Oh no! That’s such a shame but I understand while things are so iffy. I know you’ll keep us posted so looking forward to hearing more

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Yeah, I'm disappointed after the work that's been put in 😕
But everything is in place to get going again once we can.

Oh good, I'd double booked myself!

Not that i'll be able to make it to the thing I already had booked anyway, but there you go!

That sounds complicated!
I'm sorry not to see folks, but we can do it again another time - if you're not already in Portugal or a layby somewhere 😀

Such a decision is hard to make, but it's for the best. It seems the team of the dTube Forum (planned for mid May in Hamburg) are having thoughts in that direction as well.

Perhaps you could organize a "virtual meet-up" of some kind?

Yeah, I think things will become clearer as time passes and we'll know what's possible. I'm more sorry for all the small businesses - this will be devastating to so many of them.

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