STEEM Update: Damn! $2.45!!! Can you say Breakout???

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**NOTE: An Exciting Announcement coming out in a few weeks from @haejin! Stay tuned so as to NOT miss it!

Here is my STEEM update from 12 hours ago calling for an imminent breakout and the ones before weren't too different.

STEEM, as I type this, is breaking out! The upper wedge line has been breached and price is $2.45 from $1.49...not too shabby. However, this is probably just a preamble to the probable trend changing from down to up, a jaw dropping reversal is what we could witness. The whole Cryptosphere could awake to the same....why? Because sentiment is quite uniform amongst cryptos! Preamble usually means also a rapid decline following a vertical move up but only to consolidate and make much higher highs. So, patience and DISCIPLINE until perhaps June or so and don't forget to take profits and raise cash! Why raise cash? Because if you have 15% to 30% of your portfolio as cash, raised during the vertical price phases; you'll be able to generate kegs of dry powder to deploy into the next correction which is likely from July to September.


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You were right all this time @haejin. I am checking your post daily and told us about bitcoin will rise after 2-3 days. And it is. My respect for​ you is growing. Thank you and please continue to update us.

Haejin...I friggen love you lol. Thanks for pointing it out


Very true. I love him too :)


You love his likes😂

It's great to see Steem rise. We certainly needed this nice push after this down trend. I have a question for you @haejin. Do you think we have seen the bottom of this dip across the board in the crypto market?

lets us all hope that the rise continues and reaches new breakthrough

Hi me @willyana. Greetings from me . wah this info is very useful and very useful. thank you for sharing

Yes, breakout

Very thanks for his updates. Please once again ask him to rate the $ SPR

This is a surprising for everyone, should we be concerned about that rise?


Concerned? No.


Hope your picture is very good and better,thanks.......

what do you think would be the SBD today with this rise? @haejin maybe 4 or 5 usd ?

Giving you credit where credit is due, you snail this one and you be happy looking at SBD as well, great job...You could have taste this one coming and the wedge and waves impulse were lining up cleanly... Gonna be looking attentively to the breakdown and commentary coming up

OMG! Steem calling for an imminent breakout? This is really massive. Thanks for sharing.

FOMO is a dangerous drug.

Thank you so much for updating us. Your analysis is always useful to us. Keep rocking man 👍🏼😍

Badass. Saw your post and another one about it and went to go check if it was a late April fool's joke. Surprise!

Was it just time according to the chart, or is there wind of any eminent tech changes to accompany the moon trip? Not seeing anything yet myself.


Shit. I was hoping it would crash further so that i could buy some more....In India even 1 USD is a lot of money...So tight on Not so rich people ;)

Excelent post, @haejin, saludos!

Mad respect Haejin! Screw all the haters and doubters!

LOL! I hit refresh on CMC and was like WTF! GOGOGO STEEEEEEEMIT RUNNNN!!!!

오랜만에 들립니다 :D

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