.. which completely baffled me. I realized that growing my account was key, so all that STEEM was powered up. I started digging into more and more about the tech behind the site and slowly went from a crypto newb to a blockchain enthusiast.

As someone who has always believed in small government and community's being empowered to take care of their own - I began to realize that blockchain and cryptocurrency were a way to remove the middle man, and give the power back to the people... and I was hooked.

Steem was the bridge for me - a way to learn, explore and incorporate this revolutionary technology into my daily life.

Steem for me was a safe and fun way to be exposed to cryptocurrency and because of it I now invest in many cryptos, including Bitcoin. Without STEEM, I would not own BITCOIN.

Steem is a bridge that can easily onboard crypto newbs and let them learn, explore and become blockchain enthusiasts as well. It has already proved itself as such, as I am just one of many who have similar stories.

Steem can be the bridge for those curious, but a bit apprehensive, about the whole idea of cryptocurrency, and we need to make people see that.

And that is my mission...

hudson loft.jpg

My goal is simple - show Russell, as well as the extensive list of Bitcoin influencers who will also be attending (including Anthony Pompliano, Peter McCormack, Crypto Wendy, Kobe Bryant etc etc etc), this use case.. from someone who knows it works, as I am proof.

I am their target audience, and the only reason I am here is due to STEEM... normies dont want to buy a cold wallet and HODL.. they want to experience and learn in a way they feel comfortable, and that to me is where Steem comes in.

I also am planning a bit of a meetup for local steemians in the area the next day and will be inviting some of the attendees of the Bitcoin conference to attend. has graciously agreed to provide free accounts to anyone wanting to sign up, and I think this could be a unique onboarding opportunity.

Why do I think I will have any impact whatsoever?
The event is in a small venue, casual and designed for one on one conversations while also having an insane list of prominent individuals that will be attending. Which to me means an opportunity to have actual conversations with many.

Also, since actively beginning partaking in conversations about this on multiple social media fronts, I have been followed by a few of the names listed above. I have a request in for a short speaking opportunity at the event, as well as the possibility of being involved with some of the panels being put on by Pomp and Peter McCormack there.

I think I am unique in the fact that I have no background in the space, started as a normal user, and have gone on to understand the Steem Ecosystem in a pretty indepth way as well as the tech behind it... as much as humanely possible for a non tech person ;)

I believe the "NormieTalk" series I started could easily be expanded to cover all of blockchain tech to help teach normies more about it in a way they can easily grasp.. making it all much less scary. I see a switch in the current space, especially when it comes to the narrative Russell is focusing on.. and that is less on wanking each other in the Bitcoin Maximalist echo chamber and more on attracting and reaching out to normies... and maybe they are ready to listen to one who knows from experience.

Looking Forward
With advice from someone in the space, I have also put in an application to speak at the upcoming LA Blockchain Week happening in October. My hope is to share this use case and my story with a larger audience, to show them how Steem fills this need. I believe there is a niche to be filled and maybe, just maybe.. me and my "NormieTalk" ways can help fill it.

They want the masses? Well they need to understand them.. and I think I can help with that.

Want To Support Me?
I am not one to ask for support, but I was very bluntly told that I needed to do just that by a very kind soul. Yes these conferences cost money, even if I am somewhat close in distance (a few hours away). I am not sure if I am the right person for this... but I am here, and I see an opportunity to make them say our name and I feel it is worth a shot at least due to the response I have gotten already.

If you see the value in the mission outlined above, or how this could be beneficial to Steem, and want to help support me in this effort feel free to reach out for any sponsoring ideas you have or simply just supporting this post.

I appreciate the love and support I have received from the community and hope to go and tell those out there why Steem is the hidden gem they should discover.

Steem could be so many things for so many people, but first we have to show them how.

And I hope to help do just that.

Much Love and Steem On,



Hello @justineh I hope all is well for you..!!

I remember two flags in my publications coming from you, but it wasn’t negative for me.

It was very positive because you changed my mind a little bit and opened my eyes... thanks a bout that..

Let’s go for the next step.

I came to your publication and read it completely, and now I understand what are you doing for Steem...

We need more representatives, we are a great community but just a few people are doing something well..

I’m just want to say that you are working extremely well, if all the witnesses could do the same. Steem going to be to the next level for sure.

I respect you..!!

Have a great time..!!


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What a great and thoughtful comment.

Thanks a lot for your support @whatsup

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And here is the "small man" copying
that "good" behavior...
Yeah, this place can truly be whatever....

You see, that are the kind of comments that hf21 is
pushing indirectly.
Here are some translations from German... choose one:
@whatsup you should be ashamed of yourself.
That's how you reach rep.73?!

I have no idea what you are talking about.

For sure ;)

Thank you, I really appreciate the kind comment. I think many are embracing the #newsteem culture change and I’m glad you are one of them! This place can be whatever we want it to be, but we have to come together to make it happen 😉

I’m completely agree with you..!!

We have to take this change very positive for a better ecosystem...

Thank you so much @justineh

Everything is coming in the right way for sure..!!

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Have you considered making an SPS proposal?

I considered doing a proposal for a full fledge ambassadors program. As to me it wouldn’t be just people doing meetups but rather individuals who can represent Steem at conferences etc. This would include some sort of training as well as oversight to ensure it was done the best way possible, essentially providing us with army of spokesmen. So to do it right it would be very time consuming as well as resources would be for expenses etc. I’m just not sure what the reaction to that would be or if anyone would truly see the value in such a thing.

I had not thought about doing one for my own attendance to conferences, no... it’s hard to justify that when we have so much that needs to be done.

I think it is reasonable to start small, such as asking for some modest reimbursement of direct costs for one or more conferences. It would help prove the concept of SPS paying for things while being small enough to be non-controversial.

Thank you, and those are fair points. I’ll consider writing something up. Thank you for the suggestion and for embracing #newsteem the way you have 😉

@justineh we need to develop resources to people study and trained to represent steem.

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What is an SPS proposal?

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The recent blockchain update introduced the ability to submit proposals of work for payment. There isn't a UI to see this on yet but you can see it here:

I was just going to post the same thing. I think sponsoring @justineh and others like her on a case by case basis would be an excellent investment and use of the new 'kitty'. I thought there already was some sort of Steem ambassadors thingy though? I know @surfermarly was an ambassador a while back.

My personal thoughts are that a formal program would just be another committee, another proposal, another voting process which would end in a swamp of bureaucrasy and failure. I would simply prefer to see the witnesses or whoever bung @justineh a few quid for her expenses and let her get on with it.

Perhaps an account with a delegated pot where the curation funds gained could be used to pay for stuff like this?

Anyway, enjoy the conference.

Last note, I have lived on the outskirts of Bangkok for over 8 years and although I'm not sure if I will be attending SF4, closer to the time I'll be dropping my phone number into a post as a kind of helpline. In the meantime, if there is anything you need to know or need advice on, please drop me comment or note or a discord thingy.

Best wishes

Nearly forgot. You can get an instant account with 20SP delegation and instant account without delegation from Steemhunt and Dlike respectively, they just need a phone number to instantly send a confirmation code to. Its a simple one minute process.



Excited to see you do this. You rock. That's some real dedication - thank you for doing it and YAY for asking for support <3

Thank you love!! And thank you for the encouragement to post about it ❤️❤️❤️

Justine, thank you for stepping up and attending conferences and your clear vision!

Adsup powered by Whatsup and Adsactly sent 100 Steem to support your efforts.

You’re amazing, thank you so much!! ❤️


Steem is getting a spotlight this weekend for sure, @reggaesteem will be at the Digital Assets and Security Token Symposium hosted by the Jamaica Stock Exchange tomorrow.

We have no direct affiliation with them but have been RSVP’d and will be promoting our project (Tribe) and Steem DApps/blockchain tech. On-boarding is our goal.

All the best in LA!

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Love that!! I think tribes are going to be so important for onboarding and make marketing easier as it can be directed to a “niche” crowd. I look forward to hearing about it!

Thank you 😊

This is amazing.... I knew and had heard of some football players actually asking for salary to be paid in Bitcoin. I wasn't sure if it was true or not, but this confirms that it must have been real.
Kobe is into Bitcoin? Holy smokes!!
If this event is free, I would be willing to take an old miner blade from ASICMINER (an early ASIC bitcoin miner company from before bitmain) that I still happen to have.

Yes Russell is one of those football players who asked to be paid in bitcoin 😉

Kobe actually was at the NiTron event I attended in San Francisco so it seems he is dabbling in crypto too.. just not as loudly as Russell perhaps.

The even isn’t free, but they have two different levels of tickets and it is an all day event, so it wasn’t insane in price.

Honestly it’s the hotels and all that costs so much.. eek.. it adds up quick!

Yeah LA can be insanely expensive. I did see that tickets were for sale and actually very reasonably priced, especially because of the people that are going to attend.

Yeah I thought the same! Compared to others and the list attending its way lower than I would have expected.

I believe that you are precisely the right person for the job for all the reasons you stated and at least one more: Goats.

I'll just absolutely guarantee that not a single one of the other attendees will have ever done anything like tending goats. It's the absolutely perfect place to be coming from, of abnormal normalcy.

I know that you'd posted a meetup. I actually considered it, but LA. Hell A. Place just makes me crazy and I was just there a couple of weeks ago. Way too soon to be going back, for me.

This made me cackle.. can you imagine their faces if I showed up with a goat in one of those hip dog carries? 😂

In all honesty, thank you!! Very kind of you ❤️ And yes I don’t blame you.. LA is horrid and I stay away at all costs normally. 😜

That is awesome and I know you will do a wonderful job representing. I just discovered Steem recently. Although I still have a lot to learn I can tell that this is the gateway for people like myself to better understand and interact with blockchain technology. Personally I believe that the key for mass adoption with Steem relies upon creating a moddo and simplifying the initial learning curve.

If you could explain steam and under 10 words to somebody in an elevator what would those words be? For me it would be

"Steem: Paying You To Be You". In fact I will go ahead and do my part to spread that message by making and wearing a shirt with that moddo.

I thank you for being an advocate for us all here. If everybody put in 1/10th of that kind of effort then Steem would be wildly successful.

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Why use artificial photo face fixing? U are a cute girl show us too ur little imperfections :P

I think many people just need more time after getting in to the crypto space. Those who are stuck in the bitcoin maximalist phase just haven't progressed to the next level of understanding yet. Its clear to me that the future is a multiblockchain universe, but for some it can take a long time to reach that point.


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Great work from you keep it up

You are very wise and intelligent person! Thanks for being around us as communicator! ;)
Greetings to the conference!
from the Balkans...

Awe thank you very much 😊 I really appreciate that!

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Great idea.

I really hope you succeed with this and bring some love from the outside world to the community.

Hope you keep sharing your experience for, maybe, someone else who want to replicate it on other fronts.

Greetings from Mexico.

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Thank you! Yes I’m hoping if this sort of usecase shows positive results then maybe I can set up some material that would let anyone replicate it through some sort of program (like ambassadors or whatnot). I’ll try to do my best to make that happen. Thank you ☺️

nice, also top of steem trending, nices :)

Yeah and only one flag 😬 I need to try harder.

Thank you ❤️

Having seen your social butterfly skills at Steemfest last year, I think you are ideal for this infiltration mission. Good luck :)

Thank you! And I like the “infiltration” description... I am gong to sneak in and they won’t know what hit them!

I don’t know why you think I’m a social butterfly though.. I’m not at all 😂

I will call in some other attendees to back me up if you don't take my word for it 😛

Hi justineh My name is Glamenis I am from Caracas, Venezuela! I just stumbled by chance with your note, I am delighted with your thinking and your actions, I identify with everything with you because it is my own experience only that I just finished discovering this fascinating world of blockchain and that of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you knew in places like my country where we are going through a brutal economic situation, this would be a great solution for people like me. His proposal, his concern, his impetus gives us hope because I faithfully believe in this and I see it as very revolutionary, it ends many things and especially with the bureaucratic. I would like to work with you from here. I am not a person of high economic resources, I have the power to know about Blockchaim and BItcoin and I really tell them that I will be defeated in all this, but I will always join groups and people like you. It is my email [email protected] and I hope to know more about you and everything that is prepared to be able to bring it here to Venezuela because this represents a great hope for us

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I think you are a perfect ambassador. Your passion for this place is infectious and contagious. I wish I could join ya in L.A. Sounds like an interesting event and I wish you success.


Tell Justine she is a social butterfly from what you saw at Steemfest - doesn't believe me!

She was. Absolutely!! We had never met. I think I only creepily stalked her page a bit in the past and I somehow ended up at a table with her and a few others on that first night at the Q. Justine was super friendly and we had good back and forth playful jabs almost immediately. I specifically remember you telling me about your speech in the am and me telling you I’d come watch. Meanwhile I knew that there was 0 chance I was getting up that early. #scumbagfriend

Thank you ❤️ I wish you could come too!! Damn you for living on the other side of the country what is wrong with you?!

Thank you for the kind words.. you’re amazing ❤️ and ignore asher, he’s crazy

Believe me...I wish I was living back in Cali again. Enjoy yourself there and make sure you explain in precise detail and sign up no less than 328 new and impressive investors. Anything below that is a complete and utter failure on your part. Big names only please.

You are a great ambassador for Steemit! I've seen the work you do tirelessly in the various communities, it's scary but also very exciting times we live in, the world is changing, you go girl!

Thank you ☺️ that means a lot.

This is exactly the right thing to do. I wish you success!

Great to hear that you are actually in LA. What is the plan for a steem meetup? Has anyone expressed interest since your previous post?

Yes we have got interest from a few. Seeing that it’s on Labor Day is making things a bit tricky for some though. We were thinking of meeting up on Monday (day after the event) so I could invite people from the conference too.

Still trying to establish where would be a good place to go though. Are you on discord?

not on discord but feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll give you my phone number. I'd like to attend whatever it is. I still suggest the beach!

Perfect I will email you! Yeah I am good to do something near the beach. Even if it’s just coffee with a good view 🙂

Oh my gosh... Thank you so much for doing this and going.

This is important work and I am glad it is you that is attending

Great job Justine.

"Going out" of steem is an excellent thing!

I couldn't agree with you more @justineh — STEEM is the perfect bridge to stumble upon and be introduced to the Blockchain/Crypto world. This technology is the convergence of a bunch of abstract and complex ideas, which often intimidate the every-day- normie .

STEEM— in all of it's different forms — has been one of the more successful, yet undervalued proof-of-concepts the blockchain space has to show as an example the reach, power, and versatility of this tech. Have fun and Steem On!

Can you please look at
I think they can get your support as every upvote counts

Enjoy the conference @justineh and good luck with everything.

I know I was supposed to stow away on a Qantas flight out of Adelaide to attend the meetup but it looks like I'll have to let you down...I know, I can tell how heartbroken you are. Maybe next time...Or you could come down here and we could go shooting and kangaroo throat-punching together?

Anyway, one final point..You have kind eyes...A kind face overall I think. Just an observation. It doesn't mean we're engaged or anything. :)

I can’t believe you are breaking my heart like that. First you tell me you in fact are NOT going to shove yourself into a suit case to come to the meetup but now you are telling me we aren’t even getting engaged after all those compliments?!? 😫 Whyyyyy!?

Life is so unfair.

Glad I fooled you with the kind face thing.. my plan is working.. 😈

😥 I know, I'm so sorry. How will you be able to go on...I wrote you a song which I hope will be of comfort to you. Click the link below.

To be honest the jury is still out on the engagement thing...I'll get back to you on that one. I mean you could do worse right? 😃

Your devious kind face ploy is certainly working...Suckered me right in.

Enjoy the song I wrote for you. 😜

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Good luck!

Finally I found you the admin of 'steem telegram group'!

Haha! Yes that is me 🙂

expecting your Steem ambassador proposal !

Great post, thanks for sharing & wishing you the BEST of Luck. Hope everything goes better than you planned ! ;)

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Muy buena información! Destacable!

Yeeessss you go girl!! :D

I am sure this will be beneficial for "Steem"! Best of luck to you at the Bitcoin conference, your going to do great @justineh ! Anytime we have the opportunity to attend these types of meet ups to promote STEEM Is a great thing. I have never been able to afford attending any of these meet ups and there are none where I live but hopefully in the future I will some day, much Respect, have a awesome time!👍🙋❤💯 Upped and resteemed!

This is great... the truth is that STEEM has an extra ordinary utility if we see it as you say, as a way to bring the masses closer to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, to make them feel comfortable with the idea.

I think being part of STEEM is a good way to become familiar with the blockchain while having fun and making connections, in the end, it's all about how we get the masses to adopt this model in a simple way.

For example, we have launched a project through which we receive content contributions from authors/creators who are not part of the platform, in exchange they receive STEEM or SBD, promotion and that their work in our magazine serves them for their portfolios... and I think that's great, it's something you can't do with any other crypto.

We sincerely hope that you will do very well in the event and that you will be able to speak from the heart and from experience what STEEM has meant to you.


It’s nice to see such a positive message amongst the crap that I have often seen on trending in my short time here.

Well done for getting out and promoting this blockchain. I hope it only brings positivity here.

My experience on Steem has been mixed so far. I’ve seen shit behaviour and even shitter posts receiving massive votes but also have met a couple of great people. Let’s hope people like you bring about more positive experiences for us new people here.

Would definitely like to see you advocating for Steem at these events and through other channels in some official capacity. I think you could potentially bring a lot of value.

Make sure to performe well

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Would be nice to be met with anything other than resistance.... I have not been to any conferences here myself as I just can not afford it.... someone’s gotta do it so all the power to yea ❤️

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Good luck. Expanding Steem's reach is of paramount importance.

Very good job. Succes with steem always

Good idea with the NFL Player, but first you have to
present the worth to any investor....
So how will you explain the only direction
Steem went the last year... down.
Explain the facts.
Let's play...
I am your investor..e.g...
Why should i invest in a platform that was incapable
to create growth in years, compared to other cryptocurrencies?

Wow @Justineh you are really taking this far. So happy to see others' enthusiasm and the "Normies" and "non techies" getting excited :)

You rock, girl ;)

Hi Justine,

I am a bitcoiner, and I uses steemit a bit when I travel. I'm in the LA area and would love to attend your meetup if it is open to newcomers!



steem was my onboarding to btc as well, it makes it much easier to start interacting with, apprec your work on this and thanks for spreading the word about steem! hope you can convince many newbs to come try it out!🙏

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For transparency purposes I'll drop this link here in case anyone wants to read more about @ocdb's manual curation.

Hey thanks Eric ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Very sweet of you, I really appreciate it 🤗

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