#4 Minnowhelper Writing Contest is over!!!!

in steem •  8 days ago

Hello Steemians,
The #4 writing contest of @minnowhelper is over, thank you very much for participating.

The winners are the following Users:


Thanks for your support!
The @minnowhelper team.

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Dear Sir..at first take my Love.
I sent you 1.00 SBD from this memo https://steemit.com/news/@prince60/air-crush-13-medical-students-had-died-rip-38c9cb4b7569a


but You still do not give me back!

Please Sir..do something.
I will be obliged to you. ..💜


Dear @prince60,
you are on the blacklist for sending spam in the community.
please read this announcement https://steemit.com/minnowhelper/@minnowhelper/blacklist-update

Yes i am also missed this for my personal work,i.try in next contest,congrats for all winners.

thanks for the motivation and contest

congratulations @ninoh22 it's very good competition and thanks you @minnowhelper


thank you sir.

whaooo @minnowhelper. thank you for the contest

Congratulations to the winners: @ninoh22, @jyoti-thelight and @mittymartz.

There's to make an additional effort for the next contest, so I'll be there taking part of next contest.

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I am a newcomer to steemit who is still in shortage who still really need a way to get SBD, so I beg with humility please vote me.


You vote me
I vote you
We mpote mpotan


Kata kata yang bijak

Hey minnowhelper
I noticed you did not upvoted me i sent 4 or 5 times 0.200 but not received anything from u
Here is one url i sent 0.200 but yet nothing received

Oh i just missed it . i do not know about that . may be next time i try to participate in the context .

Congrats for all the winners . and participants .
@minnowhelper thank you for supporting us .
I am with you .
Keep it up . next time i will the part of that contexts .

Good post and good luck @minnowhelper

I sent you and you accepted 1 SBD for my post over 5 hours has gone by and i haven’t received my upvote from you.

Please upvote mt pic

It’s now over 6 hours and no upvote for my post. You have my SBD but no upvote.

It’s now been almost 12 hours an you still have not upvoted my post and took my SBD.


hi @minnowhelper 3 days ago i sent 0.5 sbd for upvoting my link in the memo , i did not get the upvote, please refund

Hi @minnowhelper I am a newcomer here,, please upvote me @teuku.raja0301 thank you