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A worker proposal for the STEEM DAO

Our goal: bringing together two striving communities

Draper University is a school for entrepreneurs with the mission to inspire people and accelerate ideas. It is part of the global Draper Ecosystem and biannually organizes a hackathon with 200 participants, giving sponsors the opportunity to customize it to their sponsors profile.
GAIA - formerly ImpactN - is an active member in both the Draper and the Steem Ecosystem. We would like to combine the power of these two communities by organizing the next hackathon together.
The challenge: how to incentivise social impact by using Steem.

Goals and benefits of the hackathon

Grow the number of developers working on Steem as well as the number of possible applications
Bring Steem community in front of a worldwide active network of entrepreneurs and investors
Collect a variety of approaches how to use the incentive mechanism of Steem for nudging positive behaviour i.a. create code for a specific challenge of GAIA
High visibility of STEEM and GAIA through Global marketing of the hackathon

Design of the Hackathon

General: November 1.-3. 2019, 200 participants, one challenge at Draper University in San Mateo
Challenge: How to incentivise social impact
Task: Build an application using the mechanisms of the Steem blockchain
Process: Participants will come up with a number of ideas, which will be narrowed down by voting, in the end a working demo will be presented in front of a Jury
We would encourage four Steem experts (devs, Steem business alliance and Steemit Inc.) to join the event as active participants as well.

Calculation for the Steem worker proposal (as of Aug 20th, 2019)

SBD 24,000 Sponsorship Packet for Draper University Hackathon (to be sole sponsor and thus be able to design everything around the Steem network)
SBD 3,500 Travel expenditures and accommodation for 4 Steem experts and 1 GAIA team member to join the hackathon
SBD 2,800 Setting up and coordinating (+ follow up) of the event (80h a SBD 35) through GAIA team member

SBD 30,300 TOTAL for 10.000 hours of engagement

NOTE: We are asking for 2.000 SBD per day to secure funding of the sponsorship package as soon as possible. This is a one-time opportunity for STEEM-community passing by really fast. If funding goes beyond our funding goal and SBD-exchange rate allows us to do so, we'll return the surplus to the worker proposal system.

Our proof of community engagement

#1 Engaging in the development of a marketing strategy for Steem within the SOS-initiative of @pennsif
#2 Setting up a Steem-based pretotype and funding a well in Ghana
#3 Development and promotion of DeCentraSteem
#4 Internationally promoting a Steem-based platform to support small social and environmental projects


Many thanks to@pennsif, @starkerz, @theycallmedan, @andrarchy, @shanibeer, @shredz, @jarvie, @for91days, @sorin.cristescu, @shadowspub, @aggroed, @justineh , @urasoul, @bigtom13, @fredrikaa, @martin, @jackmiller, @anarcotech, @upheaver, @bluerobo, @bluefinstudios, and many others, who have helped us come so far.


This is some great work to put STEEM on the map.You have my vote.

Thanks a lot. Hope, we‘ll manage to kick this off. Seems like not too many funds are been distributed in these first days of the worker proposal. We’ll probably have to go for some crowd funding as well. We’ll let you know. Anyhow: please spread the word. It would be a pity to miss out this opportunity.

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