Steem Foundation Proposed Roadmap

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The Steem Foundation

The Steem Foundation was formed a year ago to work towards growing and strengthening the Steem chain through building the community and awareness of the Steem platform in the wider world community.

In the current environment, it appears clear our work must be accelerated to evolve into a point of contact and advocacy for the Steem platform and community. Our role has been planned to work hand in hand with the community and dapps on the platform to implement this growth.

Funding promises made by the former proprietor of Steemit Inc didn’t come to pass. As a result, the Steem Foundation has operated as a group of volunteers without funding.

We are skeptical but hopeful that a relationship with Justin Sun of Tron will become positive and he will carry through on his desire to invest in Steem and in particular to financially assist the work of the Steem Foundation. Of course, this is only acceptable if done in accordance with acceptable charitable giving standards. This support would assist in building a trust relationship with the wider Steem community.

Our governing goal on an ongoing basis will be to strive toward providing the Steem community with the support that Steemit has always promised to do and failed to deliver.

Marketing and Onboarding

The Foundation has been working on forming a marketing plan starting with an improved onboarding process and the development of a website speaking to the different groups of interest for the Steem chain like content creators, consumers, developers, businesses and investors.

We plan to continue this work and invite partnerships to accomplish it.

The Foundation will work to facilitate and support good relationships with exchanges.

Building the Steem Community Through Greater Understanding

Out of adversity can come growth and greater awareness. This current situation has created considerable opportunities for both.

The Foundation would like to provide space and a forum for a committee comprised of consensus witnesses, larger stakeholders and representatives of the non-English language communities who often feel unheard.

A translation bot would be deployed to facilitate discussions between the members of the committee. This will lower barriers to those who would like to participate.

This committee would be encouraged to discuss and reach understanding on how issues on the blockchain impact them and the challenges faced in implementing suggested solutions. It’s through mutual communication and willingness to listen that we will build a strong and sustainable Steem we all love.

Some of the immediate concerns to be collaboratively discussed include:

  • Security of the blockchain against a hostile takeover. To learn from the lessons of the recent events to explore ideas to strengthen chain governance to mitigate the weaknesses of DPOS while upholding the strengths and benefits of DPOS.

  • Maintaining mutual respect between communities of all creeds, backgrounds, and languages to drive understanding.

  • The power down period to find a working balance between investor needs to access their funds in a timely manner and the security of the chain.

  • How to move forward with SMTs as they were envisioned in light of the loss of the lead developers at Steemit Inc.

  • How to continue the development of the recently deployed communities also in light of the loss of the lead developers at Steemit Inc.

  • To explore and consider the feasibility of paid subscription models on the blockchain.

With enough interest and participation, the Foundation would like to see possible working groups on the identified concerns working together to bring back recommendations to the main committee and then communicated to the wider community for consideration.

It is in working together in a spirit of cooperation and common goals that the Steem platform we all so passionately love will grow into the decentralized powerhouse it deserves to be.

Thank You for reading,

The Steem Foundation


The fact that the first tag here is “Tron” is very telling.

Good luck, I hope he gives you that money you want so badly ...

The first tag is #steem.
The way the new interface works is that it takes the first tag you put in and only shows it at the top of the post.


Good luck, I hope he gives you that money you want so badly ...

I hope what I explained makes you rethink your comment. Thank you for taking the time to read the post.

The foundation currently is being used as an official voice of the Steem community - it’s not.

It’s being thrown into every conversation by one board member with the attempt to get funding to the foundation. There is no need for this.

The foundation can apply for funding from the SPS, and then it would actually be legitimized by stakeholders supporting it. This actually is beneficial as it prevents any abuse within the foundation (which is very important).

Currently the Foundation is being described as an “empty vessel” but also being used in a misleading way to represent something it is not. It’s being leveraged to get a seat at a table it has no reason to be at. Please stop letting it be used in this abusive manner.

There is no reason for this, please stop.

The name sounds official, it’s misleading. The current board has not been elected and has no stakeholder or user based legitimate support. Therefore it can only speak for the board members currently. They are simply individual Steem community members and should act as such. Not speak in an official manner or produce a “Steem roadmap” behind an official sounding name.. therefore confusing stake holders (aka the KR community), exchanges as well as the whole community.

This is not beneficial, it’s actually harmful. Please stop.

I've seen a lot of elections over my 40+ years of community service organization work. Any time an election took place in which the duly called for Nominees didn't exceed the number of spots available for election ... the nominees were declared elected by acclamation. Did someone change the rules when I wasn't looking?

This is DPOS, if you don’t have the support of stakeholders and community members, you can’t represent them.

Read my comment again and please stop presenting yourselves as authoritative figures. It’s hurting the efforts.

Please just stop.


Because the foundation is little known, also its origins and the account name doesn’t help either, I suggest every foundation post has a footer explaining it is a legal entity and was initiated by Steemit Inc, but operates fully independently from it.

A recent, updated post about its history and with links to historic events, would be valuable and could be linked in the footer section of each future post as well.

You made a statement about the tags. I answered your question explaining why the tags were the way they were.

As to the rest of your reply... Thank You for letting us know how you feel. Everyone's voice needs to be heard.

Happy Saturday to you!

The power down period to find a working balance between investor needs to access their funds in a timely manner and the security of the chain.

Interested to know where I can find opinions on this as it seems top priority to Tron representatives at present.

Exactly what the goal is to deliver. This is a market-research / community opinion gathering milestone that the Foundation hopes to be able to assist in in a positive manner. While the Foundation cannot effect changes, it can be a vessel for gathering opinions and delivering recommendations.

Good stuff. Will be on the look-out.

For 1 day power down there will be a network fee of 25%. Coin will sent to @null and burn. The longer the power down the less fee they're paying up to no payment. Just a wild thinking and a disastrous one.

I would say a percentage to @null and development of the blockchain so no investor is needed to fund a development. 1 day powerdown 75% of the funds will be lost.
25% would be an acceptable loss for party's to damage a blockchain.

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  • To explore and consider the feasibility of paid subscription models on the blockchain.

I think those are already there. SPS 10% of all post rewards head that direction do they not? If a d-App want to charge they already can, like d-tube did for a long time, may still be doing, I don't know. So I really do not understand that bullet point at all.

It's more along the lines of thinking of out of the box options that haven't been presented yet.

Paid subscription models should not be hard to come up with, if you want to use my dApp this is how much a month it will cost. SMT's were expected to bring a use-case in for companies/business/people that want to earn money. If the thought is that in order to post in a particular community or to read content in a particular community, or vote, then that I think would drive people away from those communities to others.
esample: Let's say freewrite community wants to charge a fee to view items on their community page, why would I go there when I can see similar if not the same content on the inkwell community page?

Right now a few dApps and their creators are struggling, example, I understand that, I like and use it every day, I know in todays market 1 steem is not a lot, but 1 steem a week I send to help in the cost of it, because I like it. If the price was to high I would find other ways and means of getting the information provided even though I like the layout of his pages.

So if thinking of out of the box options include extortion, (that is how I feel about the SPS) from the users then I think all the options should stay in the box.


Yeah? And wouldn't steemit inc funds be used to fund it also? Or did I misread it somewhere.

I don't think it should be assumed Stinc funds will be used for anything. The wording on that would be "Approach Stinc for funding" as it is an offer to them but not an obligation of their stake.

Thanks you @ecoinstar, was just about to add a link myself - lucky I can read!

I see too many people think that sorting out DPOS is something "for the future" and can wait till "after we sort out this mess". But now is precisely the best time to make such a change! It does not favour anyone hence all can support it - all that profess to support decentralisation.

Once any group - any group - takes control, the opportunity to make robust changes may slip away. It takes a huge amount of courage and backbone to vote for something that is not of immediate self-interest,

Please support or at least comment upon the {NEW DPOS]( proposal.

We need to remove weighted stake voting from the governance model.

We need to remove
Weighted stake voting from the
Governance model.

                 - notconvinced

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It is possible to have 100 witness as deciding factor instead of 20 as well as 1 account is one witness vote? Does it become more decentralized.

You know of bot accounts right? Those accounts created to mine the games at hand? What people made good income out of that?

"The Foundation would like to provide space and a forum for a committee comprised of consensus witnesses, larger stakeholders and representatives of the non-English language communities who often feel unheard."
I would like to be a part of this forum and/or committee. How can i apply?


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