STEEM: Fractal Analysis & Pattern Say Serious Breakout Potential is at Hand

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Are you feeling down that STEEM isn't yet sharing in the uptrend glories of Bitcoin's rise? My analysis shows that the price future for STEEM can be unbelievable. Here is why, the below chart shows a triangle where price is ever so close to the Apex; the point at which the two triangle lines intersect. This has been the final pattern likely selected by STEEM to finish off it's near 3 months correction. Such close proximity of price to the apex usually results in explosions...upwards!

The fractals of the blue and white triangles are amazing! IF the white triangle proportionally exploded as much as the the blue fractal #1; where would the price be? Remember, fractals are only one of many components of analysis and gives no guarantees but only analytical perspective.

IF this analysis is correct, STEEM could target $22.06 by November of this year. That explosion of price out of the current symmetrical triangle is the final comfirmatory step needed. It could happen overnight! I measured the widest width of Fractal #1 and since price exploded 3x the width; I've overlayed the same for Fractal #2. In a later update, I will overlay the Elliott Waves.

Look at the MACD daily. It's like screaming to explode! Look at the prior similar MACD's very bullish!

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Steem and the platform is continuing to grow!


Steem is the most used blockchain application til now . And with so many good things happening around i think the fundamentals are strong. Of course speculators will have to count on TA and Fundamentals.

My bet is with steem. $50 by Dec 2018

steem blast off.... as i type......! great call @haejin!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the chart. Why did you choose the STEEMUSD instead of STEEMBTC? You can't trade the STEEMUSD anywhere, it's only an estimated value by Tradingview? The STEEMBTC chart doesn't show any of these patterns or the potential upside from the triangles. Let me know what I am missing here....

I'm not super adept at trading or technical analysis. But one thing I have been able to pick up from studying and watching lots of videos is that it is more stable to look at a usd pair when viewing a crypto. I watch the crypto news stream on YouTube, and they were just talking about this earlier. When you analyze x/btw, you are looking at x AND btc, so you are tracking two things in relation with lots of volatility. A usd pair will have the volatility of x with the stability of the dollar. I think that makes technical analysis easier?

I honestly am not sure. Explaining it made the waters a tad more muddy and murky for me, so I hope I didn't do the same for you.

Yep, that's right. There is definitely value in looking at the STEEM/BTC graph too. I think traders get it wrong if they completely disregard one or the other graph.

I agree completely. Much easier to set targets versus the $.

Sorry do disapoint you, but you got It backwards. All price that appears as steem/usd graphs are derivative of the BTC price, not steem.

All platforms that show the price in usd of coins that are not traded in usd (like steem) do this conversion to define the usd price:

COIN -> convert to BTC -> convert to usd

That way, If the price of steem/BTC stay stable, but the BTC/usd price goes up, then the price of steem/usd goes up only because the price of the BTC went up.

True but it's not ONLY because the price of BTC went up, it's also an indication that the value of STEEM is going up because people choose not to sell it even though it's USD value is going up. In other words, USD value goes up is two-fold - on the one hand it's because BTC is going up but on the other hand that has to mean that STEEM value is going up, because people are not selling to bring it back to the lower USD price.

What you Said Just make no Sense, because people dont trade steem for usd, only for BTC.

If people trade STEEM for BTC and they see BTC go up in value but decide not to sell STEEM, that is the equivalent of accepting that their STEEM has also increased in value. Example:

Say I use 5 USD to buy BTC to use to buy STEEM with, because I think 1 STEEM is worth 5 USD. Let's say I want to sell that 1 STEEM once it's USD equivalent value goes to 6 USD. That means that if BTC goes up 20%, I should now sell my STEEM for BTC and convert that to USD. IF I DON'T do that, then i must think that the value of 1 STEEM has now INCREASED to 6 USD. Hence if the value of BTC goes up in USD terms but the BTC equivalent of STEEM stays the same, one has to assume that the value of STEEM has also increased.

This is the reason why Tradeviewer converts alts into USD equivalents whenever possible.

What you are saying still make no Sense, and reality dont bend to fit what you want.

You are still buying steem with BTC. So the steem/usd still derive from BTC/usd pair.

You cant accurately evaluate the usd price of something If this something is not directly traded for usd.

Any price movements that happen on steem/usd is heavily affected by the price of BTC/usd.

The price increase because the BTC price increased. Check the graph below from Tradingview that show the % price change from these 3 pair:

Since It started Trading on bittrex, steem Lost 64% of its price, while Bitcoin increased 2300% of the price.

Now Tell me, what made the steem/usd price rise? If you didnt Saw It yet i Will Tell you: BTC is what drive steem/usd price up.

All movements of steem/usd price ia a reflectir of BTC/usd graph.

You can trade to USD on the Bitshares DEX.

Yeah, with a volume of 600 dollars.

I trade to the usd pair because it has only one variable, change in demand for the coin. The /BTC pair has two variables: change in demand for coin and rate of change in btc price. This causes btc pair to lag usd.

I will wet my pants if Steem ever get to $20.00 I will be fake rich. Can't afford a Lambo yet, but I can start to dream. Steeeeeeeeem Tooooooo The Moon

@haejin, do you personally believe it will go to 100$ by 2019?

I think the $22 target is quite modest. The fibonacci projetctions are even more bullish than that (see below)! Great times ahead!

What was the truth behind my previous comment being greyed out?




We've been waiting a long time for this...

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📉 7d

Does this analysis look, 'in the ballpark'?

Thank you so much for sharing an informative post. Its really amazing. We have been waiting for a long time for this.

haejin please do an update on XVG

Short term move down to break historic low, then total reversal. Some more patience and you will be rewarded! Will do analysis on this tommorow!:)

I would appreciate it greatly if you would stay within the boundaries of not advertising in my comments. Thanks!

It's hard to expect breakout up when bearish flag has been formed:) First we will see breakout down to retest historic low, then reversal upside!

Can't get Bitcoin right now but someday, Bitcoin Cash will be within my reach!

What? You don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin....

For now, I will stay with a 'whole' CLOAK as Bitcoin seems steep for a fraction ...

Just buy Omisego, thank me later.

Just use a bitcoin miner. You don't need to buy it. Why doesn't @Haejin ever talk about bitcoin mining? I like to know what coins are best to mine right now. What software is the best? @Haejin could do videos about what graphic cards to mine with.

upvote on these post..congrats man..keep it up!

Reposting earlier comment that was downvoted. I think I see three fractals producing two target levels, one above and one below Haejin’s target.

Thanks for the TA, this is one of my favorite coins along with the other two Dan creations. It will be great once it no longer takes two weeks for new sign ups to be approved and it's quick or even better instant. And with all the censorship and demonetization going on over at YouTube, DTube stands to benefit. Exciting times for sure.

err, me thinks Haejin is heavily invested in wanting his STEEM to go up. So obvious reading this post. This is a joke. That near vertical line! Pure buy bait. Despicable.

would be nice.

Are your nails really red?

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OMG, this is a very good news!, what do you recommended me for do now with SBD?

SBD will likely go up with it.

I pray that your predicting chart comes to Real......Is always my prayer

Steem will be MASSIVE in the future

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

I am crossing fingers and toes. Back in January everyone was saying about the February didn't happen. Now everyone is saying about the "later in 2018" kaboom. Will see what March holds.

Dam....this baby looks primed and ready

I have to admit guys...regardless of the trolls that are trying to destroy this experiment, there are still some fantastic writers, photographers, vloggers and bloggers and artists on this platform...i said i wouldn't buy any steem but when haejin asked us to contribute and the fact that i don't want to take away from the respectable people here, i bought some a few weeks have to give credit where credit is due...the daily transactions on Steemit is just mind also generates it's own web traffic as's just truly one of the best examples of use cases along with Bitshares on CMC..i know there are others but im focusing on Dan's

Thanks for great info! I transferred $ into steem and then realized i don't know my password. Am I screwed. I can still login because my computer saved it. can I transfer it to another account?

I think this YouTube censorship will help STEEM.

I hope Steem does breakout sometime soon. It’s hard seeing other coins fly by as Steem sits stable(stable for a crypto at least).

Nice post brother

Full Steem ahead!!!!

Great Post

I think we will see a steady uphill rise but definitely not over night :-)

Quite a few coins are ready to go in the same direction.....


Also Achain when they get some decent marketing behind them.

Thanks and HODL Steem & SBD

was considering buying steem, and this post encouraged me to do it.
been following @haejin daily recently but couldn`t help in upvoting since my account was in verification.
but can anyone explain to me the reason behind all haters of haejin?

Hello haejin!

I have a question.
How do you react if the price is stuck after an breakout, just like NANO does at the moment?

Do you count that as correction of wave 1?

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