The Steem News @ 16 March 2020 - A New Chain Cometh

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Boom! Another big day on the Steem blockchain.

Blocktrades announced the coming of a new fork of the Steem blockchain.

The new chain, called Hive, is backed by over 30 developers, many of the leading dApps, and a significant number of witnesses. It also appears to have widespread community support.

Also in today's Steem News there is news and updates about Splinterlands &, Reviewhunt, JAHMFEST, Sonic Groove Live, Rada Quest, and Mission : Agua-Possible.

1. Steem & Tron - A New Chain Cometh

The Steem Tron Wars kicked up several notches today with the announcement by @blocktrades that a new fork of Steem blockchain is soon to be launched.

The new chain will be called Hive, and has over 30 developers contributing to it.

Initially at least Hive will operate very similar to Steem. All holders of STEEM, Steempower and SBD, except the Steemit Inc accounts, will be airdropped the new Hive coin.

More details are due soon...

The proposal has attracted considerable community comment, the majority of it supportive...

Top 20 Witnesses

On the Witness front the Steem OGs are still holding on to 10 of the top 20 slots with @good-karma, @blocktrades, @roelandp, @anyx, @ausbitbank, @yabapmatt and @gtg at #1 - #7, and @steempress #9, @cervantes #10, and @themarkymark #13 making up the rest of the squad.

Nestled inbetween these at #8 is the newcomer After gaining the massive Tron @dev365 vote this new Korean witness climbed all the way to #8 on just its second day on the job.

@dalz observes that just after getting its first weekly power down of its 31M SP, the @binance-hot account transferred 3.6M STEEM to the @hkdev404 account that supports the Tron witnesses...

Town Halls

Unfortunately Tron's new liaison person David Roebuck didn't make it on to @aggroed's Town Hall on MSP on Sunday evening.

There will be two more special Town Halls this week on Tuesday and Thursday - both at 4pm UTC on MSP Waves.

David is hoping to come on the Tuesday show.

2. Splinterlands announces Exchange Sponsorship

@splinterlands has unveiled a major sponsorship deal with the exchange. will be sponsoring the rewards for the next two ranked play seasons and they will be sponsoring a total of eight tournaments over the course of the next month with a total of $1,000 in prizes...

3. Reviewhunt reaches 30,000 users in 45 days

@steemhunt has announced that Reviewhunt has today reached 30,000 new users in just 45 days since it launched on 1 February...

4. JAHMFEST Cancelled

Because of the current troubles on the Steem blockchain and because of the continually growing threat from Coronavirus @reggaesteem has regretfully had to postpone indefinitely the large JAHMFEST event they had been planning for June...

Another Steem casualty of the Coronavirus outbreak is the SteemCampUK event that was being planned in the UK for April...

5. Sonic Groove Live Week 28 Winners

After skipping one week because of the current difficulties on the chain @sonicgroovelive are back and have announced the winners of week 28 - 1st @montycashmusic, 2nd @danaidhbee, 3rd @jubei333...

6. Rada Quest first anniversary

@radaquest looks back on its his first year on Steem and gives an update on the current state of development of the game...

7. Mission : Agua-Possible - Another Chance

In his post yesterday @drutter announced that due to the falling price of STEEM and changing personal circumstances he had taken the difficult decision to close down the Mission : Agua-Possible project that was raising funds for a well pump for @edgargonzalez's family in Venezuela.

@xpilar has now stepped up to encourage people to make one last push to help @drutter to reach the goal...

Steem Proposal System update

The Steem Proposal System (SPS) today has a daily funding budget available of approximately 2763 SBD.

There are now 10 proposals receiving funding from the SPS - @yabapmatt (Steem Keychain), @netuoso (Vessel Desktop Wallet), @thecryptodrive (SBD Potato Top Up), @steempeak (SteemPeak developments), @anyx (API infrastructure), @howo (SMT testing), @steemonboarding (Steem Onboarding), @themarkymark (Global Blacklist API), @fabien (Steem Connect improvements), and @openseed (OpenSeed : Cross-Platform Off-Chain Solutions).

These successful proposals are currently receiving a total of 1335 SBD per day from the SPS...

Steem Foundation update

The Steem Foundation has put forward a proposed roadmap to help move Steem forward...

The Foundation would like to provide space and a forum for a committee comprised of consensus witnesses, larger stakeholders and representatives of the non-English language communities who often feel unheard.

This committee would be encouraged to discuss and reach understanding on how issues on the blockchain impact them and the challenges faced in implementing suggested solutions. It’s through mutual communication and willingness to listen that we will build a strong and sustainable Steem we all love....

The Steem Alliance Community Foundation @steemalliance have released the minutes of their latest meeting attended by @shadowspub, @alexvan, @guiltyparties, @inthenow, @aggroed and @snook...

Their next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 18 March 2020.

Contest of the Day

Easter Egg Hunt

Find the Easter Egg hidden on the Steem blockchain. 20 STEEM & many TOKENs to be won. Organised by @thealliance...

For a list of all the current contests on Steem check out this new list from @pennsif...

If you know of any current contests missing from the list leave a comment for @pennsif or message him on Discord @Pennsif#9921.

Dates for your Diary...

For a full list of Steem Meetups and Events...

If you are organising a Steem event or meetup check out the new funding support program from Fundition...

Wednesday 18 March - Steem Philippines Weekly Meetup

Meetings every Wednesday in Davao City organised by @chrisrice and @steem-ph...

Thursday 26 March - Adelaide Monthly Steem Meetup

Organised by @mattclarke, 6pm local time at The Jade Monkey, Flinders Street, Central Business District, Adelaide.

Saturday 25 April - SteemCampUK #3 - POSTPONED

Organised by @shanibeer and @lloyddavis in Leicester...

Friday 15 - Sunday 17 May - DTube Forum 2020

Organised by @hauptmann, @artakush, @greencross, @sergiomendes and @tibfox in Hamburg, Germany...

Saturday 20 June - Steem Canna Fest 2

Organised by @canna-curate in Portland, Oregon...

Tuesday 23 June - Sunday 28 June - The BLOCK Party, USA

The second annual BLOCK Party being organised by @enginewitty, @bluefinstudios and @dreemsteem. It has now been confirmed that the event will take place in Olcott, NY...

@bluefinstudios is also organising a Steem Summit at The BLOCK Party...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

Steem price US$ 0.134 17 Mar '20 3.34am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #59 17 Mar '20 3.34am UTC
FCAS Score 761 / A 17 Mar '20 3.34am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.772 17 Mar '20 3.34am UTC
No. of Whales 44 15 Mar '20
No. of Orcas 366 15 Mar '20
No. of Dolphins 2225 15 Mar '20
No. of Minnows 9338 15 Mar '20
Alexa rank ( #17,217 16 Mar '20 8.47pm UTC
Unique visitors ( 190,522 / day 16 Mar '20 8.47pm UTC
Page views ( 457,254 / day 16 Mar '20 8.47pm UTC

Follow @penguinpablo & @steemdapps for more statistics.

This is #287 (16 Mar '20) of this daily news service.

[ graphics & images by @pennsif / Splinterlands / Steemhunt ]


Thanks for the news, I enjoyed reading them, and now, I’m updated on things happening around Steem blockchain.

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Glad you find the News posts useful, thank you.

Ok, let's do it...

It will be interesting to know the timescales.

I am ready and support the proposed hard-fork. It is a shame, but what other recourse do we have? We are fighting a war of attrition.

TRON can have both DTube and Triple A as far as I am concerned. They may join the Centralized

Go, go honey badgers! We have been tread on long enough.

It will be interesting to see which apps / dapps go where.

I hope that you can continue providing this great service on Hive. Thanks for all you've done to keep steemians informed.

Hive News... could be good for attracting beekeepers as well 😀

Hiveians unite! :D

Are the T-shirts available yet?

getting them ready as we are speaking ;D

I’m ready for Hive. Let’s fork this thing. We don’t need exchanges ... exchanges are a Scam.

Happy Hive Day!

Thanks very much for mentioning the [MAP] project. I really hope we can pull something off for Edgar and family!

Hope it goes okay. Did you manage to get money out for Edgar when the Steem price spiked.

When we've amassed 1300 USD worth of STEEM, it will be transferred to Edgar. Unfortunately, there is no way to "get money out" in order to capitalize on short term price fluctuations. Once the STEEM I'm holding on behalf of the project is worth 1300 USD it will be sent to him to buy the pump. The closest we have come so far is about 75%, and right now we're about 50%.

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