Binance Just Got its First Weekly Power Down | Transferring Funds

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Binance jus got its first weekly power down of its 31 M SP.

Look what happened next.


The @hkdev404 account now has 3.6M liquid STEEM and 4M Powered UP, for a total of 7.6M.

Now I'm not sure are this large amounts of STEEM purchased or they were in someone possession who is now just transferring them. Looking at the price (not much affected) looks like those were funds already owned from someone, that are now just transferred around. Maybe some of the Steemit Inc share that was on exchanges? Its unknown.

There are some more withdrawals that happened from Binance and if you want to take a look here is the wallet:

Here are some of the large transfers:


The EU bitvavo exchange :)


There is more than just these two to the @bithumbrecv1 account.


Another exchange :)

Intersting there are few transactions to bittrex as well.

Next a friend of ours:


And some creative users withdrawals.


Anyways, the @binance-hot account is now dry again with around 200k STEEM.


Hopefully the individuals who have STEEM on Binance are going to move it over and power up as it becomes available.

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"we've been busy sucking Sun's dick." hahahhahahha!

Yep ... there is more there

Great news!
Finally, I can move steem again from and to my steem-account here via Bitvavo

Bitvavo got some yes ....

LOL at least all this locked up steem has helped shield us against an even bigger price drop I swear we'd be sitting at 6 cents had this not been happening

Yep ... that may be true ... would you buy at 6c?

You best believe I’d be buying lol but now I’m on other alts at the moment while the future of steem and forks are up in the air

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